While most  To curb this problem, we decided to write this guide for you to fix some quick Fire Stick issues that might seem too big but would be extremely easy to fix. While we’re at it, let’s not also forget the importance of geo-block bypassing and online privacy. 

1. Solving the internet connection issues

If your Fire Stick is sluggish and is not offering the service it usually does, then you need to check your network connection to solve this problem. You can always refresh your modem or follow these steps to forget and reconnect to your wifi:

2. Restart your Fire Stick device

You can always reboot your Fire Stick device if your Fire Stick isn’t working. You can do this using the following steps:

3. Fixing the Fire Stick blank screen issue

If there’s a broken cable connection, then you might face a blank screen issue. To fix this, you need to ensure that:

4. Fixing app crashes on Fire Stick

If the app you downloaded on your Fire Stick isn’t working the way it should, then there might be some crashes that you must be facing. To solve those, you need to:

5. Solving Fire Stick remote problems

If your Fire Stick stops responding, then there is a possibility that your remote is not working anymore. You can solve these issues in two ways:

  1. You can change your remote’s batteries as they might be one common issue for your Fire Stick not to respond anymore.
  2. You can also reset your Fire TV remote by pressing the Home button on the remote for 20 seconds.

6. Solving your Fire Stick screen-sharing issues 

If you want to screen-share the content from your smartphone or laptop to your Fire Stick device and cannot do so, then do check if you’re using an Android 4.2 version or later on your Fire Stick. Please know that screen sharing on Fire Stick doesn’t work with any iOS device or Mac. If your Fire Stick supports screen sharing for you, it might prompt a mirroring option if you keep the Home button pressed on your device. 

7. Updating your Fire Stick device

Like every other device, there is also a need to update your Fire Stick device. There are always timely updates available for users to have the latest software on their devices. If your Fire Stick’s performance is sluggish, then it’s time you update it.  You can do this by:

8. Fix the Fire Stick buffering issues

When it comes to streaming, buffering or lagging is one common problem, but it can always be fixed through the right solution. You can solve this by: You can also fix the buffering issues using a VPN service. Setting up a VPN for streaming would eliminate ISP throttling issues, offering a speedy connection for streaming. They also keep you completely unidentified over the internet, restricting your ISP from knowing what you’re streaming. 

9. Stopping the Fire Stick device from Reading your Screen

If your Fire Stick device reads the content on the screen out loud and it bothers you, then you should disable this function immediately. You can do this by:

10. Fixing the stuck Fire Stick logo on your screen

If your Fire Stick logo is stuck on your screen and not letting you access anything you like, then you need to do the following:


Here are all the troubleshooting tips you need to solve your Fire Stick not working problem. While the issue might seem too big to you, it might be minimal and may be solved immediately. Let us know which tip you found most useful in the comments below.  


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