What new in the Google Nest Thermostat?

Can we just talk about the eye pleasing colors and pretty design of this overly aesthetic Thermostat? The biggest thing that is new about this Thermostat is that it is a cost-cutting product for those who spend a fortune on Thermostats and the newcomers who want to experiment. Comparing the Google Nest Thermostat to the Google Nest Learning Thermostat, the newly launched is affordable, easier to use and simpler to install. Also, Read Google Fitness Band Might Come Without a Display in 2021

Google Nest Thermostat Design:

The design of the newly launched Thermostat is simple and picturesque. It comes in four different colors: Snow (white), Sand (rose gold), Fog (light greenish/ blueish-gray), and Charcoal (dark gray). The weight of the Thermostat is under 5 ounces and the diameter is the same as the Nest Learning Thermostat. The look of the Thermostat is classy and premium because of the mirror-like finish on the front. A 2.4-inch color LCD display with a resolution of 240 x 320 is on the display of the Thermostat. The plastic material used to make the Thermostat is a bit cheaper but that doesn’t affect the look of the Thermostat.

Presence Sensing:

Cost-Efficiency and Energy-efficiency are the biggest perks of the Thermostat. With the presence of sensing, the Thermostat becomes more efficient and power-saving. The thermostat uses low-power radar to sense the presence when you are near it. It will turn on by sensing your presence and show the display on the mirror-like lens and turn off the moment you walk away from a little far. This saves power and energy. Close proximity sensing is not the only feature in the Thermostat, with the help of an onboard sensor and your phone’s geofencing data, it detects that you are not home. With this information, the Thermostat drops down to Eco mode to save energy.

Google Home App and Smart Monitoring:

Unlike all the other Google Smart devices that use the Goggle Home app to run, the previous Thermostats use to run on the Nest app. But now the new Google Nest Thermostat 2020 will run on the Google Home app. Now there is no need to use another application for your Thermostat. Isn’t it fun and amusing to set the temperature of your room with your phone? Check out, How To Sign Out Of One Google Account In 2021: Steps By Step Process The Google Home app will help you, initiating the set-up process with the help of a feature called Quick Schedule. The Quick Schedule helps you to set your custom temperature at any time on each day. You can custom your heating temperature and cooling temperature from three different modes: Comfort Mode, Eco Mode, Sleep Mode. Talking about the temperature, one important thing about this new Thermostat is that it does not support external temperature, it only records the internal temperature. In the Google Nest Learning Thermostat, the device uses to record your patterns of schedule and past temperature setting and with the help of this information, the Learning Thermostat adjusts your temperature on the basis of your habits. The Nest Thermostat does not do that. The new Thermostat has no learning capacity of its own. There is nothing that the Google Nest Thermostat does automatically. It just suggests some changes to your schedule for saving energy. If you are already a user of the old Learning Thermostat, adapting to the new might be a little difficult for you. The basic uses of the application are already known to all. Even if you were using the Nest app, the Google Home app works exactly the same. You can make adjustments to temperature with an internet connection. You can also set the schedule in the application for the whole day beforehand. These Thermostats are also very energy-saving. There is a leaf icon on the thermostat and on the application screen, which indicates the energy-saving mode.

HVAC Monitoring:

Google has come up with a new HVAC Monitoring feature in the new Google Nest Thermostat. With the help of this feature, your Nest will indicate to you if something is wrong with the workings of the system, like some temperature issue. Also, Read 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers

Google Nest Thermostat Accessories:

Using the new Google Nest Thermostat is no rocket science and if you are an old user of Thermostats, then you are in for an east treat. Unlike the previous Thermostats by Google, the Google Nest Thermostat doesn’t come with a box or the trim kits (though you can still buy the matching trim kit separately from the Google Store for $15). Another accessory you can add to the beauty of the product is the trim plate, which you can buy from the Google store.

Price of the Google Nest Thermostat.

The biggest hype of this Thermostat is around the cost of the product. The price of the new Google Nest Thermostat is $129.99. you can buy the Thermostat from Google stores, Depot and Best Buy. However, it is to keep in mind that the Thermostat comes without a box and the Trim box for $15.

Google Nest Thermostat Specifications

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