Surveys from social forums say that 70% of people tend to open social media first in the morning. So social media has the power to make or break someone’s day. You might sometime wonder how some posts got so many likes. But you don’t need to worry when you see a post with more than 8 billion likes, which is the total number of people on earth- The rest must be bots! Wink! Here I have filtered the 5 most liked posts on Facebook with a little bit of backstory just for you. And yeah! When photos themselves speak, you better sit quietly. So let’s jump into the article to check the most liked Facebook posts of all time. I have also added a bonus for you down there! So keep reading.

5 Most Liked Facebook Posts

These are the 5 most liked Facebook photos till today. Some posts don’t make sense, but you know this is the internet- anything can happen! 

1. Nick Vujicic (14 Million Likes)

Nick is an Australian-American born without arms and legs, who is the New York Times best-selling author and world-renowned speaker. His words mostly centered on life lessons, truth, attitudes, and personal development. Nick Vujicic posted a picture of him with his wife and kid on the beach, which bagged 14 million likes becoming the most-liked Facebook post of all time. Also, read Most Commented Post on Facebook | Frontier Ville Fans Made History!

2. Adalia Rose (9.9 Million Likes)

Adalia Rose, a girl diagnosed with premature aging, faced so much hate on the internet based on how she looked at the beginning. Later, when her mother, Natalia Pallante, shaved her head to look similar to her and posted a picture that got 9.9 million likes. Also, read 26 Most Viewed Instagram Reels In 2022 | Nobody Beats Khaby!

3. Leo Messi (9.6 Million Likes)

For all the Messi fans out there, the GOAT has made history! Now, apart from reigning on the Football field, Messi is also reigning on all the social media sites. From Instagram to Facebook, Messi has broken a vast number of records in just days after winning the World Cup! The picture of Messi uploaded from the official Facebook Page has surpassed 9 Million likes making it to the list of most liked Facebook Posts . It shows him holding the Trophy while smiling. The same picture was posted on Instagram, gathering millions of likes.

4. Leo Messi (9.3 Million Likes)

Next up on the list of most liked Facebook posts is AGAIN Leo Messi! Ever since the World Cup win, Messi fans cannot keep calm. This is one of the most liked post on Facebook but remember, it’s not a single picture. Yes! Messi recently posted several pictures in a post, and the combined likes on all pictures are 9.3 Million. So, it does come under the list of most liked Instagram post.

5. Vin Diesel (7.5 Million Likes)

Vin is holding his cute baby girl, Pauline, named after his co-star and friend Paul Walker, who sadly passed away in a tragic car crash. Paul was a good friend of Vin Diesel on and outside the set. Paul Walker died in 2013, and Wiz Khalifa made a tribute to him by releasing a song named ‘See You Again.’

20 Most Liked Facebook Pages

This is the bonus I was talking about. You might say that the most liked posts on Facebook come from the most liked Facebook pages. But it is not! You like a picture or post because you like what you see in it, but you like a page because you like the person they talk about in it- Believe it or not, both are different! Also, read 9 Most Commented Post on Instagram 2022 | Look Who Is The Secret Winner? Here is your list of most liked Facebook pages- That’s it! Now you know Most liked Facebook post does not belong to the most liked Facebook page. Facebook pages are engineered to draw more attention to your brand. It provides a home for branding. You can advertise your brand and sell through these Facebook pages.

Which is the Most Liked Facebook Post of All Time?

Nick Vujicic’s Facebook post of march 31, 2014, is the most liked Facebook post of all time. This post has topped the list of the most-liked Facebook posts of all time with 14 million likes. Earlier, this post had 15.7 million likes. There has been seen a decline of 1 million likes over the years.

Wrapping Up

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms witnessing the youth of Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z. That’s why I don’t want you to miss out on the most liked Facebook posts of all time. I have also included the most liked Facebook pages as a bonus just for you.  Share this article with friends, and do comment your views below. Adios!


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