I decided to take a sneak peek at the game myself. But the game was so fun that I played it for hours on the first day. Based on my experience, I created a Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list. Hopefully, this helps you in your fights against other powerful opponents The game has a lot of unique mechanics that most 2.5D games do not have. The normal, ultimate, and special moves are available for each character you choose. Your fights are mainly based on the characters that you are using. Each character has certain statistics that make it the best or the worst character in the game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List

I will be placing characters in their respective tiers. The characterization will be based on how powerful they are. This information will be gathered from their stats which means their abilities and community responses to these characters. I will be using the most used convention of all. Tier S, A, B, C, D. I will explain what each tier specifically focuses on later in the article. One thing I want to make clear is that these stats are from my own experience. Therefore, the Tier list is not set in stone and may vary from individual to individual playing this game. Tier Descriptions Tier S: In my Dragon Ball Z FighterZ tier list, this is the highest tier. This tier contains the characters that have a very good combination of moves. Their Power, Speed, Range, Techniques are the best. All their moves support each other in such a way that it is easy to counter and attack at the same time. Also, they pack a solid punch on the enemy with their combination of moves. This is what makes these characters S-Tier worthy. Tier A: This tier contains characters that are almost as good as S tier characters but have some deficiencies. They are feasible in many situations but not all. Some matchups require high-tier warriors. This is where A-tier warriors are not so good of a choice. Still, they are considered almost S-tier, and many pro players use them as their main characters. In combination moves, they are pretty good and deal heavy damage to the enemy. Tier B: In this tier, you will find characters that are good in respect to their statistics, but they are difficult to use. This tier is also a hot spot for players. Many players use these for fun. But in actual tournaments, not a lot of players use them. Those who do end up using Tier B characters, do not get far. Mainly, they require precise timing in their moves to deal heavy damage, which is not so good for tournaments. But if you’ve mastered the art of timing every move, then there’s nothing stopping you from picking up the trophy in tournaments with these characters. Tier C: This is the tier with many good characters. This tier is very similar to tier B. It contains some very spectacular characters, but they lack a lot of things. Their combined moves are not so strong and require a lot of work to be mastered. Whereas other tier characters are not so difficult to play. These characters are not so good in a neutral game. But in an all-out fight, they are good. Tier D: This is the lowest tier on the list. The characters in this list are the most difficult characters to master. Not only that, mastering them still does not affect your fights. Their movement speed is slow, and damage is low. It takes them time to launch consecutive hits and is easy to dodge by higher-tier characters. You will have to dodge enemy attacks for a while before their ultimate’s are recharged. To be more precise, they are not a good choice. More relevant guides:

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Tier S – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Kid Buu He is the most terrifying creature in Dragon Ball Z anime series. Bibidi created him. In the old dragon ball anime series, he was the last enemy. He is a purely evil character who fights only to kill. His in-game fighting techniques and moves are lethal. If you make a single mistake while fighting him, you are done for. He might not even give you a chance to move or dodge. Due to his small size and overly aggressive fighting capabilities, he is considered the best character on Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list. GT Goku GT Goku is a character from Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball GT is mainly based on the future of a Dragon Ball universe. In this universe, Goku masters Super Saiyan 4 but turns into a small child due to Emperor Pilaf’s wrong wish. Overall, he is a powerful character who has the smallest hitbox in the entire game. This gives him a lot of advantage and fighting potential. This small size makes him a close-ranged fighter. It causes problems for the opponents as he can dodge most attacks. Many competitive players use him in their matches. Ultra-Instinct Goku (UI Goku) If you are a DBZ fan, then the Ultra Instinct Goku does not need any introduction. Goku created the spirit bomb with the help of his comrades. But Jiren pushed it back with his power. This made Goku achieve a new level of transformation which far surpassed even the gods. He was able to master this technique by using it against multiple opponents The moves that this version of Goku possesses are highly damaging. He also has a very powerful defense mechanism. He has no good mix-up of abilities which makes him unfavorable in many situations. Teen Gohan Gohan is Goku and Chi-Chi’s son, who was born after a year of their marriage. He grew up being trained by Master Roshi and Piccolo. He showed his power the first time his uncle Raditz kidnapped him. His power rivals that of Goku. He annihilated Cell in his Super Saiyan 2 form at the age of 11. He is the character with the most output power. If he is your opponent, you need to be careful as he can end the game in an instant. His movement speed is not impressive. Bardock Bardock is the father of Goku. He was the leader of a small platoon working under the Frieza force. During his missions, he met Goku’s mother, Gine. One day, Frieza sent a message to all Saiyan’s to return to their planet, Planet Vegeta. Bardock felt that their planet was going to be destroyed. He put his son in a time capsule and sent him to earth. Later his foresight came true. Bardock is a neutral player who is good for beginners. His mix-up abilities are limited. He sure deals huge damage with his attacks,

Tier A – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Super Saiyan Vegeta Vegeta was once an enemy of Goku who came to the earth to gather Dragon Balls and make a wish to become immortal. Later he changed his personality after being defeated by Goku. With the help of Goku’s Super Saiyan form, he was able to defeat Frieza. Due to his Saiyan pride, he also mastered the Super Saiyan form. He never wants to be left behind Goku. This is the driving force for his multiple Saiyan transformations. Overall, he is a good fighter with excellent attack speed and defenses. The problem is his abilities have less damage. Adult Gohan In my Dragon Ball FighterZ A-tier list, Adult Gohan is one of the best characters. He got married to Videl, and soon they had a baby named Pan. His love for study helps him become a scholar. With that, he also must take care of a child. He can not train with all the responsibilities. After losing in his fights with Golden Frieza and Lord Beerus, he realizes his mistake and trains with Piccolo. Soon he challenges his father and makes him use his Super Saiyan Blue Form. He has powerful abilities and uses long-range attacks. But he is a Ki-based character. Cell Cell is one of the main villains in the DBZ anime series. One of the toughest enemies that Goku and others had to face. He got defeated by Gohan, who was using one-handed Kamehameha. He was created by Dr. Gero in a parallel universe. He possessed the power of all the great fighters like Goku, Vegeta, etc. He just needed an infinite power source which he got by absorbing Android 17. Cell can dominate the battlefield if he can corner his enemies. His abilities and their mix-ups are devastating, Android 21 Android 21 is a custom-made character by the author of the Dragon Ball series specifically for this game. She is a character with split personalities. If she is not hungry, then she is just a normal human. But if she gets hungry, her evil side takes over. Seems like the developers were inspired by me while developing this character! This grants her infinite power and the ability to devour any enemy she wants. She is very popular in the fan base because of her ability to steal her opponent’s abilities. Even mix-ups are also possible with that ability. Her attack damage, attack speed, damage, etc., are way higher than other characters. Base Vegeta Base Vegeta is the character before his transformation to a Super Saiyan. He was the head of the group that went to multiple planets to steal and sell them. This group worked with Frieza. With the help of Goku, he defeated Frieza. He started to change from the moment he defeated Gohan and Kirlin. Keeping up the Saiyan pride is his motto throughout the Dragon Ball Z series. He is an all-out powerful character. His mix-up attacks deal extreme damages at short and long ranges. He is not good at medium-range attacks. Gotenks He is the by-product of Goten and Trunks fusion. Goku and Piccolo taught them the Fusion Dance. Like Kale and Caulifla’s fusion using Portara rings to form Kefla, it has a 30-minute time limit after which they separate. As they are children, they do not take most fights seriously, thus wasting this time. The first time they turned into Gotenks was to fight against Buu. He is quite a powerful character in-game. His mix-up attacks deal a lot of damage, and his small size allows him to dodge most attacks. SSGSS Gogeta (Gogeta Blue) SSGSS Gogeta was first introduced in the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie, In this Broly came to earth along with his father and Frieza. After coming to earth Broly started fighting Vegeta and then Goku. Both Goku and Vegeta tried their best but they couldn’t defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan even in their Blue forms, then they tried the Fusion Dance technique and merged together to become the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta. Now in the game, this is a very strong fighter his highs and mids are really very effective, if the opponent gave any opening to this character he will tear them apart, also the combo continuations are excellent as well (I personally use it).

Tier B – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Goku achieved SSGSS after his tiring training with Whis, Beerus’s teacher. Beerus decided to send them to another dimension for training. Super Saiyan Blue Goku (SSGSS) On their return, they found that the earth was attacked by Frieza. They used their newly achieved forms to defeat Frieza. The Super Saiyan Blue form is seen for the first time at this point in the Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list. Kakarot, in his Super Saiyan Blue form, deals a lot of damage, making him a formidable fighter. His mix-up moves are very powerful but require him to give up screen control which is not a good move. Videl Videl is the daughter of Mister Satan, a martial arts champion. She first met Gohan in college. Soon she found out that the infamous Saiyaman was Gohan. At Videl’s request, Gohan teaches her how to fly. Later they became husband and wife They soon had a child named Pan. Videl was good at martial arts from the beginning, as Mister Satan had taught her personally. Videl has a very good mix-up of fighting abilities that deal a lot of damage. There is no such attack using energy blasts as she is bad at manipulating energy Super Saiyan Goku During Goku’s recovery from Vegeta’s fight, Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma decide to gather the Dragon Balls. On planet Namek, they fight Vegeta, who is later defeated by Goku. He tells him about Frieza and how he destroyed planet Vegeta. The fight between Frieza and Goku starts and Goku was struggling even after using his ace card, the spirit bomb. Still, Frieza survives and starts to injure to fight. In his rage, Goku unlocks the Super Saiyan form and defeats Frieza. He is beginner-friendly and a good character if you want to learn more about the game. Android 16 Android 16 is the same as android 17 or 18. He was created by Dr. Gero with a personality that loved nature. He was given the order to kill Goku, but when he saw Cell destroying nature. He went against Cell but suffered defeat the first time. And oh, he got destroyed the second time around as well. In DBFZ, he is resurrected by Android 21 with the same personality traits. He has a solid skillset with high damaging abilities and mix-up options. He is a bit tricky to be used by beginners but once mastered becomes a formidable opponent. Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rose) Goku Black is the counterpart of Goku. Zamasu from the future after killing the supreme ki of his world went back to time to get the old Zamasu. Using the power of the golden Dragon Balls, he wished for immortality and gave old Zamasu the body of Goku. The Zamasu in the body of Goku is known as Black Goku. He was about to defeat Goku and Vegeta but was later destroyed by the Omni-kings. Goku Black is a beginner-friendly character. Learning the game mechanics with this character is an excellent choice to make. SSGSS Vegito (Vegito Blue) Vegito first time appeared in the Dragon ball series in the Majin Buu arc. Majin Buu was becoming a formidable opponent as he absorbed more and more people. To stop this from happening, Vegeta and Goku fused using Portara rings. This was the first look towards Vegito. Vegito is again seen (this time in Blue form) in the fight against Fused Zamasu, Fu, and Cumber. His strength is the combination of two strong characters of the Dragon Ball Z universe. He has a lot of mix-ups and techniques. He deals heavy damage, but characters with good defense and speed can knock him out.

Tier C – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Base Goku Base Goku is the basic form of Goku before he mastered the Super Saiyan transformation. He was sent to earth by his father Bardock and mother Gine. On reaching the earth, he was trained by Grampa Gohan and later by Master Roshi. From King Kai, he learned the kaioken technique. This allowed him to increase his power by 10 or 20 folds depending on the amount of kai energy he used. Base Goku is not a good character in the tier list Dragon Ball FighterZ. He does not have a lot of mix-ups, but he does pressure his opponents into corners. Trunks Vegeta and Bulma had a baby named Trunks. He and Goten mastered the Fusion Dance technique and even got Super Saiyan 3 in that form. Adult Trunks first appeared in the old DBZ. He brings Goku a pill to cure the disease he was going to have in a few years. Later his world was destroyed by Zamasu and Goku Black. To defeat them he asks for Goku and Vegeta’s help from the main timeline. In the end, he defeated them with his power. He is more of an assist character. But it can be good in close fights. Kefla Kefla is the by-product of Kale and Caulifla’s Portara Fusion. Her first appearance is from the Dragon Ball Super anime series is during the tournament of power. She was such a powerful opponent that even Goku couldn’t defeat in his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken form. He had to activate the Ultra Instinct to push her out of the ring. As Saiyan blood runs through her veins too. She also fights to find new reserves of power hidden in her. She is an excellent character to push your enemies in a corner. Her bad side is the flying enemies. Fused Zamasu Zamasu was a student of Kai from Universe 10. His ideas about the world were deadly. This caused issues in his Kai training. When the Kai of the universe 10 showed him, the time-traveling ring, his thoughts changed. He killed the Kai and got possession of the ring. Later traveling through space and time to destroy civilizations that were supposed to turn out worse later. Zamasu is an extremely powerful character. The problem with him is that he must wait for his abilities to recharge before attacking. He is also not too good at the neutral game. Tien Tien was once an enemy of Goku and Master Roshi. He was misled by his master Mercenary Tao. After his fight with Goku, Master Roshi told him the truth, which changed his way of thinking. Tien belonged to a clan named Triclops, a three-eyed clan. After leaving the path of evil, he challenged many strong enemies, even those above his reach. His 3rd eye on his forehead is a source of many strong techniques he uses. He is a very strong character that can easily clear low-health enemies. The problem is he uses a percentage of his health to release a powerful attack. Gogeta (SSJ4/SS4) In all the Dragon Ball FighterZ tier lists, we see two different types of Gogeta. One is the Super Sayian Blue Gogeta from DBS. The other one is Super Sayian 4 Gogeta from the Dragon Ball GT. Both these fusions are quite powerful, like Vegito. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta has abilities like double dash and 100x Big Bang Kamehameha, which make him an extremely powerful opponent. The Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is also a very powerful character but requires a lot of practice to be played. One wrong move can make you lose a heavy chunk of your health. Hit Hit is the famous assassin from Universe 6. His first glimpse was shown before the tournament that Champa set up between universe 6 and 7. He has been alive for several centuries. He fought with Goku in the tournament and had to go all out to defeat him. In the tournament of power, he helps Goku defeat enemies but is defeated by Jiren. He is a very mobile character making him difficult to be targeted. He can block any kind of attack, but his less damage puts him at a great disadvantage. Super Broly (DBZ) When Broly loses his coolness, he turns into Super Broly. He is the legendary Super Sayian of this era. Prince Vegeta stabbed him because of his power. But he somehow survived and protected his father. He has dual characters which made his father create a device to control him. He met Vegeta & Goku on New Planet Vegeta. He suddenly lost his temper, which made him release his destructive power. Goku gathered all his power and released a Kamehameha at extremely close range. This was able to defeat him. His ki-blast is very powerful, but he needs a lot of resources to fuel it. He drains his resources faster than he gains them. Piccolo Piccolo is the reincarnated form of King Piccolo that Goku had defeated in the past, before dying King Piccolo left behind an egg. This egg soon hatched, and King Piccolo came out of it with all his previous thoughts and martial art skills. He trained in isolation with the hope of defeating Goku. He tried to fight Raditz but was put down the first time. Later he, with the help of Goku and the others, defeated him and became a protector of the earth. He has great defense and movement. His attacks require a lot of resources to be used.

Tier D – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 17 Android 17 was once a child who was kidnapped by Dr. Gero and turned into a Cyborg. Later, when Dr. Gero asked him to kill Goku, he first killed him and then went off to fight Goku. He fought Cell but was absorbed and later brought back using Dragon Balls. He then became a good character working as a ranger for the security of animals. He cares only about his wife, children, and sister. Android 17 is a swift and powerful fighter. He lacks in range, but his projectiles are good. You need to practice mastering his special moves. Krillin Krillin and Goku are childhood friends who trained together under Master Roshi. They have always been together. They both entered the 21st World Martial Arts Tournaments. He lost from Master Roshi in disguise. After that, both Goku and Krillin have been together in all fights. He did die a few times but overcame his fears when he trained for the tournament of power. He is a very swift fighter in my Dragon Ball Z FighterZ tier list, which becomes a problem for many long characters. This also helps him pressurize his opponent. One interesting ability of Krillin is that he can heal his teammates with Senzu Beans. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta (SSGSS) Vegeta, after training six months under Whis, was able to reach Super Saiyan God. This is what the maximum community believes. When Goku arrived with Whis on Beerus’s planet, he met Vegeta. Here Vegeta and Goku started their training under Whis. After spending time in Hyperbolic Chamber, Vegeta got a new transformation. In his fight with Frieza, we first saw the Blue Vegeta. SSGSS Vegeta is an extremely aggressive character who has powerful ki blasts. Once caught by his attack, you will have to take on a barrage of combos. His defense is very weak. Cooler Cooler is the youngest son of King Cold. He was a very powerful fellow who had taken over hundreds of planets. Instead of becoming the next king of Frieza force, his father made Frieza the king. This caused problems between both the brothers. He achieved his fourth transformation making him stronger than Frieza. Fu kidnapped him and took him to Prison Planet. Here he trains to achieve Golden form. The main trick that Cooler has up his sleeve is taking control of a neutral by his moves. His slow speed and attacks make him an unimpressive agent to pick. Captain Ginyu Captain Ginyu is the head of the Ginyu Force created by Frieza. He is also the most trusted general of Frieza. He can swap bodies with his opponent. In his fight to protect the Dragon balls, he uses his technique on Goku, thus swapping bodies with him. Not being able to use the body properly, he gets defeated by Gohan and Krillin. Later Vegeta defeats him. Captain Ginyu is a very powerful character who can push the enemy in a corner with his abilities and destroy them. His Ginyu force can destroy any person in their path. Android 18 Another creation of Dr. Gero. Android 18 was 17’s sister when she was a human. Later, she was kidnapped and turned into a cyborg for destroying Goku. She helped Android 17 fight against Cell but was defeated. She asks Krillin to blow her up as she is just a Cyborg. Krillin, who had already fallen in love with her, does not do it. Later they both get married and give birth to a daughter. Android 18 contains great mix-up combinations. She gets overwhelmed by the players at range advantage. Her movement is swift, but her defense is a bit weak. Beerus God of Destruction of Universe 7 is called Beerus. God of destruction is a being appointed by the Omni-kings that keep the universe under control. Beerus is a very dominant God of destruction. He does not like people powerful than him. He destroys planets based on the food they provide him with. He came to earth to find a Super Saiyan God who he thinks can defeat him. As he liked the food there, he let go of Earth. His abilities are mainly based on the orb of destruction he creates and uses meter attacks to recharge. His movement is good as well. Majin Buu In the Dragon Ball Z FighterZ tier list, Majin Buu is a pure form of Evil Buu. When Kid Buu absorbed the supreme Kai, he split into Good Buu and Evil Buu. This Good Buu is known as Majin Buu. He contains no essence of evil in him. The ability to absorb humans was also taken from him. Even though he has the same elasticity as Kid Buu still he is a Meany. His damage output is poor, but if he is perfectly mastered, he can be played in any style. He feels weird to be played, which is why he is not picked by most of the community. Jiren He was the most prominent character in the tournament of power. Jiren was the strongest character before the entry of Ultra Instinct Goku in the tournament of power. He even stopped Goku’s spirit bomb with one hand. He first did not believe in the power of friendship because of his life experiences. Later, in his fight with Goku, he found he was wrong. The most difficult task for Jiren is to get an opening in his opponent. Once he finds one, he can release a barrage of attacks dealing a lot of damage. Frieza He is the most prominent character in both the DBZ and DBS anime series. The son of King Cold, Frieza is a cold-hearted warrior who loves to fight. Seeing his enemies bow before him and plead for help is what he wants. We see a turn up in his character when he joins Goku’s team as a member for the tournament of power. Frieza is a well-rounded character who can deal a lot of damage in any situation. His defense and attack are good but deal no chip damage. His Golden Frieza transformation is extremely deadly. Anything is possible in this transformation. Yamcha Yamcha started as a bandit in the DBZ. He tried to ambush Goku’s group and later retreated. When Goku turned into the Giant Ape, he was the one to cut off his tale. This made him a member of Goku’s group. Even though he is not that powerful of a character in the DBS series, but he still has potential. He lacks a lot when it comes to dealing high damage to opponents. But still, he is considered a highly offensive character. His mix-ups abilities and combination attacks are easily rechargeable by using meters. Broly (DBS) Broly’s first appearance occurred in the second DBS movie (Dragon Ball Super: Broly). Broly is said to be the legendary super Sayian who is said to be born once in a century. He survived in this condition with his father on a wild planet. The Frieza force found him on this planet and took him to Earth. There Frieza killed his father, which enraged him, and he lost control. Gogeta was able to defeat him. He is a grappler that pinches enemies into a corner and deals a combination of devastating blows. In normal fights, he is not a good choice. Nappa Nappa was one of the most trusted members of Vegeta’s army. He was not happy when Frieza decided to destroy the whole Saiyan world. Later they decided to take over Earth but were faced by Goku. He easily defeated Nappa. Even though Nappa survived but he was disposed of by Vegeta himself. In my tier list Dragon Ball FighterZ, he is a very strong character. His ability to create multiple clones is what makes him devastating for the opponents. With this ability, he can release a barrage of blows. His air game is very weak, and he needs to corner his enemy to bring about a solid hit. Each character fights and plays in the same way as shown in the anime series. Seeing fights between SS4 Gogeta and Vegito is bliss. Well, without any further ado, hop into the game and match up against any opponent of your choice. Some people seem to think that 2.5 D games are easy to master. This is not true. To master a game like this, you need to have months of practice. It’s not just about game mechanics, but the game tops the charts with its graphics as well. Hence, what are you waiting for? Download this game and give it a go.

#1 – Who is the strongest character in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

SS4 Gogeta is a strong character in the game. His 100x Big Bang Kamehameha is easily the strongest move in-game. But his defense is not that good. The top S-tier character, Kid Buu, is an all-rounder. His defenses, attack, mix-up moves are top tier. This is what makes him the strongest!

#2 – Who is the best character in Dragon Ball FighterZ 2021?

GT Goku is the best character in the Dragon Ball FighterZ. He is an S-tier character who can also achieve super Saiyan 4 form. His small size makes him the smallest character. His attack combinations are deadly. You should look out if he is your opponent. It might not end well for you!

#3 – Why is Bardock top tier?

Bardock is a player who is good for beginners. His neutral game makes him a formidable opponent. The mix-up abilities he uses are limited. He deals huge damage with his combination attacks. His defense and special moves are deadly. Best character if you want to know about the mechanics of the game.

#4 – Who is the best character in Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3?

I think Gotenks is the best character released in the Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3. Goten and Trunks fused together form Gotenks. By performing the Fusion Dance, they were able to combine. They were also able to achieve Super Saiyan 3 in this form.

#5 – What tier is Gogeta?

Gogeta belongs to Tier C in my Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list. He was placed in this tier because even though he has the most powerful ability in the game, he lacks in defense. Furthermore, you’ll have to wait till Level 7 to achieve his strongest ability.

#6 – Who is the number one DBFZ player?

Kid Buu is the top-tier character in DBFZ. He has a flawless set of mix-up abilities in the game. With unimpaired defense, he can easily be considered the best character. If you let your guard down, you might find yourself in an unpleasing situation.

#7 – Is Kefla good in FighterZ?

Kefla is the fusion of Kale and Caulifla. She is a powerful character who can release a combination of moves that deal huge amounts of damage. Because of her weak defenses, she is put in Tier C. Also, she needs meters to recharge her special moves, which takes time.

#8 – Is DBZ fighter hard?

Yes, it is a difficult game to master. You need to have a good idea of 2.5 D games like Tekken 7 to be good at this game. If not, you’ll have to put in a good number of hours into the game before you start to get somewhere. While you’re at it, try experimenting with multiple moves every now and then.

#9 – Who is the easiest character to play in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Bardock is the most user-friendly character in the complete list of the Dragon Ball series. If you want to master the game controls, he is the best choice. His mix-up moves are easy to implement in-game. After mastering him, you might feel that playing with other characters is a walk in the park.

#10 – Why was Yamcha so weak?

Yamcha is not from a Sayian race or any other race. He is an average human who used to live as a bandit. He only has impressive martial arts. No energy blasts, no cool transformations. He is good as a supporting character but not an aggressive choice.

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