The launch of Reels on Facebook is no small news. If you are a creator, then you must be jumping right now. From the monetization end to having a bigger reach, this launch is going to be the best thing ever. Facebook is launching reels on both Android and iPhone, so you don’t have to think about anything, even on the compatibility ends. Just create authentic content and see your reach blast like a bomb.

Why Has Facebook Launched Reels Globally?

On their official blog, Facebook revealed that on both Facebook and Instagram, half the time users spend on the platforms is only on reels. With this massive success, Reels is the “Fastest Growing Content Format” ever. That’s the biggest reason why Facebook has launched Reels globally.  Also, read Ways To Republish Instagram Content On Facebook | Reach Audience

Facebook Introduces More Ways For Creators To Earn Money

With the launch of Facebook reels globally, Facebook isn’t just launching a basic feature. It is unleashing a whole new way for all the creators to earn money. But, how did it all start? Well, as a part of the $1 billion creator investment plan, the Reels Play bonus program pays creators money up to $35,000 per month, depending upon the number of views. Only a bunch of reels qualify for this bonus, but its response was enough for Facebook to launch Reels globally.  Also, read How to Use Facebook Ads Manager To Reach the Target Audience? Soon Facebook is planning to expand the bonus program in all countries so that a large number of creators can participate and benefit from it. 

How will Creators Earn After the Launch of Facebook Reels?

A single feature, reels, has 50% of the total attention both Facebook and Instagram get. Now, to keep this attention or to evolve it into a money-making business for creators, Facebook has introduced a new kind of advertising on the platform. You have already heard of Stars and in-stream ads on Facebook.  Stars is basically a simple way for creates to earn from fan support. Every single star from fans during a live stream will be considered as one cent. Therefore, for every one star, Facebook will provide one cent to the creator. This also diversifies the revenue generation.  Also, read Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives | Choose the Right Aim in 2022 Coming back to our question, how will creators earn after the launch of Facebook reels all over the world.  The first thing that’s going to happen after Facebook launches Reels globally is that it is expanding the tests of Reels Overlay Ads from just Canada, the US, and Mexico to many other countries. The process will streamline in a few weeks.  Next, Facebook is introducing two new formats of non-interruptive ads-

What Are Banner Ads on Facebook Reels?

Banner Ads are translucent ads that will appear as an overlay at the bottom of your Facebook Reels. Ideally, a banner ad is similar to a digital billboard in that it uses pictures to attract attention with the aim of driving the audience to the advertiser’s page or website. This type of ad will not disturb the audience and achieve the goal (of displaying on the screen in a semi-transparent overlay). Also, read How To Monetize Your Facebook Video In Easy Ways?

What Are Sticker Ads on Facebook Reels?

According to Facebook, a sticker is “a static image ad that can be placed by a creator anywhere within their reel.”. So you have all the authority whether you want ads on the top of the screen, bottom, or anywhere else. Plus, it will be fully solid, so it’s better for the advertisers. 

Which Creators are Eligible to Monetize their Facebook Reels?

Currently, only a number of people are eligible to monetize and earn from their reels on Facebook. These creators are from the US, Canada, and Mexico. Plus, they use an in-stream ads program, and that’s how they monetized their reels.  When Facebook launches the tests in all the 150 countries, Creators will be eligible to use in-stream ads and monetize their Facebook reels within a month or so.  Also, read How To Set up an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign in a Few Minutes? Facebook says, “Both overlay ads and Stars are designed so that as more people view and engage with Reels on Facebook, creator payouts can grow.” 

Facebook Launches New Editing Features

Along with the new non-interruptive ads, Facebook is also launching some new editing features. With time, you will no more require video editing apps to edit your Facebook reels.  Here are all the new features that will be launched soon on Facebook- Also, read Facebook Ad Library | A Marketing Strategy For Growing Business

Wrapping Up

That was all about this article on “Facebook Launches Reels in 150 Countries To Benefit Creators”. I hope now you understand what exactly the new feature is going to introduce and how it will impact the revenue generation on the platform. If you have any doubts or queries about the news, then feel free to comment below. So that I can bring you more answers. Share this article with your creator friends. 


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