For some people who like playing football, the relevant equipment when playing football is also crucial. Here are some tips for buying football equipment:

  1. Jersey

Fit: The first thing to look for when buying a jersey is the fit. No matter how well a jersey is made, if it’s too tight, or if it slips on your body, it does not feel so good. Wear a fully fitted jersey for freedom of movement without excess fabric getting in the way of your movement. Materials: It will be better if the jersey is made of lightweight seamless materials (mainly nylon and polyester) and includes mesh side panels to help promote air flow. It brings you a comfortable, sweat-reducing game experience and is durable. Safety: While comfort on the court is important, safety is also extremely significant. In order to avoid scratches and impacts when kicking the ball, a better football jersey should be equipped with carefully placed ergonomic pads to avoid cushioning and scratching.

  1. Football shoes

Fit: According to the size of your feet, it is best to go to a physical store to try them out. Choosing a pair of football shoes of the right size can protect your feet well, avoid accidental injuries such as sprained feet and falls during sports, and provide intimate protection for sports. Anti-skid: According to the sports field, such as soft and muddy grass, slightly wet grass, grass with gravel surface, artificial grass with sand base, indoor wooden field, different fields need long nails, short nails or football shoes with tendon soles, to provide reliable grip and steering. Those features will avoid slipping and falling to the maximum extent, and escort the players every time when they accelerate, change direction, and brake suddenly. Shock absorption effect: It can effectively disperse the pressure of the shoes on the sole of the foot when landing, achieve a cushioning effect, and provide you with a comfortable foot feeling during exercise. Soft and hard options for football shoes: Some are hard and some are soft. Generally, hard shoes have more power to shoot the ball, but you may feel uncomfortable. Soft shoes make you feel better, but lack the power to shoot the ball. Choose the football shoes with the appropriate hardness according to your own needs.

  1. Socks Professional player socks are generally made of lycra cotton, but the price is too high. Generally speaking, socks with towel bottoms are the most cost-effective. For socks, there are no real cotton socks. Normally, the cotton content of socks is about 60% to 85%. Socks need a certain amount of elasticity, which must be added to a certain amount of elastic fiber (usually it’s spandex) during the weaving process. For example, Lycra (actually a kind of Spandex of DuPont) is the best material for skin, not the whole pair of socks. They are all Lycra (many socks are marked only on the cuff). The toe, heel and cuff are often made of man-made fibers for reinforcement and elasticity, and the two add up to about 15-40%. So what we call pure cotton socks means that the yarns other than elastic fibers and hanging threads are all cotton.
  2. Ball

Material: Football materials are generally divided into PU and PVC. PU leather feels better and softer, but it is not durable. It is suitable for scenes with high requirements and a good venue environment. Compared with PU leather, PVC leather football is harder and more wear-resistant, but the experience is not as good as PU leather. Size: Size 5 balls are suitable for outdoor matches (21.5 cm in diameter, for regular 11-player games), and size 4 balls for indoor football matches (19 cm in diameter, 5 to 7-player games). Test: After you choose a football, be sure to inflate the football to check the airtightness of the football, test whether it runs out of air, whether it is a regular circle, and whether it is damaged. Use it by yourself. If the ball can be freely dropped from a height of 1.5m, it is ideal if it can rebound about 1m.

  1. Goalkeeper gloves

Size: To choose the right goalkeeper gloves, you first need to choose the size. If you search online, you need to use a soft ruler to measure around your hand a little bit above the thumb, then match the appropriate gloves according to the standard size. Cut: Negative Cut, Gunn Cut/Roll-finger Cut, Flat Cut/Classic Cut and Hybrid Cut are more common on the market today. Negative Cut is more hands-on, but it is easy to oxidize and crack. The Gunn Cut/Roll-finger Cut handles powerful shots with excellent cushioning. Hybrid Cut generally wraps the fingertips well, making it more comfortable to touch the ball. The final choice still needs to be decided according to different brands.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday​​ and other e-commerce festivals are coming. If you want to buy football-related equipment, the festival is a good opportunity. “In the e-commerce festival, many famous brands selling football related products, such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, will have very good discounts. Before you start shopping, please find corresponding coupons on websites to save more money for yourself.” consumer expert Charlie Waters from CouponBirds says. The sport of football is deeply loved by people all over the world. Almost everyone can participate in it. It can not only exercise, but also enhance the ability of teamwork. And the choice of equipment must go to the physical store to get the best experience, whether it is online or offline when you purchase.


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