Parkour XP in Dying Light 2 is an essential skill to upgrade. Initially, the character Aiden is at a basic parkour level with the minimum Parkour Skills like climbing.  He is very slow at wall climbing within just a few seconds, he is dropped back to the earth. This possesses such difficulty in completing his missions timely leading to unsuccessful gameplay. Having higher Parkour XP and skills, his character gets upgraded. He develops some extra-ordinary Parkour feats in Dying Light 2 which gives us an OP gaming experience. Isn’t finding the fastest way to get Parkour XP is exactly what you were looking for? Then let’s move ahead-

What is the Fastest Way to get Parkour XP in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2  has become one of the best upcoming games of 2022. It is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. With its increasing popularity, gamers are finding ways to get an edge over other players. If you are one of them, then this article is for you. Now, wondering how you can reach the max Parkour level Experience? Or what are the secret fastest ways to get Parkour XP? Take a note of all these tips and facts, and by the end of this weekend, your Parkour XP will be at your desired position-

1. Wait For Nightfall

Well, whoever said that nights are just meant to sleep has surely missed out on half the opportunities. Taking full advantage of Night along with the day is the most important and faster way to get Parkour XP in Dying Light 2. Only if you carry out your mission at night, you can avail yourself maximum Parkour skills in half the time. In 1-2 gaming sessions, your Parkour XP will be be reached to your desired position. But be careful, as night always carries some hidden scary monsters. Try to remain close to the UV light area. You never know when you might need it. After all, double Parkour Experience is worth it all.

2. Find Parallel Monkey Bars

According, to Dying Light 2 game rules, when you make a Parkour move for the first time, you are awarded 2 + points. But when you repeat the same move quickly, then you are left with only 1 new experience point.  Therefore, going back and forth on the same set of monkey bars will yield mostly single points at a time. If you are targeting multiple Parkour XP experiences, then keep in mind that parallel monkey bars (bars that are side by side) count as different maneuvers after landing. Places with multiple bars will give you the opportunity to land from one swing to another in a different manner. All this crazy swinging will definitely increase your Parkour Xp at double the rate.  So, go and try different patterns to increase your Parkour XP faster.

3. Start A Chase?

Another efficient way to increase your Combat XP faster in Dying Light 2 is by starting a Chase. Remember the tutorial about sudden death? Well, you have to recreate it. Start a Chase by finding a Howler in the streets. When Aiden gets spotted by the howler, these yellow zombies start screaming therefore leading other zombies to you.  By poking a howler, you won’t have to worry about zombies, they will somehow find a way to you. And you get to kill a maximum number of zombies within such a short period of time.  Initially zombies, struggle to reach the rooftop giving you a chance to escape. However, some zombies are faster than you think. When they decide to chase Aiden, it could easily go wrong. So make sure all the double or quadruple Parkour experience you are trying to achieve is worth all the risk. This is an efficient yet difficult way if you are searching for a faster way to get Parkour XP.

Wrapping Up

These are the efficient as well as the fastest ways to get your Parkour XP. By keeping in mind certain tips and following all these tricks, you will be able to increase your Parkour XP at double or even triple the pace.  Well, still here? What are you waiting for? Go to Dying Light 2 and use these amazing ways to get your Parkour XP. You can thank me later. I hope you have plotted out your strategy. Keep visiting Path Of Ex for such insights. And before you go on a record-breaking Parkour XP mission, do not forget to share your thoughts.


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