TikTok is a platform that keeps its’s user’s safety as the utmost priority. For this, they have even introduced many new features. Methods like making the account private, switching off downloading of videos, and more have been introduced over a period of time.  Hence, read the article on does TikTok notify when you save a video below and get to know the details yourself. You would find the information along with the guided process which would help you to know the actual crux of the matter. I am sure the article would help you in the way you wish to and get things done within no time. So, read ahead now!

Does TikTok Notify When You Save Someone’s Video?

If you have been wondering does tiktok notify when you save someone’s video, let me help you with a simple answer. No, TikTok never sends notifications to users when you save anybody’s videos. Hence, even if you save someone’s video or someone else does the same with your video, the creator of the video will not be notified from the platform. Influencers who have a huge viewer base, and have the option to download the video would have a huge opportunity in front of them. Their page is flooded with notifications. This would happen due to the volume of downloads for their videos. When fans or users like any video of their favourite celebrity or anyone else they want to keep the video with themselves. This is for future use  preference or even for viewing or sharing purposes in other social media apps. The influencers and content creators make the most of these features as an opportunity to take content off other creators and get the maximum number of views for themselves. Although the video is legitimately from the TikTok platform, sometimes it has watermarks that one can use to trace back to the original creator. You get online video downloader websites that allow you to download a video without a watermark. Also, read How To Adjust Clips On TikTok: Trim Videos, Photos & More

Can People See If You Save Their TikTok?

TikTok has no option which you can use to see who saved your video. Hence, if you want to prevent other users from downloading the video then you have to follow some steps as mentioned below: Although if you keep the downloads on, you can not see who saved your videos. TikTok has  again introduced a feature of profile view, where you can keep track of the account holders who view your profile, and have added a feature which makes it easier to know who liked the videos on TikTok. These give you some idea about who is interacting with your content or saving and downloading them. Also, read How to Get 3 Minute Videos on TikTok With Just 5 Easy Steps!

Importance of Turning Off Downloads For TikTok Videos

Most users download a TikTok video for later viewing or they liked it a lot and wanted to watch it again and again. These users sometimes keep the downloading option of their videos on for other creators to download the same. But in the long run there are many valid reasons for the permissions of the viewers for the videos you make. When the download option is disabled anyone who has permission to view the video can view it, but they are not able to see the download button. Also, read How To Combine Videos On TikTok: Try These 2 Easy Methods Now

Wrapping Up

Now you know whether TikTok notifies you when you save the video on their platform. In the article I have also described all the details regarding preventing users from downloading videos or if other users can see when people save their videos. These would help you create unique videos on the platform and also get the maximum number of views for them. Hence, get going and use the steps mentioned in the processes above. I am sure you would love them. To know more about TikTok and the platform, refer to Path of EX, our website for trending stuff. 


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