Spotify lets a user know and share the stats about their streaming habits on the platform. The main categories include your top artists, songs, and albums of 2022. This year Spotify has added a listening personality feature which gives a personal touch to the newly launched feature. So without further ado, let’s dig in to know, does Spotify Wrapped include Podcasts.

Does Spotify Wrapped Include Podcasts?

By now we all know that with over 422 million monthly active users, Spotify is not just a music-streaming platform. Podcasts are one of the main attractions of Spotify. Millions of users tune into the app in order to listen to their favorite Podcasters. So, to answer your question, Yes, podcasts are included in Spotify Wrapped minutes. In the recently asked questions about Spotify wrapped, Spotify confirmed it. They said, “Yes. Total minutes = music + podcasts.” Since Spotify combines the minutes you spent on the app, there is no way to know how many of those minutes were dedicated to Spotify podcasts and music separately. Also, read Is There A Spotify Wrapped For Youtube Music 2022 | Spotify YouTube Wraps

Criteria For Podcasts To Be In Spotify Wrapped

Spotify has compiled your listening stats in vibrant slides that you can easily share on your social media. Spotify recently confirmed that in order to view podcasts in those slides, a user must have listened to at least three podcast shows with a minimum of three or more unique episodes. Apart from that Spotify will let you have the Podcast slide/story in case podcasts have been streamed on three or more distinct days. Spotify users took on to platforms like Twitter and Reddit to express their disappointment that their Spotify Wrapped didn’t have their podcast stats. Also, read What is Spotify Audio Day in Spotify Wrapped 2022 | Tried & Tested!

How to See Your Most-Listened Podcasts?

In order to view your podcasts in Spotify Wrapped, you need to open Spotify and head to the Spotify Wrapped section. In the Spotify Wrapped section, among other options like Top Artists and Top Songs, you will also find ‘Top Podcasts’. In case you don’t find the option of Top Podcasts, it means that Spotify didn’t have enough stats about your podcast listening habits to make it a section in your Spotify Wrapped. Spotify, however, revealed the top podcasts of the year 2022 are: Also, read How to Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022 to Listen Your Best Songs?

Wrapping Up

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is back and is launched by the audio streaming app which uses the data from your Spotify listening habits of the year. It will let you know about your top artists, songs, and albums of 2022. Users have questions about whether or not podcast minutes are included in the app. To know, Does Spotify Wrapped Include Podcasts, read the entire article and do share it with your friends. For more trending stuff, keep visiting, Path of EX.


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