AirPlay’s mirroring efficiency is impressive. It mirrors exactly what is being played on your Apple device or TV screen. All you need is an AirPlay-compatible TV/AirPlay device and an Apple device connected to one WiFi network. Through AirPlay, you can cast your Apple device’s screen on the TV/AirPlay device. Airplay also creates amazing gaming opportunities by allowing dual-screen viewing. Yet, it falters. Sometimes AirPlay lags, freezes, or doesn’t work at all.  This article will go through all the possibilities behind AirPlay not working. I will troubleshoot each possibility and try to get apposite fixes. Your frustration is about to end in no time. All you need to do is identify the root of the problem; where the problem is actually situated.

All the Reasons Behind AirPlay Not Working

The main reasons your AirPlay falters are related to the WiFi network, software of the Apple device or the AirPlay compatible device, multiple devices trying to stream, and certain restrictions. AirPlay can be availed on both iOS and Mac devices (find the list of compatible models below). Hence, it plays up on both iOS and Mac devices. We will talk about both scenarios separately.  Before going on to answer What Happens When AirPlay not Working, let me first give you the list of AirPlay compatible devices. If you cannot find the AirPlay option in your sharing options, you might want to check this list and see whether your model is compatible with AirPlay or not. Also read, How to Fix Roku Airplay Not Working in 2022 | Easy Troubleshooting Steps

AirPlay Compatible Devices | iPhones, iPads, and Mac Devices

iOS devices that support AirPlay:

iPhone 5S and neweriPad (2017)Any iPad AirAny iPad ProiPad Mini 2 and newerApple iPod Touch 2015 and newer (6th generation)

Mac devices that support AirPlay

2018 MacBook Pro and later2018 MacBook Air and later2019 iMac and later2017 iMac Pro2019 Mac Pro2020 Mac Mini

Speakers and TVs Compatible with AirPlay

Not all smart TVs and wireless speakers are compatible with Airplay. You need to make sure your device is in the list below or falls under a series mentioned therein. Speakers compatible with AirPlay:

Belkin Soundform ConnectBluesound (2i series)Bose (Portable Smart Speaker, Home Speaker 300, Home Speaker 500)Denon (AVR-X3500H, AVR-X4500H, AVR-X6500H, AVR-S740H)Devialet PhantomJBL Bar 5.0 Multibeam Libratone (Zipp, Zipp Mini)Marantz (AV7705, NA6006, NR1x09 series, SRx013 series)Naim (Mu-so, Mu-so QB ND series, Uniti)Roku (Smart Soundbar, Streambar)Sonos (Amp, Arc, One, Play:5 (2015), Playbase, Beam)Yamaha (MusicCast 20, MusicCast 50, MusicCast Bar 400)

TVs compatible with AirPlay:

LG (2018-2020 OLED, NanoCell9 and 8 series, UHD UK 62, UHD UN 8, UHD UN 71)Roku (Express, Express+, Premiere, Streaming Stick, Ultra, Ultra LT, Roku 3)Samsung (QLED Series — 2018-2020)Samsung (4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series — 2018-2020)Sony (A9G Series, Z9G Series, X850G Series, X950G Series)TCL Roku TV (4-Series, 5-Series, 6-Series & 8-Series) Vizio D-Series (2018, 2019), P-Series (2018, 2017, and 2016), P-Series Quantum (2018-2020), Quantum X (2019, 2020)Vizio M-Series (2018, 2017 and 2016), M-Series Quantum (2019, 2020)Vizio E-Series (2018, 2017, and 2016 UHD models), V-Series (2019, 2020)

Devices that support AirPlay shouldn’t have any problems mirroring iPhones and Mac. Also read, How To See Deleted Notifications On iPhone | Recover Old Notifications

How to Fix AirPlay Not Working on iPhone and iPad?

If your iPhone or iPad is not connecting to a device compatible with AirPlay, try the following until you get the issue fixed: Also, read Is Apple Music Down? How to Fix it | Get A Complete Solution

How to Fix AirPlay Not Working on a Mac?

These are the solutions to the problem of Airplay not working:

How to Fix AirPlay not Working on Apple TV, Smart TV, or Speakers?

If you think or have figured out that your AirPlay is not working because of your TV or speaker, you can rely on these fixes: Also, read How to Fix Roku Overheating Problem | Excellent Options for TV Lovers

Troubleshoot Your WiFi Router to Fix AirPlay Not Working

There is a high chance that your WiFi is the culprit. In that case, try these:

Fix AirPlay Not Working For Good

Wrapping Up

AirPlay not working can be a very frustrating problem. It is not very easy to understand the reason behind each case of AirPlay malfunction. Yet, if you have all the possibilities and solutions listed, you can try each and every one of those until your issue is fixed. One of these solutions should bring peace to your streaming blues, I believe. Until next time, Ciao!


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