Online trading platforms offered ease in terms of: Floor trading was a lengthy and exhaustive endeavour for those who dared to foray into financial markets, electronic trading provided much needed relief for even sceptics! A broker offering an online trading platform is a licensed company that has the authentication to buy and sell stocks through its trading database.  Before contracting out any trading platform, you would definitely have a plethora of reservations. Our article today intends to do justice to you as an investor by presenting a clear picture of Global-Coin.

Global-Coin: The Trading Portal 

An online broker can only be called a good broker if their trading provisions are up to par to facilitate their investors trading needs and ambitions. Global-Coin’s trading portal offers a world of opportunity for its users. The best part is, there are different types of trading accounts to cater to every unique individual out there.

Trading Account Types

The Global-Coin arena has multiple account options to facilitate its users. Every individual is unique and has unique expectations from their broker, Global-Coin endeavors to cater to those diverse needs as much as possible. These trading accounts have multiple other features that are continuously rolled out based on investors feedback. 

Trading Product Range

The trading product range is pretty diverse and includes majorly traded assets such as:

Stock of publicly listed companiesMajorly traded stock indicesThe most liquid investment of Forex pairings on majorly traded currenciesWorld famous commodities such as coffee, rice and wheatPrecious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, palladiumnew digital currencies also called cryptocurrency

Global-Coin Commissions Structure

Global-Coin charges no commissions on the majority of deals, like most competitive brokers in the industry. One feature they promote is the absence of a pricey dealing desk, which enables them to pass cost savings through to customers. According to Global-Coin’s website, a significant portion of their order flow can be internally matched because of the enormous volume of trades made by their clients. By doing this, they can reduce risk and expenses without compromising the integrity of orders. 

Global-Coin Funding And Withdrawing

Any account trader needs funds to begin their trading journey. One downside we discovered was that Global-Coin only accepts US Dollars in account funding currency and no other currency is accepted. So, when client funds their account, they might incur a currency conversion charge. The upside is that debit and credit cards are accepted along the lines of VISA, Mastercard and UnionPay. Bank wire transfers are also accepted albeit they take a processing time of up to 5 working days. For withdrawals, the process is a 3 stage procedure:

Should Global-Coin Be Your Broker Of Choice?

We hope we have provided you with a balanced overview of Global-Coin and its specifications that could be beneficial to you.  In terms of products, they offer a competitive range of assets. In terms of safety of platform, they are second to none with SSL encryption. The best feature in our opinion is their reliability, they are available for the client across time zones five days a week. Does this inspire you to choose Global-Coin? If yes, contact them via their website and learn more about their specifications and partner with them in your trading journey. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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