One fine morning I woke up directly on my desktop table, frustrated and annoyed about the lags in my games. I called my not-so-good techy friend and told him about my agonies. He asked me how much RAM I was using. I was using 8 GB RAM back then. He suggested that I should upgrade to at least 16 GB of RAM. Now the question is, is he right? We all know that the lag in playing games comes from lower framerate. So, if what he was saying was correct, RAM does affect FPS in gaming. However, there is a catch. The most important elements in a PC that determines your gaming experience are the CPU and the GPU. A combination of these two produces the framerate required for us to be able to play a game smoothly. So, does RAM affect FPS? Let’s find out!

Does RAM Affect FPS in Gaming? 

Generally speaking, adding more RAM does not enhance your in-game experience. However, in certain cases, adding more RAM can increase FPS. So, if you ask that does RAM affect FPS, my answer would be –  If you have 8 GB RAM installed on your computer and are playing a game that uses more than 8 GB of memory while running, your FPS will be affected. So, adding more RAM would increase the FPS produced by the CPU and GPU. On the other hand, if you’re already using 16 GB or higher RAM and you are still experiencing lags in playing games, increasing RAM is not the logical thing to do. Why? Because there aren’t many games in the world that uses more than 16 GB of RAM.  So, how does Ram affect FPS in Gaming? Games, while running, utilizes Random Access Memory to store data temporarily. But the amount of RAM they need varies from game to game. If a game requires a huge amount of RAM to run and you don’t have adequate to provide, adding more RAM would definitely increase your in-game experience. Also, read 5 Best 1440p 240Hz Monitor for Gaming in 2022   What I’d recommend is that if you are building a gaming PC, go for 16 GB RAM and if you don’t have the budget to afford that, go for at least 8 GB. Anything less than 8 GB would be problematic for 90% of the modern games.

Is Faster RAM Equal to More FPS?

Faster RAM can enhance performance in some scenarios. But FPS? It is tested and proved that the difference between the lowest and the highest speed RAMs is negligible. However, it has been noticed by many users that Ryzen-based systems can deliver higher frame rates paired with faster memory. This is again subject to change from game to game. In some games, performance is improved when memory is operating at high clock speeds. Faster memory also means more expense. 2133MHx DDR4 RAMs cost 10-15% less than 300MHz memory. But that price is also subject to change according to where you are buying from. Also, read How Long do Laptops Last | What’s the Average Battery Life of a Laptop? What I’d recommend is that if you have the budget, go for a memory kit with a minimum clock speed of 2666 Hz. This will not increase your fps but will surely help in playing games and running applications where faster memory is a priority. But if you have a tight budget where getting faster RAM can get you compelled to compromise on GPU and CPU, you should definitely go for the better CPU and GPU.  Faster GPU and CPU are non-compromisable. A faster RAM, even though is a good thing, is less elemental than a faster CPU and GPU. So, for a new system, I’d suggest you go for a minimum of 2666MHz RAM (DDR4). Go for faster RAM only when the price won’t hamper your budget so as to compromise on the CPU and GPU.

Does RAM Affect FPS in Gaming?

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Wrapping Up

Does RAM affect FPS in gaming? The answer to this question can be misleading sometimes. Ram affects FPS only obliquely. But unlike RAM, the CPU and GPU are directly responsible for FPS. So, spend generously on them, and get a 2666MHz RAM; you are good to go. If you have the budget, definitely go for faster RAM. With this, I’ll wrap up my post and see you in the next one. Ciao!


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