If you are on the go and forget your wallet at home, then Apple Pay can rescue you. Because you can order, and get anything with the help of your smartphone. But, the question is do your favorite store accept Apple Pay? If you are also here to know about does Burger King take Apple Pay, then let’s jump on to more details.

Does Burger king Take Apple Pay?

No, Burger King does not take Apple Pay at any location and not even on its online platform. If you already have used Apple Pay earlier for your online Burger King purchase then, you are not wrong at all. Because Burger King was accepting Apple Pay on their app and for drive-through orders. So, you got some information about does Burger King take Apple Pay. But, if you love food from Burger King then you can still order online and in-store using other payment methods. To know more about other payment methods and the Burger King app, stick to the post. Also, read Does Dunkin Take Apple Pay | All Payment Methods at Dunkin (Updated 2022)

Why Did Burger King Stop Taking Apple Pay?

There could be multiple reasons for not accepting Apple Pay at Burger King. But the main reason is maybe they want to promote their own app, and do not have any intention to enable NFC technology in the nearest future. As per the news, Burger King was accepting Apple Pay on their online platform, and drive-through orders till 2019. But if I tell you the recent update, you can not use Apple Pay at Burger King same as Kroger does not accept Apple Pay. Hope you got clear about does Burger King take Apple Pay.
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What is Burger King App?

Being a fast food lover, you must have experience with food apps from USA chain stores. But if you focus on Burger King, it comes with unbeatable customization options. Whether it is your fries or burgers, using the Burger King app is quite easy for all, the same as you use the DoorDash app. If you love to order your fast food just from your couch, then you should definitely jump on Burger King app, as it has multiple order options. Can you believe you can get home delivery, and a curbside option on Burger King app? As it is not available even at Wendy’s or Target. I know you must be excited to know what payment methods are accepted on the Burger King app and in Burger King stores. For that, read more!

What Payment Methods Does Burger King Take?

Being an ios user, you must be a little bit upset as Burger King is not accepting Apple Pay. But Burger King offers many other payment methods which you should definitely try. Check out below mentioned payment methods for your next BK order. Those who do not want to download the Burger King app and still want to pay through mobile apps can try the following methods. Also, read Does Aldi Take Apple Pay? Find Out Aldi’s Payment Methods

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have talked about does Burger King take apple pay. Unfortunately, Burger king is not accepting Apple Pay as per the recent updates. But you can use other payment methods which I have mentioned above. Follow PathofEX for more updates. Have a great day!


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