All the Elden Ring Maniacs who are interested in playing Elden Ring with an acquaintance, they can check out the in-development Elden Ring VR Mod that turns multiplayer more flawless simply by eliminating the whole need to bring up signs. This mod lets the players ride Torrent and check out the whole world together.  Interesting, isn’t it? Well, we have a lot of expectations and ideas when it comes to gaming. But the classic VR Mod always steals the show with its amazing graphics, sensational effects, and of course remarkable animations. So, what’s the wait? Let’s check out What is Elden Ring offering? and all the exciting information about the newly launched An Elden Ring VR Mod.

Elden Ring Launching a VR MOD!

Elden Ring is a dark and gloomy fantasy role-playing action game. It rapidly managed to reach the top of a lot of ‘most anticipated’ games. To put it in a straightforward manner, Elden Ring is undoubtedly one of the best games of all time and now soon it will be the best VR game of all time with its Elden Ring VR Mod. Amazing would be an understatement for this game. It’s like postpone-your-plans, forget-your-chores, suddenly-it’s-three-in-the-morning good. It’s fantastic in the kind of way you would want to evangelize to pretty much every single person, which automatically marks it as something quite different from all its predecessors.  Elden Ring takes the foundational setup of all the dark fantasy games. Sensitive mechanics? Check. King of creepy but captivating aesthetics? Check. Difficulty level? Also a check. In the basic layman’s terms, you’re just a small guy who is apparently running around, fighting every enemy for his life. All of the roaming, quests, fights, only to become the Elden Lord.  But as you know, there’s a new buzz in the town. Everyone is chattering about the announcement regarding the launch of An Elden Ring VR Mod. Wanna know more about it? Proceed ahead. Also, read 5 Ways to Get Legendary Weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | Places To Farm Legendary Items

What Is The Elden Ring VR Mod?

The prolific VR developer Luke Ross announced that he is working on a VR mod of the Elden Ring game that will allow us to slay enemies across the Lands Between from a first-person perspective. Just like you dreamed? Right!? Luke Ross, the modifier, managed to release a whole new video that portrays the Elden Ring VR mod in complete action. The video begins with the start of the Elden Ring VR Mod as the gamer starts with picking up the Tarnished Wizened Fingers and opens the gate to the Chapel of Anticipation which is the first one.  It is said that the view is so much prettier in the Elden Ring VR version. Whoever the player is, they have to walk around the whole area, while they smash a few barrels and boxes right before they are supposed to cross the bridge, with the goal to reach the first boss of Elden Ring.  The Elden Ring VR Mod is extremely well designed, and the art design of the game looks a lot more attractive in this specific mode. The user interface seems quite clean, even though the combat did portray a few moments where some elements did end up going off-screen. This is why it’s such an interesting thing to check out how exactly the other gameplay mechanics will manage to transfer and find out if there is even a possibility of playing a relevant section of Elden Ring in this technique.  Also, read 5 Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds | Top Jungle Seeds In Minecraft

Elden Ring VR MOD Release Date?

Excited, when will the Elden Ring VR MOD release? Well, join us in the queue. We are all patiently waiting for the Elden Ring VR MOD Release Date. Till now, the only official release date of Elden Ring VR MOD is confirmed to be the End of April. Luke Ross has confirmed that Elden Ring VR MOD will release by the end of April. For any further updates, stay connected to Path of Ex. We will update the information as soon as it will be released. Though it is expected that Elden Ring VR MOD will Release on 29 April 2022.

What To Expect From Elden Ring VR MOD?

As reported by the sources, the Elden Ring mod will not feature support for motion controls. As a result, we will need a gamepad or mouse & keyboard in order to play. But this doesn’t hampers all the fun. we still get to play the Elden Ring VR Mod with 1st perspective or 3rd perspective, as per our demand. Luke Ross also explained how he was able to mitigate motion sickness in Elden Ring VR Mod resulting from some of the faster movements featured in the game, such as rolling: “When rolling or performing other scripted animations like the combat moves, the camera follows the character’s head (so its position changes) but it remains oriented correctly according to what your head is doing in real life. So the horizon will stay level and the world will always look stable.” Isn’t this exactly how you wanted your Elden Ring VR Mod to roll out. Take a look below, to get an idea of VR Mod in detail. Also, read What Are Enchantments in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | How Enchantments Can Be Added?

VR Mod In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, VR basically means that it’s a new gen of consumer Virtual Reality (VR) Products and services launched. The whole notion of VR has been around for a lot of decades but the practicality of actually creating the structure and building it has only come into the technical labs a few years back.  But, do not make the silly mistake of getting confused between a 360°video and a VR Mod. The content in a 360° video stays the same whereas the content in a VR Mod is not pre-rendered. You have the freedom to freely navigate the world in VR Mods. 

Wrapping Up

Hence, it seems that there is undoubtedly going to be a lot of movement in your VR view. According to Ross, the Elden Ring VR Mod would be suggested mostly for the ones who have already developed a hang of playing in the VR Mod. We look forward to the Eden Ring VR Mod being released by the end of the month. But do remember that it would still be a work-in-progress at the time. We hope that you develop a healthy taste for the Elden Ring VR Mod. 


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