Here, I will tell you the reasons why is Instagram down and whether Instagram has resolved the issue or not. So, read the fixes on the Instagram app not loading & logging In. Let us know your valuable feedback in the comments below

How to Fix Instagram App Not Loading & Logging In

Right now Instagram is facing the issues and Twitter is flooded with the user’s reactions. Instagram is gaining in the news, and yes, for the wrong reasons. The app is down, and users are facing problems like the app not loading, login in again error, and enter a new password error. Not only Instagram app is down but WhatsApp and Facebook are also facing the same issue. Hence, the users are shocked by these glitches and are sporting to the internet to solve their problems. Before Instagram resolves the issues try these fixes right now. Also, read How to Fix ‘This Song is Currently Unavailable on Instagram’ Glitch?

1. Clear Instagram App Cache

You need to clear the cache to solve the Instagram down glitch. Follow the given steps to do so.

  1. Go to your device’s settings.
  2. In the app section, tap on Instagram App.
  3. Click on clear cache.
  4. After clearing the cache, check if you have resolved the issue.

2. Update Instagram App

If you find that your Instagram app is still not working. It might be because you haven’t updated your app in a long time. Simply open the Play Store or App Store and update your Instagram app.

3. Delete And Reinstall Instagram App

Sometimes the issue can be at your end; fix the Instagram app not working by deleting the app and re-installing Instagram app. After re-installing, check if it fixed your issue. Also, read Instagram ‘Add Yours’ Sticker Not Working? Try These 6 Easy Fixes

4. Install Older Version of Instagram

Install an older version of Instagram to fix the temporary Instagram app not working. This would help you to work smoothly as the new app may have glitches and stops you from uploading photos or message.

5. Check the Internet Connection

When you experience problems like Instagram down, then you should always check your internet connection. A slow internet connection can also lead to such issues. You can try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data and check which works best for you.

6. Restart the Device

You can restart the device where you are using Instagram. Sometimes a glitch in the device can hinder the app from running smoothly. So, restart the device or mobile where you are using the app, and I am sure the problem will be solved. Also, read How to Fix Instagram Followers Count Not Updating With 5 Easy Methods

7. Wait for the Problem to End

Sometimes the glitches you face on the app are not only faced by you, but it happens globally. In such cases, you can be assured that the technical team on Instagram will work on it. And hence, it takes a few hours for the problem to solve.

8. Contact Support Team

When the above fixes do not work, you can take the help of the support team. You can contact them and explain your issue. They will get back to you with a reply or solve your problem. They take some time but would work on the problem. Also, read Fix: Feedback Required On Instagram In 2022 | 5 Methods

Wrapping Up

You can refer to our article if you face problems like the Instagram app not loading & Logging in. My article would be helpful, and all your problems would be solved within no time. Use any of the tricks mentioned above, and I am sure the problem will get solved.


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