Before looking for fixes, you need to actually understand why Facebook temporarily locked your account. Facebook has billions of users, and it becomes a huge responsibility on its part to ensure their security. For this purpose, they constantly monitor your account so that they can know if there is any suspicious activity noticed on your account, which convinces them your account is not safe. And to protect its user from any damage, what they ought to do is temporarily disable your account. Now you know why Facebook temporarily locked your account. Let’s quickly see how to fix a Facebook Account Temporarily locked?

How to Fix a Facebook Account Temporarily Locked?

Now let’s see how to fix a Facebook account temporarily locked. These steps will help you understand how you can get your Facebook Account back easily. Also, read How to Fix Facebook Two-Factor Authentication Code Not Received in 2022

1. By Filling “Report a Login Issue” Form

The first thing you can try is to reach out to Facebook by filling out their “Report a Login Issue” Form. In this form, you can report issues you face while trying to log in. For better communication, you add a screenshot of your screen showing the issue you are facing. It will take them around 5-10 to reach you back. Also, don’t forget to share your email with them so that they can contact you

2. By Filling “Security Checks Preventing” Form

If your Facebook account is locked due to some security reasons, go for the “Security Checks Preventing” form; provided you didn’t receive the security code to unlock your account. Similar to the “Report a Login Issue,” you need to fill in the column of description with your issue. Then provide your email so that they can reach out to you. And don’t forget to mention that you didn’t receive the Security code if that is the root of the trouble.

3. By Verifying Your Identity With Facebook

And the last thing that you can try is to convince Facebook that it is actually you who is trying to log in to their account and no one else. For this, you need to share your photo ID and your login email or phone number with Facebook and pass the Confirm your identity test. When you are about to share your photo ID with Facebook, they will warn you that they can save your ID for up to a year. But you can always change it to 30 days from your Identity Confirmation Settings. Then wait for some time so that they can check your shared data and reach out to you. Also, read How to Fix Facebook Followers Decreasing in 2022 (Solved)

Reasons Why Facebook Temporarily Locked Your Account? 

Now that you know how to fix a Facebook account temporarily locked let’s try to understand what are the main reasons why Facebook locks your account.

1. Suspicious Activity

Whenever you try to log in using a third-party tool, Facebook considers it as “Suspicious activity.” For this reason, many times, Facebook locks your account temporarily and requests you to verify yourself to make sure it is you who has logged in and not anyone else.

2. Security

Next, Facebook temporarily locks your account when they notice a sudden rise in your activity which is usually not the case with your account. Like sending too many friend requests or messages or a sudden rise in your posting activity, or if you are joining too many groups in a short span of time. So for all these unusual activities, Facebook locks your account and requests you to verify.

3. Unfamiliar Location

Many of you must have seen this  “We have locked your account because someone recently tried to log in from an unfamiliar location.“ Facebook shows this result when you try to log in to your account using a different device which you don’t usually use to access Facebook, in such a case Facebook will lock your account stating your location as being unfamiliar.  Also, read How to Fix Facebook Stories Not Working: iPhone, Android, iPad, & PC [Updated 2022]

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope now you have a fair idea of how to fix a Facebook account temporarily locked. Out of these 3 ways, try the method you are okay with. And if you want a quick fix, you can go with verifying your Identity with the Facebook option, but if you have security concerns and don’t want to share your photo ID, you can go with the other two options. So try them today to unlock your blocked account and reconnect with your near and dear ones again. And thank me later. Till then, Bye! Bye!


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