This feature allows you to go incognito while you use the app. The users love this feature, and they are quite excited about this. More and more users are joining the Gapp app daily and enjoying their time spent on the platform. Hence, if you want to know more about his app, read my article. I have designed this article especially to help you understand the incredible feature of this app. So read them now, and you can secretly use the app without informing your friends. The Gas app is the latest addition to social media platforms. The features of the gas app are incredible, and hence the app has become quite popular among the Gen-Z or, to be more precise, the current school-going generation. In the app, you can share only positive content. And you also get the option to subscribe to the God mode. This is a paid version of the app, just like any other social media platform that you have around you. Here also you have to subscribe to the paid versions. Also, read Is Gas App Safe and How Does It Work | Know Everything (2022)

How to Use Ghost Mode In Gas App?

You would find the Ghost icon or Ghost mode in the God mode, as it is known among its users. The Ghost mode is activated when you subscribe to the God mode in the Gas app. This is a very interesting and tricky option in the app. You can use this option to answer the polls on the Gas app without informing anyone on the platform. Isn’t it interesting? So, do you wish to know how to activate this mode and not inform anyone about it? Refer to the steps below:

  1. Launch the Gas app.
  2. Go to the profile page.
  3. There you go to manage account.
  4. There, you look for the option anonymous mode. Note: The anonymous mode is also known as ghost mode.
  5. Switch it on. After you switch it on when you answer the polls, no one gets to know the name of the person answering the poll. They only get to know the answers. Also, read What Does Top Flames Mean On Gas App? (2022)

How to Use Ghost Mode In Gas App?

Wrapping Up

The Gas app is new to the list of social media platforms. Hence, most users are still now aware of the features and uses of the platform. Hence, when you read the article, you get clarity regarding the platform. So, refer to Path of EX on our website, where you can learn more about the Gas app and its related features in subsequent articles.


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