This has prevented the players from queuing for the match and playing any matches.

Fix VAC Was Unable To Verify The Game Session

For your food for thought, VAC is Valve Anti-Cheat System. The job of VAC is to detect any anomalies in the installation files that might be providing any edge to players through unfair means. If you got this error, this doesn’t mean you did something wrong. There might be a problem with your file configuration. Many users have solved this problem with small tweaks. You can also do it, just follow the solutions given below one by one to be able to play your favorite CS GO game again.

#1 – Verify Integrity Of Game Files And Restart

Mostly, the games you download on Steam are very large, i.e., in GBs. So, there is a possibility that while downloading, a file may go missing or corrupted. But, Steam has a special option for that, through which you can check the integrity of the game file and fix it. You must be wondering how does Steam do that? Well, Steam compares the downloaded game on your PC with the latest version of the same game on Steam servers. If there are any unwanted files, Steam removes them. And, if there are any broken or missing files, Steam updates those. Checking each and every game file would be very time consuming and impractical. Therefore, there are manifests present along with the downloaded game, so Steam verifies the manifests instead of all game files. This process is much quicker and efficient. Now, to verify the game files’ integrity, follow the steps given below: After the restart, rerun your game to check, “VAC was unable to verify the game session” error is gone or not. If not, then jump to the next solution.

#2 – Restart Steam Client

There is a possibility that the problem is with the Steam client itself. Probably the steam client didn’t launch properly. Therefore, it is better to restart or relaunch your steam client to avoid this error. Here are the steps you can follow to restart your steam client properly:

#3 – Repair Steam Client

If your luck didn’t work with the above two methods, then there might be some problem with your Steam client itself. It might be corrupted or some troublesome files present. This can be easily repaired through the command prompt. However, do make sure you have administrative privileges before trying out this solution. To repair the Steam client, go through the steps given below:

#4 – Run Steam As Administrator

For optimal gaming performance, Steam demands full administrative privileges. Therefore, first of all, check if your Steam has full administrative privileges or not. By default, Steam doesn’t have administrative access, and you have to give the access manually. To do so, follow these steps:

#5 – Power Cycle Computer

If the above methods didn’t work for you, it’s time to power cycle your computer. Power cycle is basically similar to turning off your computer and then turning on again, but better. There are many reasons why a power cycle method is recommended, such as you might want to recover your computer from an unresponsive state or reinitialize a set of configurations. Moreover, if you want to reset your network configurations, power cycling will make you lose all the configurations. If you want to power cycle your computer, follow the given steps below: If you are using a PC instead of a laptop, shut down your computer completely and detach all the wired and modules. Take out the power cable and wait for a few minutes. Then plug in everything and check for the error.

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#6 – Try Signing Out And Then Signing In To Your Steam Account

To make sure that the problem isn’t with your account, try signing out of your account and then logging in again. This would set configurations at the place if they weren’t loaded in the first place. To follow this solution, go through the steps given below:

#7 – Reinstall CS GO Game And Steam

If the above fixes haven’t worked for you, don’t worry! It is recommended that you try your luck with completely reinstalling CS GO. This will save you time with restarting your computer again and again and trying different configurations that are just going in vain. To reinstall CS GO, follow the steps given below: Still, if the error continues to pop, you should also try uninstalling the Steam and then install it again. This has worked for many users who faced the same error. If not, then jump to the next solution.

#8 – Temporarily Disable Or Uninstall Third-Party software

Another general fix that has proven to work for other gamers is disabling the third party software temporarily. Sometimes third-party software interferes in launching games. And, this could be the reason behind the Matchmaking: VAC was unable to verify the game session. To avoid this, make sure you disable or uninstall all the third-party apps available on your PC. You can do that through your control panel.

#9 – Exclude Game Directory From Antivirus Scan

Most of the time, antivirus and games don’t get along. Antivirus flags game as malicious content and blocks it. This results in errors and problems, and one such error is “Vac was unable to verify the game session.” The default antivirus for windows 10 is the windows defender. It does a pretty great job of keeping the malicious files at bay, but it sometimes blocks the game folders too. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude your game directory from the antivirus scan to avoid the errors. To do so, follow the steps given below: Hopefully, this exclusion from Windows defender will solve the error for you. Also, if you are using any other antivirus, search over the internet on how to add an exclusion for that for a better idea.

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