The first teaser of the game was released on Dussehra. It had a glimpse of what it will have in the Galwan Valley episode. The weapons have not been revealed yet. The earlier teaser only showed close combat. This time the Indian soldiers can be seen using assault rifles as well. 

Registration of FAU-G

In December 2020 the registration for the game went live. It made a record with one million pre-registrations in just 24 hours. It was announced just after the ban of the game PUBG that was played by everyone. This is also a First Person Shooter (FPS) game just like PUBG. The most famous game PUBG was taken off the play store and FAU-G became popular just before its release as it’s on pre demand by many. Famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is the brand ambassador of the game who is famous for having great role plays in action movies. The co-founder of nCore Games Vishal Gondal also said in an interview that it should not be compared with PUBG. Check out, Best War Games 2021 Just like PUBG, FAU-G  will also have episodes and missions in the game but not like the battle royal modes that became so popular in the last few years. It will have something different. It was supposed to arrive in the third quarter of 2020 but it got delayed by a few months. Users waiting for the game can pre-register for FAU-G to get it as soon as it will release on Republic day. Some also say that FAU-G will be a rival to PUBG. It is the anticipated rival to the PUBG mobile battle royal. There is action based on snowy locations in Ladakh. The theme song can be played in Punjabi and Hindi as well which will lift your mood. There is violence aplenty in the game signifies to be one of the reasons to ban PUBG mobile banned in India. 

FAU-G Game launch date

This game FAU-G is made in India game by the nCORE games. It is expected to be released on 26 January, Republic Day related to the soldiers. The release date was announced by the game makers on January 3. The theatrical trailer of FAU-G  gives a glimpse of the episodes of Ladakh as Indian soldiers go up against PLA troops. 

Trailer of FAU-G

The trailer of FAU-G is of 1 minute and 38 seconds. It is available on all the social platforms including Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter showing player draped in Indian army uniforms. The players will engage in a battle with their enemies. The theme of the game is basically signifying the clash between India and China where a lot of soldiers are struggling to fight in their locations to mark Indian borders.  We can see in the trailer itself that there will be no guns in the game to defend violence. The guns and the other ammunition in the game will open when players will pass the different levels while playing. The reports also mentioned that players have to choose between single-player and co-player like multiplayer modes.  The listing of the game on google play store says: high up on the peaks at India’s northern border, an elite fighting group protects the nation’s pride and sovereignty. It will be a formidable task for the most fearless. FAU-G stands for Fearless and United Guards.  It is still not clear whether it will be available for the iOS platform or not or if available when will it be there. But for Android users, the pre-registration started in November last year. They can have it on their google play store.  Check out, 17 Awesome City Building Games for Mobile and PC nCore games planned for the launch of the game in October but it did not happen. Then again there was a tweet by the company stating that it will be launched in November but the date was not fixed. It came as a response to the ban of 118 Chinese apps in India long back in September 2020. That 118 apps included the most popular PUBG game in the list. The producer of the game Gondal said that the development of the game was at its peak for several months. It plans to reach 20 crore users within a year. The production team of the game has also decided to donate 20 percent of the revenue to the government’s Bharat Ke Veer initiative from FAU-G. 


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