We’re all attempting to guess the same word faster and better than our pals in this popular free-to-play online game called wordle, which has become a staple of our daily online life. Wordle scores are being splattered all over our social media feeds in tiny yellow and green boxes. Let’s find out the exact wordle score meaning. You’ve definitely heard of Wordle, the addicting word-guessing game that programmer Josh Wardle made for his partner and later sold to The New York Times for more than $1 million. Wordle score is something everyone is flaunting about on their social media handles. Let’s find out what exactly it is about.

What Is The Exact Wordle Score Meaning?

Let’s learn the exact Wordle Score Meaning. So, you know that you will receive two numbers after finishing the day’s Wordle and clicking the “Share” button, right? So we get 2 numbers as the Wordle Score. We have to find out the meaning of those 2 numbers to find out the exact  Wordle Score Meaning.

1. First Number On Wordle Score Meaning

The first number represents the wordle number. However, the first number serves more as a serial number, indicating which Wordle you are now on. Each day, only one Wordle puzzle is made available. Thus, Wordle 1 would be the first Wordle, which Josh Wardle made available to the general public in mid-October 2021. Also, read 10 Word Puzzle Games Like AntiWordle | AntiWordle Alternatives

2. Second Number On Wordle Score Meaning

The second number represents the number of trials you took to guess the answer correctly. For example, if you are playing the 1st Wordle game and if you were successful in four attempts, the outcome would have read “Wordle 1 4/6.” Yes, 4/6 indicates “attempts used” against “total attempts available” here. The outcome would be “Wordle 203 4/6” if you finished the Wordle game for January 7, 2022, which was Wordle game #203, in four attempts. Also, read 10 Intriguing Games Like Dordle | Dordle Alternatives

Why Wordle Score Numbers Are Important?

The main factor in Wordle’s appeal is its data. We’re all competing against one another, around the world, to guess the word the quickest in the fewest attempts because there is only one Wordle puzzle available per day for everyone. The fact that Wordle is free to use and that everyone receives the same challenge every day is another factor in its explosive surge in popularity. To keep up with today’s trend we should know wordle score meaning and what wordle is that everyone is trying out. Also, read 10 Fascinating Games Like Heardle | Heardle Alternatives

How To Enable Wordle Hard Mode | 3 Steps

Now that we are clear about the wordle score meaning let’s explore more on wordle hard mode. If you are bored with the daily wordle challenge you can enable the Hard wordle mode to challenge yourself and spice up things. So let’s learn how to enable Hard Mode in Wordle below. 3 easy steps to enable hard Mode in Wordle are –

Visit the wordle homepage first.Click the settings screw icon at the right top.Now tap on the toggle of the Hard mode option 

So this was how to enable Wordle Hard Mode. To obtain the coveted asterisk next to your score, you must do more than just play on a Normal level while adhering to the Hard mode’s requirements. As we saw above in the wordle score meaning section, you’ll get another Asterisk remark with the 2-number score if you play in this Hard mode.  To receive the asterisk remark next to your score, you must activate Hard mode. What’s an asterisk remark in wordle? Find out below. Also, read 10 Tricky Games Like Word Hurdle | Wordle 2 Alternatives

What Is An Asterisk In Wordle Score | Ways To Get An Asterisk

In each of the matches, the asterisk only appears on the score when we chose the Hard difficulty setting. Players are required to use every letter that has been revealed in a previous answer in the next guess in the hard mode. Getting an asterisk in Wordle score is easy. just switch on the Hard mode and play. For your help, here’s the daily wordle Answer list-

Wrapping Up

So, this was everything about the exact wordle score meaning. Now that you know what is the wordle score you can easily figure out what is your friends’ update on wordle, and you can keep a tab on their vocabulary too.  I hope you understood the above-mentioned wordle score meaning clearly; if you have doubts about this, please let me know in the comments. And I must say you should give try out wordle too. Just try it out once. I am sure it’s addictive. Check out the wordle answers from Path of EX. Ok, that’s it for today. I’ll see you next time with yet another useful topic to keep you up upfront. Happy gaming!


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