The MultiVersus team has continued to develop the game since the Open Beta debut. The developers are still working hard on the game before the official full release of MultiVersus. It’s really good to hear those creators of MultiVersus are making efforts to improvise games Hibox/Hurtboxes in MultiVersus before the official launch. Tony Huynh, the director of MultiVersus, replied to a fan on Twitter on the topic of Hitbox/Hurtboxes in MultiVersus Getting Overhaul. So what exactly did the director tweet about and what was the problem in Hibox/Hurtboxes in MultiVersus open beta? Let us learn everything in detail.

Hibox/Hurtboxes In MultiVersus Getting Overhauled | Fake Or Real

The director Tony Huyunh of MultiVersus has revealed that the game’s hitbox/hurtbox in MultiVersus systems would undergo a “major change” in response to a fan question on Twitter. And confirmed this news of Hitbox/Hurtboxes in MultiVersus getting an overhaul. Also, read 6 Ways To Fix MultiVersus Not Working/ Not Starting/ Crashing At Startup Issues A fan requested MultiVersus director Tony Huynh if Finn, one of the MultiVersus characters, will get nerfed because of his strong and imbalanced skills. Huyn in response replied that- “We’ll be looking into Finn in portions because we don’t want too many moving components in our hitbox/hurtbox system, which is currently undergoing a major revamp” So Hitbox/Hurtboxes in MultiVersus are getting overhauled & it’s happening for real, the director of MultiVersus Tony Huynh confirmed the news. Huynh added his confirmation of Finn’s nerf and other modifications in the same post. When asked whether there would be a nerf for Finn, the director simply said, “Yes,” skipping over the specifics of the potential alterations. So Finn & Hitbox/Hurtboxes in MultiVersus are getting overhauled.  Also, read MultiVersus Tier List 2022 | Best & Worst Characters Ranked

What Is Hitbox/Hurtboxes In MultiVersus | Issues Of Hitbox

For those who are unaware, a hitbox is a region where an attack is expected to land in order to make contact with the hurtbox of an opponent. Some playable characters in fighting games may have had their hitboxes unfairly designed, with larger hitboxes making it easier to catch them or smaller hitboxes making it tougher to deal with them. There are three words you’ll encounter in fighting games like MultiVersus. “Hitbox,” “Hurtbox,” and “Priority” are all used. In many games, the term “priority” just refers to how the first two interact, but in titles like Smash Bros., it refers to a third mechanic as well. So before we discuss the problem, let’s define these words.


The hitbox, or region surrounding a character’s strike, determines the precise impact location for damage. The term “box” is utilised since its shape is normally rectangular. Also, read How To Toast Another Player In MultiVersus | Get Free Golds!


The opposite of a hitbox is a hurtbox. In essence, it is the area where a character must be hit for a move to deal damage. Frequently, this box will be smaller than the whole sprite or model of the character. The finest illustration of such is a bullet hell or shmup game like Galaga since enemy bullets frequently phase right through the sprite of your spacecraft until they reach the midsection.

Wrapping Up

So this was all the updates and information you had to know about the Hitbox/Hurtboxes in MultiVersus getting overhauled. Hope the MultiVersus will get a big hit launch as the developers are working hard on improving the game and making players happy. Stay connected with Path of EX for updates on this. Happy Gaming!


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