What Is Trading In Bitcoin? “Trading” is a broad term and encompasses many possibilities. In the simplest sense, trading is simply buying and selling. But this definition is incomplete since the principal factor in trading (especially in bitcoins) is buying and selling and speculation. Furthermore, since bitcoins are new, there isn’t many fundamental data about them to be analyzed and analyzed. Therefore trading with bitcoins is more about knowing what to do than what has happened. This is where the best bitcoin traders emerge. How Crypto Trading Is Tax-Free? Trading in Bitcoins is not strictly a taxable event, just like trading any other currency. However, it is recommended that you record your trades and the amount you bought or sold to keep track of your capital gain or loss. To make this process much more accessible, many online trading platforms allow you to log in and trade with bitcoins. You can also use trading tools such as charts and graphs to make sense of the cryptocurrency market. Is Bitcoin Speculation A Taxable Event? Speculation is part of any form of investing, so it can be said that it certainly involves paying taxes. If you are speculating on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, keep an eye on the value, and if it has gone up significantly, consider selling the bitcoins. Then you will have realized a capital gain. This gain has to be reported in your tax return. This is because, even though it may be a very new concept, trading and investing with bitcoins is seen as “buying property” by the IRS, and as such, there can be tax implications. What If You Trade Bitcoins With Altcoins? This is when you are not just trading but more like making investments. An investment of any kind can be viewed as a taxable event since somebody is putting their money somewhere with the hope of making more money in return. Altcoins (alternative coins) are similar to Bitcoins but have an alternate function or objective. They are created to solve a problem that was not solved by Bitcoin or have different functions or objectives from Bitcoin. Altcoins are very much a part of the cryptocurrency foundation and blockchain networks. However, they are different because they have different functionalities and uses beyond currency units. Smart Crypto Trading Strategies for Everyone It’s not just for the geeks anymore; cryptocurrency trading is a lucrative and exciting way to earn money! That being said, it’s still relatively new. It’s a fast-paced world where even the most experienced traders can be made to look foolish. If you are looking to invest smartly in cryptocurrency, you can follow these below-mentioned strategies.

Choose The Right Exchanges

This is a crucial part of the entire strategy. Trading your crypto in the proper manner of earning is more complicated than purchasing stocks. Creating an account is the first step to start to get started with trading crypto. These range from free exchanges to requiring verification and charging a fee. 

Trade With Market Cycles

Still, perhaps one of the most alluring is the ability to buy when prices are trending downwards and eventually sell once they start rising again.

Keep Your Coins in Wallets

Just because it’s on an exchange does not mean it’s safe from hackers. When trading in cryptocurrency, you should never leave your coins on an exchange platform for any length of time. A good decision is to keep your crypto assets in safe E-wallet software. The trading platform should have a demo account before going for actual trading. Being able to practice on a demo account without having to risk your own money gives new traders a chance to perfect their strategies and learn the ropes before putting their hard-earned money in the mix. 


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