Google Pixel 6 has a Tensor processor that has added value to it. The powerful Google Tensor keeps Google Pixel 6 fast, supports games, and keeps personal data secure. It has an awesome and great rear camera with a 50-megapixel resolution. As far as it Camera is concerned, I have not seen such a powerful camera within its price range. The picture quality is unmatched with richer colors and deep details. Google Pixel 6 is better and different from earlier Pixels. Let us look at the latest Google Pixel 6 Review.

Top 7 Features of Google Pixel 6

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Price of Google Pixel 6

The price of the Google Pixel 6 is affordable and its price ranges where you purchase your phone.

Specifications of Google Pixel 6

Internet Reactions on Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 has received mixed reviews throughout the country. It is, however, suitable to mention that overall reviews are better. It has generally secured 4 to 5 out of stars. Here are the best and the worst. I generally ignore the average ratings.

Positive Google Pixel 6 Review

“I got this phone because I wanted a phone with longer security update support and stay with an android phone I have yet to take a picture with it got it 9 days ago phone has good battery life and calls sound clear on both ends.” “This will be my 3rd Pixel product. I also have their eat buds. I bought this during Prime week so I got a great deal. Since I was waiting for the 6a for just about 50 but I got a better phone!…”

Negative Google Pixel 6 Review

” … I’m seriously disappointed in this phone. Bad enough that I’m thinking of selling it and going back to Samsung after many happy years in the Pixel ecosystem.“ “This phone seems to not work with most chargers. The best I could get was what would be about 6 hours to go from 58% to 80% according to AccuBattery. It’s not fixed by simply turning off Adaptive charging as some say. It simply doesn’t work with any of my chargers, most of which were bought in the last couple of months and worked great with my old Galaxy S8.” Also, read 9 Best Apps like Google Phone in 2022 | Try All of Them Now

My Google Pixel 6 Review

Google Pixel 6 is a comparatively good smartphone. It has the one of best cameras, the features like Magic Eraser, Face Unblur and Real Tone work excellently. The edge-to-edge FHD OLED display looks more promising and more pleasing. However, the Tensor Processor is not as good as Snapdragon when we talk about gaming. Google Pixel 6 should have a better battery as well at least 5500mAh. But as I always say it is stupid to compare a $100 balloon with a $10 balloon. You know what I mean. Also, read How to Open Google Desktop Version on Mobile on iPhone & Android

Video on Google Pixel 6 Review

Wrapping Up

This is all about the Google Pixel 6 Review. I have summed up the features and specifications. Speaking honestly, if you are looking for an Android smartphone in a comfortable budget range go for Google Pixel 6. It is a good device, visually as well as functionally. Rather, it is a better device than most smartphones of the same budget range. For more updates, tricks, tips, and hacks keep surfing Path of EX.


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