The new Garmin Index S2 is an upgradation of the five year old, super successful Garmin Index. Now this makes it obvious that smart scales are not very new in the market. With every new and smart scales comes a new technology and new technology is not that cheap. If you are thinking of spending $150 on a smart scale, we have some important things that you should know beforehand.

What is new in the Garmin Index S2?

If you are already using the Original Garmin Index, the new Garmin Index S2 might not be any different for you. But regardless the same old features and technologies, the look of the new smart scale make it very aesthetic and makes your space looks exquisite. Also, read Best Smartwatches 2021 The design of the smart scale has a mirror like finish with a colour display. The new Garmin Smart Scale is slightly smaller than the original Index. With its smaller size, it becomes very compactable to keep. You can easily keep behind your cabinet. The accessory with the Garmin Smart Scale includes four AAA batteries, which makes it very convenient to use the scale right after you buy it. If you want to keep your smart scale on a carpet, the scale comes with four risers as well. These smart scales are best known for their feature of recording data and make personalized profiles. The new Garmin S2 scale can support up to 16 users. Each user can be added by the main user through the application. The registration and set up is no big hustle. One of the best things about the Garmin smart scale, in caparison to other scales available in the market, is the Wi-Fi connectivity. The new Garmin Index S2 smart scale just like the first Index Scale can connect to many Wi-Fi networks. Most of the smart scale has Bluetooth connectivity only. Wi-Fi connectivity can definitely be more reliable. Also, read Are Smartwatches the Future of Gaming? The Garmin Index S2 has a smart and compact design. Just like every other smart scale, the Garmin Index S2 also tracks your weight, Body Fat percentage, Skeletal muscle mass, bone mass, body mass index and body water percentage. While during your weigh-in everything will be tracked pretty fast and the analysis will be then shown on your Garmin Connect. As a recent feature, Garmin has also added a weather widget. The weather widget appears on the display screen after you check your weight. This feature does nothing related to the main task of the scale but this just beautifies a device a little more. Talking about new features, Garmin has also added another new feature that has created hype all over the place. Many of the Garmin users are pretty excited about this feature especially. The on-device 30-day weight trend graph. The name of the features it all and requires no explanation. Also, read Best Weather Apps for Android 2021 This feature lets the Garmin Scale save your data for 30 days and then put that into analysis with the help of a graph. This will help to know about health and growth more closely. Everyone’s weight tends to fluctuate now and then and we hopelessly keep no track of it as well. Now, the Garmin Index S2 smart scale will help bring your health detail to yourself and will let you know if you are moving in the right direction. If you are the kind of person who loves to take care of their body in every way possible, then this smart scale is for you.

Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale Specification

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What is the price of the Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale?


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