Well, choosing a laptop among so many available in the market is a difficult task. And, here you have to choose a gaming one. It can be hard to decide. You must be confused as to where to start. Which brand to trust? But hold on! All you need to remember is that a good gaming laptop must fulfill the following needs. I have mentioned some of the essential features of the best gaming laptop. These features will help you find the right laptop that suits your need.

Features of the Best Gaming Laptop

While buying a gaming laptop, you need to focus on its specifications. You need to check the display, CPU, GPU, memory, and design, among many other things. Here are the features of the best gaming laptops.

Display Features of the Best Gaming Laptop

To most, the display is merely the size. But it’s much more than this. It involves size, resolution, and refresh rate. All these can have a strong impact on your gaming experience.

Screen size: The laptops can come in different sizes. It can be 13,15 or 17 inches in size. Thus, this is a variable function. Choose a laptop that has got smaller borders around the screen. This will give an experience of an increased Screen size.

Refresh rate: This is a simple yet impactful feature for gaming laptops. A higher refresh rate counts for redrawing the image on the screen more times per second than usual. The larger the Refresh rate, the smoother the functioning will be. Go for a laptop that has a refresh rate of 120 Hz or 144 Hz. You can also upgrade this later on.

Resolution: This is another important factor. A higher resolution laptop gives a clearer image than others with a smaller one. The usual laptop has got 1080p, but the new laptops also have 1440p or 4 K resolution power.

OLED: OLED stands for the Organic Light Emitting Device. This is exclusive to some laptops only. It is a device that produces its own light instead of a backlight. This specific quality results in more contrast and improves your experience.

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CPU and GPU Features of the Best Gaming Laptop

You must have heard that a CPU is the “Brain” of the computer. Also, graphics are the key element in gaming laptops. So, how could you go wrong while choosing the CPU & GPU for the Best gaming laptops in 2022. The basic feature of the CPU & GPU are:

Core count: The presence of multiple cores coordinates the multitasking of the CPU. Each core works as a single unit and works in parallel to others. Thus, they are able to coordinate with multiple software. These days, CPUs that use Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology are a good choice. They give more potential performance.

Clock speed. The clock speed is the number of cycles a CPU can execute every second. Generally, a CPU is faster if it has a higher clock speed.

Ray tracing. Ray tracing technology is for judging the impact performance of a laptop. It is like hardware-intensive rendering techniques. You need to compare the component specifications like core count, clock speed, and check benchmarks. This will help you to draw a proper comparison between different product lines.

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Memory and storage Features of the Best Gaming Laptop

RAM accounts for the temporary storage of the device. The RAM can have variable storage. It can be of 2Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, and 32Gb. But for storage, the key features are:

Speed: The speed is measured in units of MHz. The RAM frequency can measure the speed at which your RAM can access memory after a request from the CPU.

NVMe SSD: These are the drives that don’t use the older SATA interface, rather it uses the high-speed PCIe.This change allows for fast random writing and reading speed as compared to the other. Also, it offers higher throughput.

SATA SSD: Like the classic HDDs, these use the same SATA connectors. But are better than the usual one in terms of speed and durability.

External storage: If a laptop has limited onboard storage, it is advised to use external SSDs or external hard devices for additional space.

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Design Features of the Best Gaming Laptop

You can find the best gaming laptops in variable designs in all shapes and sizes. The features to note while considering design are:

Build quality: A gaming laptop should have a sleeker and durable design. The laptops with the Aluminum casing look good and is much more durable than the plastic casing.

Bezels. The bezel is the outer boundary of the screen. So, in order to have a reduced overall size of the device, look for thin bezels. This will give a more aesthetic look to your laptop.

Weight: To most of you, big and bulky stuff strikes the mind with the name of gaming laptops. But, you can also have slimmer laptops that are compact and portable.

Luxury extras: A little extra is always needed with the demand for a tough gaming laptop. Some of the high-end gaming laptops may include multiple screens, ultrawide aspect ratios, overclockable designs, upgradeable hardware, or even keyboards with mechanical switches.

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