This problem is very common while updating a game, and it states that some files have missing privileges along with the path of the affected file. Don’t worry; this can be fixed easily. Keep reading!

How To Fix “Steam Missing File Privileges” Error In Windows 10

This error can be the result of many reasons, be it invalid hardware configurations or software configurations. But, this error can be easily fixed with minor changes on the computer. Follow the solutions given below to solve “steam missing file privileges”.

Solution No 1: Stop The igfxEm Process

The igfxEm.exe is an exe file, and it stands for Intel Graphics Executable Main Module. It comes with the standard package when you download Microsoft windows and drivers to run the graphic cards. It works as a middleware between the user and the Intel graphics. Don’t worry if you see this file on your computer as this file does not bring any harm to the computer, and it is from a trustworthy source. The default location for the igfxEm.exe is C:\Windows\System32\igdxEm.exe. However, if you find this file somewhere else, it is probably malware, so look out for that. Many steam users have fixed their Steam Missing File Privileges issue by stopping this igfxEm process, however, it is still unclear why it happens as the executable is not even a core file and has little to no effect. To stop the igfxEm process, refer to the steps below:

Solution No 2: Run Steam As Administrator

Sometimes the applications start acting up when you don’t run them as administrator. Some applications require special grants and permissions that only the administrator is capable of allowing. Therefore, it is recommended to launch Steam as an administrator. You can run Steam as administrator by following the steps given below: Suggested Reading:

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Solution No 3: Clear Download Cache

When you are downloading/updating steam or files in it, the download cache matters a lot. If the cache is fully loaded, the missing steam file privileges error is very common. Therefore, let’s clear the download cache. Follow the steps given below to clear the steam download cache: Now, once your cache is cleared, you’ll be logged out of the Steam. Log back in and try downloading/updating your games again. Also, this clear download cache solution can be helpful if your game isn’t loading properly or just Steam is acting slow overall.

Solution No 4: Change The Download Region

Steam’s content is regionally divided. When you log into the Steam through your PC, the Steam is smart enough to detect your region through the network and makes it your default region. Sometimes there is a possibility that the servers in your default region might be having some issue or they are overloaded, this might cause you some inconvenience and thus the “steam missing file privileges.” Don’t worry! There is a basic fix to help you out “change the download region” for your Steam. To change the download region to solve your problem, refer to the steps below: Once the steam restarts, start the downloading again to check if the error still prevails or it is removed.

Solution No 5: Verify Integrity Of The Game Cache

Like all other applications, Steam is also prone to some errors like games failing to launch or games not downloading or updating properly. Therefore, Steam has a feature known as verify game integrity to check the integrity of the game files on the Steam client. Here is a brief summary of how this integrity check works. When you download a heavy game, there is a possibility that a file or two might have corrupted during the process. Therefore, this added feature checks and compares the game files on your computer and on the steam servers as well. If any dissimilarity is found, Steam adds or replaces those selected files. Now, to verify the integrity of game files, follow the given steps below: Once you click the verify option, the Steam starts to compare the manifests on your computer and on the steam servers. This will check the integrity of the files. Please note that this process can take some time, so don’t cancel it until it finishes.

Solution No 6: Repair Steam Library Folder

Just like you fixed missing or corrupted files in the step above, you can also repair the steam library folder. The library folder is where all your installed games are available. Sometimes, the steam client is prone to some issues and difficulties, such as this “steam missing file privileges” error. Therefore, it is suggested to repair the library folder as well and try your luck.

Solution No 7: Disable Antivirus Temporarily

Even though the antivirus protects your computer from malware, spyware, unwanted viruses, and ransomware. However, in some cases, antiviruses are a pain, especially when it comes to games. Reportedly, many users have solved steam errors just by disabling the antivirus. If you are using any third-party antivirus, kindly have a look at their official guides available online to disable them. Here, we are going to disable Windows 10 antivirus temporarily. To disable the antivirus, follow the steps given:

Solution No 8: Give Administrator Privileges To Steam

By default, Steam requires you to grant it two permissions – the ability to read and write. These two operations are quite essential to ensure a smoothly functioning Steam. Although they might not have crossed your mind, as they’re often stated as the obvious, some computers don’t enable these settings by default. For example, if your Steam is about to write something to the disk, but it only has ‘read-only’ rights, it can’t do its intended tasks. Similarly, you’ll face errors while updates or downloads if you don’t permit both read and write operations to your Steam program. Therefore, we can try giving administrative privileges to Steam to resolve the issue. To do this, follow these steps:

Solution No 9: Grant Full Control To The Affected File

If you have made it till here, now is the right time to try this solution. You can navigate to the affected file and grant full access. Rather than giving access to all files and folders, this method will only give you access to the file that is causing the issue. This will make the steam missing file privileges error go away. Don’t worry; this solution won’t cause any harm to your computer as Steam is a trusted software with no vulnerabilities. Here is how you can grant full control to the affected file:

Solution No 10: Delete Files Through Safe Mode

If the steam missing the privileges error still persists even after trying all the above-mentioned solutions, let’s try deleting the download files for the game, so that the Steam can download the files from the beginning. However, we will do this process in safe mode as it is easier to grant administrative privileges in safe mode, and it disables all the extra software running. By following this guide, we hope that you have fixed your steam error, and you are able to download/update your favorite game to enjoy it later. If the error still prevails, you can try contacting customer support for Steam and seek help. Happy gaming!

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