We have seen this or we can say we have spotted this that it may not come with a display. It has been spotted on the website of the US Patents and Trademarks Office (USTPO) certification agency. Nothing much was mentioned there. Even it did not mention the name of the band. We can only guess by the name itself that it is a fitness tracker wristband. 

Design of the Google Fitness Band

The design of this first wearable watch has been revealed by the Mountain View company. The Google Fitness Band, if just comes in the market may not come up with a screen. This is just a piece of information by what the patent shows to us. This Fitness Band will obviously track all your activities related to health but there will be no way to examine it. So likely Google will provide you with an app for it or just we can guess the feature of ‘Ók Google’ is likely to be connected with the fitness band on your smartphone.  We can all guess that it may look alike like all fitness bands to date. The rest of the design looks generic to us. The Google Fitness Band may have a sleek form factor. It may have a seamless finish upfront and may have a ridged back in the strap. These ridges may act as a lock of the fitness band. This rigidness will definitely help in placing the band firmly in the wrist of the one who is going to wear this fitness band.  Also, read 11 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iOS 2021

Features of the Google Fitness Band

The heart rate sensing unit can be seen on all the sensors placed on that fitness band. It will be placed slightly at the bump around the back of the watch. The Google Fitness Band may come up with a magnetic charger as there isn’t any way to detach the core from the strap. The Google Fitness Band specifications are yet to be released so it is a kind of mystery for everyone at this time of moment. We can just predict that just like all the other fitness bands this fitness band may also come up with just a heart rate sensor, pedometer, and sleep monitoring.  Earlier in 2020, in May, a patent just showed that the users using that will be able to give all commands to smartwatches via their hands and wrist gestures. This is one way for the users to control their fitness band in the absence of a screen. We just assume this design to come up with this as just as shown by the patent.  This fitness band will also work to track to monitor all the physical activities. You have to use your smartphone to check the stats of it. This google fitness band may look like a regular watch strap but without a dial attached to it. The front side of the band may look plain.   As we can consider that not everything is known till now so we can say that it’s not sure whether it will actually come out or not. So patents can never see the light and protect technology, so we can’t say right now whether this fitness band will ever come in the market or not. Around a year ago google purchased fitbit, so we can guess that company will be more focusing on the technology rather than just focusing on releasing a branded band.  You all must remember the rumor that has been rumored multiple times over the past few years, about the Google Pixel Watch. Till now we don’t know whether this google pixel watch will ever be available for the customers in the market for purchasing.

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