Football enthusiasts, it’s almost that time of year. We can’t wait to build our FUT squads from scratch with fresh kits, players, and more in EA Sports’ upcoming FIFA game. You’re not the only one who is curious about whether FIFA 23 will be available on Xbox Game Pass or not. After all, EA has a deal with Microsoft about Game Pass. Okay, it’s true, but it doesn’t mean that the provider will make FIFA 23 game pass available. Since its launch, the Xbox Game Pass has been a ground-breaking service that has improved Xbox’s market position. For a little monthly charge, customers have access to a number of games, including someday-one arrivals too. Additionally, an EA Play subscription is free with the Ultimate version. So can you access FIFA 23 game pass? Let’s find out below.

Is FIFA 23 On Xbox Game Pass?

No, unfortunately, FIFA 23 isn’t on Xbox Game Pass. But, ultimate subscribers can access a 10-hour free trial of FIFA 23 game pass through EA Play from 27, Sep 2022. Subscribers should therefore be able to access FIFA 23 early with a ten-hour trial. But currently, there is no FIFA 23 game pass available rather you can manually enable FIFA 23 game pass 10-hour trial. Don’t worry scroll down and find out how to manually enable the 10-hour trial of FIFA 23. Also, read How To Fix FIFA 23 Game Failed To Launch Please Try Launching The Game Again Error | Glitch Fix

How To Manually Enable The Xbox Game Pass 10-hour Trial Of FIFA 23 | 5 Steps

When a user enters the Microsoft Store from their console, the FIFA 23 game pass free trial may appear automatically for select users as long as they have a current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. But occasionally it doesn’t appear on its own. The same holds true for people who have already paid for the game. 5 steps to enable The Xbox FIFA 23 Game Pass 10-hour trial are – Wasn’t that easy? The  FIFA 23 game pass 10-hour free trial is open to those who have purchased the Standard Edition. They can play the game and use Xbox FIFA 23 game pass at any moment before September 30 by downloading the trial version from the edition that is currently available.

When Will The FIFA 23 Game Pass Be Available For Everyone?

FIFA 23 game pass should be available on the service in either May 2023 or June 2023 if EA Play is still included with Game Pass Ultimate the following year. Also, read Is EA FIFA 23 Server Down | Status, Solutions & How to Fix? FIFA 23 will probably be added to Xbox Game Pass toward the end of the service’s lifespan. Xbox Game Pass customers will ultimately have access to the whole game for free download, but they will undoubtedly have to wait a while.

Watch FIFA 23 Official Trailer

Wrapping Up

Playing the FIFA 23 game pass free trial has no damage because that doesn’t cost anything for the users. However, it’s a fantastic tool to decide whether the game is worth purchasing. Standard customers can engage in several game types and play the game for up to 10 hours during the early access period, so it’s worthwhile for them.  Now that we know how to activate the 10-hour Free Trial of the Xbox FIFA 23 game pass, let’s claim our trial now! Don’t forget to check back to the Path of EX for more updates and to stay up front on trending topics. Till then take care. Happy Gaming!


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