The 2020 change of Google Chrome Icon was Iconic. It is not the usual changes like google chrome icon had in 2008 and 2011. Initial changes in the chrome icon were similar in some way that incorporated shadows on the borders. For the latest update of the modification of the chrome icon, Elvin wrote on Twitter, “We simplified the main brand icon by removing the shadows, refining the proportions, and brightening the colors, to align with Google’s more modern expression.” The latest Google chrome icon has specific versions for each operating system. The icon will look 3D for mac users, whereas the icon will have a gradated look for windows. Stay connected to get more reliable information about the latest chrome icon changes. 

Recognized Changes in Google Chrome’s Icon

The discussion for creating Google chrome’s new icon begins with not dragging the shadows exaggeration on the icon. To begin with, the initial suggestions were not very appealing by Google. Then Elvin added the team considered creating an icon with more negative white spacing but decided the opposite because it shrunk the icon, and then it became difficult to identify the icon on other google apps. On the road to deciding the design for google chrome’s new icon, Elvin added a mind bobbling question, “Why bother with something so subtle?”  Instead of adding shadows on the borders of each color. It will be preferable to give your eyes a new look for the subtle colors of chrome’s icon. Then they made google chrome’s new icon with vibrant colors, which will have different impressions on different devices. Chrome’s new icon will be in 3D appearance in MacBooks, whereas on windows, the colors of the chrome icon will be more vibrant than the usual eight years ago icon. The new chrome icon comes with a new subtle gradient that does away with the ‘unpleasant color vibration’ when shades of red and green are next to each other in the new icon. 

Evolution in Chrome Icons From 2008 to 2022

Google Chrome is changing its icon for the very first time since 2014. The first news flash for the icon was made available by Google chrome’s designer Elvin on Twitter. The designer offers a first look at the logo’s redesign in a thread on Twitter, as well as some of the thinking behind the ever-so-subtle changes.

Original Logo

Google was always in favor of using colors in its logo but was reluctant to pop them up. The American entrepreneur and scientist invented it and used GIMP to implement his idea. The multicolored swirl symbol became synonymous with the browser. The main circle of the icon is executed in the corporate google colors- green, red and yellow.


The three-dimensional rounded figure of an icon is composed of three equal segments and a blue in the middle. Chrome icon also represents the endless possibilities of the browser to its users.


The icon was simplified in 2011. The logo became flat and had shadows of the colors with a blue circle in the middle, its matted texture resembled the globe.

2014- Today

In 2014, the icon became simpler by replacing the gradient blue color circle with a plain light blue one. The outline was shifted from gray to white and became wider.

Wrapping Up

The new look of the google chrome icon is more customized for all the devices. It has given new look to the colors of the icon. The intensity of the colors has increased and the shadows have been reduced. Do share in comments how you find the new look of the google chrome’s icon.


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