The trendiest craze in music is, yet again, karaoke. Increasing numbers of individuals are taking advantage of private karaoke spaces, going back to the bar stage, or even creating their own fantastic at-home karaoke setups. Spotify Karaoke Mode follows the crowd and puts a little friendly karaoke contest and pleasure in everyone’s pockets. You must be aware of Spotify’s view lyrics feature. It lets you read the lyrics along with the song so you can sing and enjoy the verses too. But that is not what karaoke is meant to be. however, we will explore “does Spotify have karaoke” and if it does, how to use it. Let’s get started!

Does Spotify Have Karaoke?

Also read, What Font Does Spotify Wrapped 2022 Use? Applauses! Yes, Spotify has a karaoke inbuilt feature. It may not be the regular one, but it satisfies the need. Spotify peacefully launched karaoke last June. Spotify did not make it a loud announcement. That is why you may still be wondering, “does Spotify have Karaoke.” The feature is available in all formats but not for all users. Presently it is available to certain regions, and it is not getting exposed in an accelerated mode to other regions and parts of the world. But the good thing is karaoke on Spotify is free to use.

Access Karaoke Mode on Spotify

Also, read What is CCM Music on Spotify? Know the Real Meaning of Now! Karaoke Mode lets the listeners and users sing the songs by keeping the original singer on mute. You need to hit the mic icon to access the feature. Here is how to use Karaoke on Spotify: Step 1: Check whether you have an updated Spotify app or not. If not, update it. Step 2: Launch the updated Spotify app on your smartphone. Step 3: Search or select the song you have a mode to sing. Step 4: Go to the lyrics section by swiping it down. Step 5: Tap the mic icon in the right-side corner, labeled “Sing.” Step 6: Now you have the audio analyzer and lyrics on your screen. Sing along with the musical guides. Step 7: Now view your score. If you don’t have the mic icon next to the lyrics section that means you don’t have the feature available yet. It will be there soon. Stay calm. Also, read Why Audio Day is Not Showing on Your Spotify Wrapped?

Wrapping Up

That is all about “does Spotify have karaoke”. I will get you the update as soon as the feature is available globally. Till then, keep surfing Path of EX for updates.


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