Exactly like the leakers had predicted, Arataki Itto and Xiao are actually back for reruns. Unfortunately, this would be sad news for the ones who wanted Klee and Kazuha. But don’t worry because you would definitely be getting Heizou in version 2.8 and you can say that he pretty much looks exactly like Kazuha (just with a wig). The entire main quest of Genshin Impact 2.7 shows The Traveler stuck in the Chasm, and to get out, they would have to fight the opponents and go through difficult challenges. To hook you up with more such information, we have brought you this article on Genshin Impact Patch Notes, which would provide you with all the necessary data regarding the latest upgrades and rewards and what all is new in the game. Do let us know in the comments if we were able to help you out.

When Is The Genshin Impact 2.7 Release Date?

The release date of Genshin Impact is actually May 31. Even though it was actually delayed for a long period of time, the schedule is finally back on track. Many believe that it even looks quite similar to the previous versions, only with lesser events so that the update schedule for 2.8 can be corrected. But to know in detail what all changes will take place in version 2.7, let’s take  a look at Genshin Impact Patch Notes 2.7  Also, read How To Sign Up Honkai Impact Star Rail Beta: 11 Easy-Steps | Register For Second Beta

Genshin Impact Patch Notes 2.7: Updates & Changes

Now, the main answer to your query. All Genshin Impact Patch Notes that are available out there have been mentioned below. So, let’s move further with the necessary and relevant details.  

Who Are The New Genshin Impact 2.7 Characters?

The latest Genshin Impact 2.7 version has two new characters and two reruns that we have mentioned it in the Genshin Impact Patch Notes below: 

1. Yelan

Yelan was rumored for an extremely long time and was finally revealed. Yelan is actually a five-star Hydro archer who would be headlining the latest version 2.7 the moment the first banner gets released on May 31. In simple words, she is a spy for Liyue Harbor’s Ministry of Civil Affairs and mainly pays attention to speedy attacks. Every single Genshin Impact Patch Notes mentions that it allows her to straight up run through all her enemies while tagging them. When it is released, you’ll even see her story quest. 

2. Kuki Shinobu

You can consider Kuki as the deputy leader of the Arataki gang, she is basically a four star electro support character who has the power to heal her entire party. You’ll find Kuki to be available during the second half of the 2.7 version on Arataki Itto’s banner. You’ll even find a new hangout event coming for her. Now it probably makes more sense as to why Kuki is an important part of the new characters of Genshin Impact Patch Notes. 

3. Arataki Itto

Much time hasn’t passed since Arataki Itto was released, but the five-star Geo damage-dealer is finally back in the game for a rerun in the second half of the Genshin Impact 2.7 version. All the Genshin Impact Patch notes say that Itto’s main strengths and advantages are his Arataki Kesagiri slashes and the Raging Oni ing super state which can easily be activated with his burst. 

4. Xiao

There is another five-star who would be having a rerun, Xiao. He is a demon-hunter who is back yet again. You’ll see him in the first half of the Genshin Impact 2.7 version. According to the Genshin Impact Patch Notes, Xiao’s playstyle is actually all about quick speed and plunging attacks, with his Lemniscatic Wind Cycling which allows him to zoom around the entire battlefield, and his Yaksha Mask buffs his jumps and AoE damage.  Also, read Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass & June Crew Pack Leaked | Check Out Now!

Genshin Impact Patch Notes 2.7 Events

Even though its not loads like it usually is, you can still count on plenty of events coming on the way in Genshin Impact 2.7 version like we have mentioned in the Genshin Impact Patch notes given below: 

The main headline is the latest interlude Archon quest Perilous Trail which would actually strand you with chasm with Yanfei, Yelan, Arataki Itto, and Kuki Shinobu. Xio would be the one hanging around and conducting his very own investigation right into the history of the Yakshas and their role in the fate of the Chasm in the past 500 years. 

As the Genshin Impact enthusiasts progress further, the Realms of Guile and War challenge would be unlocked. There are exactly four domains which can be tried out so that you can further strengthen your party. You would even be required to switch characters between all the challenges, but you’ll find a selection of trial characters available to utilize. 

You would obviously have to complete all the challenges so that you can receive currency. The currency can be utilized to purchase the event-exclusive, four-star Fading Twilight bow. 

Afterwards, there is a rhythm-game event: The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival. Songs will be played while the big ol’ drum is used, but when compared to the previous events, it does seem a tad bit harder. In case you didn’t notice, the format of the rhythm game has been drastically changed into a more scroll-based, with notes that are being descended right towards a beat line just at the bottom of the entire screen. 

You even have the option to create your very own beat map mainly for songs which can be sent to your friends. But quite similar to the Divine Ingenuity event, you would be required to complete the entire thing so that you can share it. 

Now, the follow-up to the Shadow of the Ancients event is named as a Muddy Bizarre Adventure. For this specific time, the Pursina Spikes are actually being utilized to simply get rid of that creepy Chasm mud, so they’ll have to be defended while they are doing their own thing. 

Last but not least, there is a certain extremely chill event named as Core of the Apparatus, where all you are required to build is your very own personal robot so that you can put in your Serenitea Pot. 

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Wrapping Up

Well, that is all there really is to know about the latest Genshin Impact Patch Notes of version 2.7. We genuinely hope that we were able to give you a strong helping hand regarding the same. Since this game seems a lot like your forte, you should definitely explore and check out different games like Genshin Impact. In case you have any further doubts, feel free to simply drop a comment in the comment box. 


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