Both streaming services are the best in their way. The American online television service Fubo TV focuses on sports-loving people. Its stations or channels broadcast live sports to the masses in Canada, the United States, Canada, and Spain. The channels here inculcate subscriptions to EPL, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, CPL, and global football, as well as news, network television shows, and movies based on the country. Stream 100+ channels to watch the live stream like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, HGTV, FX, and many more. It has so much to offer. Now, as it was a comparison between Fubo TV and Sling TV, we considered what the latter had to offer as well. Sling TV seeks to strengthen subscription online streaming amenities for cable subscribers by providing a choice of significant cable channels and OTT-originated services that can be broadcasted through TVs, streaming devices, and applications.  Let us compare both and see who wins the chase.

Fubo TV vs Sling TV: Which One Shall I Choose?

As listed above, while Fubo TV is more into sports oriented genre, Sling TV focuses on offering cable channels to the audiences. Let us discuss various parameters to see who is the clear winner for Fubo TV vs Sling TV. 

Price Comparison Between Fubo TV and Sling TV

Plans for Sling TV commence from $30 per month if you choose between Sling Orange and Sling Blue. The subscription plan reaches up to $45 if you club both of them. For the premium package, they offer 50-plus channels only.  Coming to Fubo TV, they have standardized pricing for live streaming. The family plans start from $64.99, reaching up to their Elite package for $79.99 per month. The perk here is that Fubo TV is offering a better channel lineup of 110 channels under their basic plan.   So, based on the price comparison between Fubo TV and Sling TV, Sling TV is economical, though the channel lineup is also less. Also, read DIRECTV vs COX Comparison | Buy Only After Reading This!

Comparing the Channels Between Fubo TV and Sling TV

Under the basic plan, Fubo TV offers 110 plus channels, and Sling TV offers only 50 plus channels in their premium plan. Let us have a look at the types of channels:

1. Live Channels

If we compare Fubo TV and Sling TV on the basis of live channels, Sling TV does offer live local channels; however, the availability of the content depends on the package you choose and the region where you reside. Here, you can select the streaming-based based on Sling TV package you choose. On the other hand, Fubo TV broadcasts live TV on the Internet. No cable is required here.   Fox Sports Go, Golf Channel, NBC Sports, NFL Network, WatchESPN

2. Local Channels

Yes, Fubo TV has offered a wide collection of over 90 live channels that further include local channels providing news, sports, drama, comedy, and entertainment under the Fubo TV umbrella. Moving to the options with Sling TV, it does provide local channels free when you choose either the Orange or Blue plan and connect the TV with an HD antenna. The channels include 

  1. CNBC, and MSNBC Now under the News Section
  2. Nat Geo TV, Bravo Now, FX Now, SYFY Now, the  USA Now, Bravo NowE, and E Now under the Entertainment Category.
  3. Spanish: UNIVERSO NOW under the Language Category Also, read DIRECTV vs Fubo TV | Read This Before You Buy

3. Sports Channels

Comparing Fubo TV and Sling TV based on sports channel availability, Sling TV has plenty to offer like ESPN and other giants, and Fubo TV gives even more. It includes ESPN, Pac-12 Networks, NFL Network, and other major channels in the Sports category. Here is the list of Fubo TV Sports channel lineup

ABC, CBS, NBC, FoxbeIN SportsBig Ten NetworkCBS Sports NetworkESPNESPN2Fox Sports 1Fox Sports 2Golf ChannelNFL NetworkOlympic ChannelBig Ten NetworkESPN NewsMLB NetworkNBA TVNHL NetworkStadiumTennis ChannelZona FutbolbeIN SportsESPN DeportesFox DeportesGolTV SpanishTyC Sports

Sling TV offers Fox Sports Go, Watch ESPN, NBC Sports, Golf Channel, and NFL Network. Here is the structured list of the channels: ESPN- Live sports streaming, video highlights, and game replays. NFL Network- Live games and announcements, Preseason, Regular Season, Playoffs and Superbowl LVI. Fox Sports 1: College basketball and football, MLB, NASCAR, world-class soccer, PBC, and USGA championship events. ESPN 2: Alternative sports, including poker, billiards, and extreme sports, as well as mainstream sporting events. Golf Channel: Live streaming and coverage on early-season events, PGA Tour Champions, U.S. Open, the Open Championship, the U.S. Women’s Open, and more. NBC Sports Network: Coverage of French Open, IndyCar Series, NASCAR, National Football League (NFL), Notre Dame Fighting Irish college football, Olympic Games, and more. Big Ten Network: Basketball, ice hockey, golf, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, field hockey, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. MLB Network: Live games, news, highlights, analysis, and interviews NBA TV: Live games and announcements, and highlights from every NBA game. CBS Sports Network: College sports, including football, basketball, baseball, ultimate, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, wrestling, and volleyball. NHL Network: Live streaming for NHL games, college hockey, and the Memorial Cup. So, here also, Fubo TV is a win-win deal as compared to Sling TV.  Also, read DIRECTV vs Sling TV | Honest Comparison Between Streaming Services

Comparing the Availability/ Reach Between Fubo TV and Sling TV

Comparing the countries in which both Fubo TV and Sling TV  are available,  Fubo TV is available in the United States, Spain, and Canada since the year 2018. On the other hand, Sling TV is geographically blocked out of the USA, so VPN or smart DNS might be required to watch Sling TV outside the USA.  So, if we compare the reach, Fubo TV wins the race!

Comparing the Device Compatibility Between Fubo TV and Sling TV

It is undoubtedly an important aspect to consider. Let us look at the devices supported by both services.  Sling TV Supported Devices FuboTV Supported Devices Undoubtedly, Fubo TV supports more devices in comparison to Sling TV, thereby offering better reach to the audience.  Also, read DIRECTV vs Hulu TV: What Should You Choose?

Comparing the User Interface Between Fubo TV and Sling TV

By user interface I mean, how well the app or the streaming appears and runs on a particular device(s). The user interface for Fubo TV is easy to navigate. Whether it is a phone or a Smart TV, Fubo TV is easy and comfortable to use. A top screen menu shows the options to navigate and browse. Talking about Sling TV, the app has upgraded to the mobile version featuring a mini guide, making it easier for the user to access. 

Fubo TV vs Sling TV: Comparing Cloud DVR

Sling TV offers 10 hours of storage along with its packages. On the contrary, Fubo TV’s standard plan alone offers 30 hours of storage.  If you upgrade the Fubo TV subscription with Cloud DVR add-ons, you can get around 1,000 hours of storage.  You’ll get up to 1,000 hours of storage in total. Meanwhile, Sling TV only offers 10 hours of storage with its packages. Here, undoubtedly, Fubo TV is the winner. 

Comparing Overall Performance Between Fubo TV and Sling TV

So, talking about the overall performance, Fubo TV is level up. A user can create 6 user profiles on Fubo TV, while Sling TV does not offer this feature. On Fubo TV, each user profile can have its favorites and recordings which are not there in the case of Sling TV.  Also, read DIRECTV vs YouTube TV: Who’s the Better Choice?

Fubo TV vs Sling TV: Who Wins the Battle?

Considering all the parameters, it is clear that Fubo TV wins the battles with overwhelming features, adaptability to various devices, reach to various countries, and above all the channel lineup. Sling TV is a service on a budget, but it does not offer much. So, if you are a family full of couch potatoes, Fubo TV can be a good choice. 

Wrapping Up

It becomes difficult to make a choice between two streaming services or packages for our entertainment. Besides the budget constraint, there are so many aspects to consider while choosing an entertainment service package for your family. So, when it is a battle of Fubo TV vs Sling TV, we have a clear picture of Fubo TV offering too much. Though it is pricey, the packages are worth it when it comes to the channels and the features it has to offer. 


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