CEO Sundar Pichai announced the official dates for the event through his Twitter account. The confirmation of the event came right after Google shared a four-part puzzle for the viewers to solve and figure out the dates. Well, the Twitter users are far ahead in time and seem to have solved the puzzle. Now that we have solved the puzzle, let’s figure out what was in it!

When is Google I/O 2022 Happening?

Google initiated the conversation of Google I/O 2022 with a four-part SVD puzzle. Sundar Pichai later confirmed the dates of the event. The Google I/O 2022 conference will be a two-day event, 11 and 12 May. Check his tweet below. The two-day Google conference will be streamed online for free for everyone. The in-person will happen at its usual location pre-Covid. It will take place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. The company has said that the gathering at the in-person event venue will be limited and invites-only. For its online viewer, the tweet includes the link to a website that is entirely dedicated to the event. The website shows a live countdown-timer, determining the days, hours, and minutes remaining for the Google event. The timer is definitely very Googly that plays a jingle along with the ticker. You can also register with the “Google Developer Profile” through the website. This will let you earn the “I/O 2022 Attendeee” badge for your developer profile.

Google I/O 2022 Announcements

After decoding all the puzzles, let’s talk about the tech that Google will probably announce at the 2022 event. Historically, Google I/O has proved to be something more than just a developer conference. The main focus of the conference will definitely be on developers. However, the company is likely to announce and reveal some new hardware as well. Let us look at the new announcements that are likely to take place at Google I/O 2022.

Android 13 Announcement

Google released Android 13 first and second developer preview on 11th February and 17th March respectively. There were rumors floating around the internet that Google will be launching Android 13 Beta 1 at Google I/O, 2022. However, Google went a step ahead and launched the Beta on 26 April. Since the release of the beta, people have installed the pre-release version of the update, they have tested the features of the new update and many have uninstalled the update due to bugs. Since the beta was released days before the Google I/O event, there are speculations that we will get more news about Android 13 at the event. There is a possibility that Google will officially release Android 13 at Google I/O 2022.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel watch is a widely talked about product. While other Android watches support the Wear OS platform, it is time for Google to introduce its own wearable. There is a surety that a Google Pixel watch will be released soon, but the question is a ‘specific when’. If you follow the news regarding Google, you must know that a Google Pixel Watch prototype was found in a restaurant. The way this watch was found has made it one of the most anticipated wearables. Many rumors have been floating around the Google Pixel Watch, from its features to its price. This makes us wonder if Google will announce the release of the Pixel Watch at Google I/0 2022.

Google Pixel 6a

While we are hoping that Google may launch the new Google Pixel 6a phone at the Google I/O event, the chances of this happening are very less. However, a popular YouTuber Jon Prosser has confirmed that Google will be revealing the phone at the event. However, the Pixel 6a will not be launched right away. Jon Prosser claims that this phone will be seen in the market around July. We wish everything Prosser has claimed comes true, but we must wait for the Google I/O event to see how everything turns out.

Nest Hub Display

There are rumors that Google has started working on the Nest Hub Smart display. It will be a next-generation smart display. While Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max work very well, there is still room for improvement. A new smart display will work great in the market. There are rumors that the Nest Hub Display will have a detachable display. We do not have any other details about the display as of yet. However, there are chances that we will get new information about the Nest Hub Display at Google I/O 2022.

Google Foldable Phone

Foldable phones are all the rage nowadays. We have rumors regarding Samsung releasing the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 soon. Similarly, there are rumors of Apple releasing foldable iPhones in 2022. So, how can Google stay behind? We have heard about Google developing foldable phones for over a year. There have been many design, camera, and price leaks over time. However, these rumors are dying down. As much as we want Google to announce the foldable phones at google I/O, we cannot be sure of it. Let us wait and see if foldable phones make it to the list of announcements to be made at Google I/O 2022.

Google Wallet

There are rumors that Google Wallet will be making a comeback. Google Wallet has been a part of Google Pay for a long time. However, it was discontinued. There are chances that Google Wallet will be used for card management, while, Google Pay will be used for managing contactless payment.

Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! In this article, I have shared with you all the details regarding the Google I/O 2022 event. You can register for the event at the event website. We have speculated on the updates and devices that will be introduced at the event. I hope you found everything regarding Google I/O 2022 in this article. For more such news, keep visiting Path of EX!


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