The real name of TikTok Finance Queen is Tori Dunlap and she is a 25-year-old American Investor. However, she does not credit her money ($100k to be exact) to investing. Tori Dunlap highly recommends saving money regularly and has officially *spilled the beans. So are you ready to know the secret money-saving tips of TikTok Finance Queen? Well, I am definitely excited to learn about finance so here we go!

Secret Tips of TikTok Finance Queen

Since I am not a fan of chit-chat, I will directly jump to the tips. The points mentioned below are taken from the interview she gave to Today. While many people take interest in useless TikTok trends, I hope some of them take interest in financial stability and learn something. Also, read What is the Human Emotion Quiz TikTok Trend & How to Play it?

1. Be Honest to Yourself About Money

Living in denial and not giving proper attention to your money problems is only going to drag you back to square one. Instead of ignoring the credit flow, accept your circumstances. TikTok Finance Queen suggests, that you earn good, then be honest with yourself about it. However, if you do not earn up to your expenses, you should also be honest with yourself about it. Stop living in denial and deal with your problems head straight. Also, read Can you See Who Favorited Your TikTok | Know your Answer here

2. Automate Savings Every Month

TikTok Finance Queen Tori Dunlap says that you should automate a definite amount from your salary to your savings. Does not matter if you are automating $50 or $20, something is better than nothing. This is important not just for the sake of “saving money“, but also from the POV of an emergency. Tori Dunlap says that if you are giving Netflix an amount of money every month, you should also give yourself the same amount of money. Many other financial advisors have suggested saving on yourself and not expend anything. However, our TikTok Finance Queen disagrees. Also, read Who is seekinginfinite on TikTok? Is it a Juror or a Fraud? Dunlap thinks that if you are trying to save money from something you really want to spend it on, then that’s not worth it. The aim is to give yourself the exact money that you are giving to Netflix, if not more.

3. Invest (*Smartly) As Soon As You Can

TikTok Finance Queen aka Tori Dunlap shared that she started investing as soon as she could. She says it was her privilege that started her journey. Her parents donated her college fee so when she worked three different jobs during college time, it went to her savings. One more important thing I need to address here is that when it comes to investing there is a lot to learn and a lot at stake. You never want to invest your precious money without proper research. Also, read Mormon Mom on TikTok | TikTok & Reddit’s New Obsession

TikTok Finance Queen Interview

Secrets and all are fine, but what are the exact things she spilled in the interview. Well, here are they-

“We call it the ostrich effect, people bury their head in the sand, and they act like their problems don’t exist. So getting honest with your money is the first step.”“The second step is just being really empathetic and really graceful with yourself, You’re not going to know everything about money. You didn’t come out from the womb knowing everything about how to save or how to invest. So during times of crisis, it’s really important that you give yourself that grace and then set aside anything that you can.”If you’re giving Netflix more money than you’re giving yourself every month … you’re at least as deserving, I would argue more deserving, than Netflix of that money.“You should be able to afford things that you want while saving. It’s like a diet. If you tell me I can’t have fried chicken, the only thing I’m going to want to do is eat fried chicken. So, if you tell somebody they can’t spend money, that’s not sustainable.”

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Wrapping Up

I hope this article really helped you to get insights on TikTok Finance Queen’s interview with Today. If it did help you then make sure you comment below and share this article with your friends and family members, After all, we grow by helping others, right?


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