Here are a few easy ways you can grow your carpenter business.

1. Better Define Your Services

You may be an expert in your field – but most people aren’t as familiar with carpenter terminology. Instead of providing the technical terms for the services you offer – make your business more accessible to the everyday person. Specify which areas of the home you work on, such as the bathroom, kitchen and extensions. 

2. Get Better Quality Equipment

Clients want a carpenter to work quickly and efficiently. You need high-quality power tools to work at optimum capacity. The right tools can greatly improve the quality of your work and make your job much easier. When you are starting the business, your tools should be included in the initial launch cost. Look after your tools by cleaning them after every use and storing them in a dry location. You could organize your tools to make it easier to find specific items. For example, you could use an electrician tool bag to carry smaller tools around work sites.

3. Reach Out to Past Clients

Referrals are often the most effective form of advertising for tradespeople. People ask their family and friends for recommendations of carpenters they have worked with recently. A few good reviews can lead to a flourishing client base in your local area. Every time you finish a job, ask the customer if they are happy to share your business card with anyone looking for a carpenter. You could also ask them to leave a review on Google to improve your Google my Business status.

4. Create a Website and Social Media Accounts

Younger customers will look at your business online before they contact you. Create a basic website with your contact details and a few images of your best work. Make sure it looks professional and sharp so people are more likely to contact you. Social media is a brilliant tool for small businesses – no matter their sector. Create a Facebook and Instagram account to showcase your skills and projects so far. People can also get in touch with you via social media.

5. Improve your Carpentry Skills

You need to be a good carpenter to run your own carpentry business. It’s important to stay on top of your game and keep expanding your skillset. Education and skill development is a big part of company growth.  Remember to show off your work online, and don’t be afraid to ask your customers for a good review.


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