Expedia is a widely used travel shopping company from the US. It caters to both consumers and small businesses. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the company has been serving since 1996. The reputation of this company doesn’t need any mentioning. However, canceling a flight or hotel is not the same on Expedia as on some of the other travel shopping companies out there. There is Expedia Refund Policy and Expedia Cancellation Policy. I am going to talk about both in this article. You will also learn a few facts about the platform along the way. So, let’s not delay.

Expedia Cancellation Policy

If I have to talk about Expedia Cancellation policies, I’ll have to go step by step through the cancellation procedure of each travel service. And I will do exactly that. Also, read 9 Best Flight Booking Apps of 2022!! Let’s Take Off!

How to Cancel Expedia Flights?

Follow these steps to cancel flights on Expedia: Call 1-800-551-2534 (Expedia Customer Service Department) to cancel a flight you’ve booked with Expedia. You can also contact the Airline or its Customer Support desk directly.

Expedia Refund Policy on Flights

You will get a full refund if cancel a flight on Expedia within 24 hours from the time of booking. Along with other rules and restrictions, switching a flight will cost you some fees. You might need to book a flight on the same airline with the same primary passenger name. In that case, the difference in ticket fare will be calculated, and you will either need to pay the extra or get refunded the difference if the new fare is lower than the previous one. Not all flights are subject to refund. How will you know? Go through the rules and restrictions. Even if a flight doesn’t refund, you can still get a credit against your ticket cancellation for a future flight. The possibility of this happening increases when you cancel the ticker early. Certain smaller airlines need to be contacted directly in order to cancel a flight.

How to Cancel Hotels on Expedia?

This is how you cancel hotels on Expedia. To change a hotel booking on Expedia, follow till step 3 and then click on Edit next to the detail you want to change. Call 1-800-551-2534 (Expedia Customer Service Department) to cancel a hotel you’ve booked with Expedia. You can also contact the hotel directly. Note:

The availability of the refund depends on the hotel’s rules and restrictions. You can find this information at the bottom of your itinerary. If your hotel was listed as Unpublished Rate, you cannot change or cancel the booking. The hotel may charge you, although Expedia won’t, for changing or canceling your booking. If you cancel within 48 hours of check-in, a hotel may charge you. Most things can be changed. But, you may be charged for changing room type, the number of guests, and check-in or check-out dates.

How to Cancel Expedia Car Rentals?

Expedia trip cancellation is not that complicated. To cancel a rental car on Expedia, follow these steps: Call 1-800-551-2534 (Expedia Customer Service Department) to cancel a rental car you’ve booked with Expedia. You can also contact the car rental company directly. Note:

You can cancel a rental car reservation at any time. You will not be charged any penalty. You can only cancel a car reservation, you cannot change it.

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How to Cancel Expedia Cruise Booking?

Expedia cancellation policy on cruise booking is slightly different. You cannot cancel the booking from the site. To cancel a cruise booking on Expedia, you have to contact the cruise division of Expedia. Call 1-888-249-3978 to cancel the cruise booking. You can also contact the Cruise line and ask them to cancel the booking.

Expedia Refund Policy on Cruise Booking

The canceling rules and restrictions of all cruise bookings depend on their respective cruise lines. You can access the policies for further information. You won’t be charged a penny if you cancel the cruise booking before 91 days of departure. If you cancel the booking within 90 days period before departure, you may need to pay a penalty which increases as the departure comes near.

How to Cancel Expedia Vacation?

Yes, you can cancel the entire vacation package too. All you have to do is call 1-800-551-2534 and follow the instructions. Although Expedia won’t make you pay any penalty, you might be charged by the companies that provide the services. For example, a hotel may charge you for cancellation but the airline in your package might not charge you.

Expedia Cancellation Policy

Wrapping Up

I hope Expedia cancellation policy is now clear. It is very easy and is not that twisted. The amount of money you need to pay for the modification or cancellation of services depends on the respective service providers and when you make the changes. If you haven’t read it, I’ll suggest you go through the Expedia refund policy from above. With this, I’ll sign off. Adios Amigo!


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