Like all other apps, Discord is also prone to many errors, and “Discord Javascript Error” is one of them.

What Is JavaScript Discord Error? And How To Fix It?

Many users have reportedly experienced this Javascript Error. However, it is one of those errors that have little to no underlying reasons discovered. There is not much information about this error on Discord’s official website as well. However, this error has some tried and tested solutions. Related guides:

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Head to the solutions below to run the Discord Error-free:

1. Delete Discord Files

Just like all other programs, Discord stores temporary data on the computer to make it function as efficiently as possible. But, sometimes, these data files are the main culprit behind displaying this error and interfere when a program runs. Now, to start the Discord error-free, it is important to delete the troublesome files. Follow these steps to delete the discord files:

2. Whitelist/Remove Discord Files From Antivirus Software

Almost all the well-known antiviruses block some of the Discord installation files altering the access to those files. Sometimes this blockage of files can cause a JavaScript error for Discord. One common file that is totally under the eye of every Antivirus is the “discord_voice” file. Now, to fix this issue, the simplest thing to do is to whitelist the discord files from Antivirus that is picking up and quarantining. So there are tons of Antiviruses available in the market, and each has a different way to whitelist files. However, we are here using ever famous and free Avast antivirus. To avoid any future interruptions from Avast when installing the Discord, we can add the discord folders in exception in Avast. That means the installation process will be smooth without any interruptions from Avast or Avast, putting the files again in Virus Chest. Follow these steps:

3. Solution For Windows 7 Users

This solution is especially for the Windows 7 users who struggle to install and then run Discord on their computer. However, few users have tried and tested a few tweaks that can fix this problem in no time. The solution is quite simple, keep reading to know how you can fix Discord javascript error for Windows 7.

4. Perform The Clean Reinstall

If you are not running Windows Server and also there are no issues related to the Antivirus, this method is the one for you! This method has successfully worked for many users, so give it a try. The solution might be intuitive. However, each and every step of this solution is important. To reinstall the Discord properly, follow these steps: So you think uninstalling the Discord removes all the files? Uh-uh, No! There are several related folders that need to be removed that are actually the problem in Discord Javascript Error. It is an essential step to reinstall the Discord properly. To delete such files, follow the steps given below: Now that all the uninstallation and deletion of discord files are done, it is time to reinstall the Discord from scratch. Firstly, download the latest version of Discord setup from its official website. Then, follow the on-screen installation steps and make sure you are following the steps carefully. Now, hopefully, the javascript error won’t appear again.

5. Launch Discord Without Administrative Privileges/Rights

Now, this will start the Discord as non-admin every time you launch the Discord. This might solve your problem, however, if it doesn’t give the administrative privileges again and then relaunch the Discord. These methods are not just Javascript error centric. Even if you have some other Discord issue, try the fixes above, and 9/10 times these will make the issue go away.

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