Dodge Charger was initially a show car. It was later made into a production category car. Dodge Charger is available in various versions. The Dodge Charger has been in the auto industry for a long time. The car is in its 7th Generation being sold. They definitely know what makes you buy a Dodge Charger. The trims SXT, GT, and R/T are priced at around $40,000. While the Scat Pact and its widebody variant will cost about  $40,000-$50,000. The fancier trims of Dodge Charger are the SRT Hellcat Widebody and SRT Hellcat Redeye, and they cost around $70,000 – $79,000. By getting the car model and trim that works best for your needs you can save insurance costs.  The insurance prices of a Dodge Charger depend highly on the car version you will get. So getting a decent model without unwanted engine power will help you save a lot. The average difference between insurance for other cars and a Dodge Charger can be around $700.  It is definitely a sweet car to drive but keeping your financial capabilities in check would be required.

What Makes a Dodge Charger Insurance Cost More?

Over the years, you can see a steady increase in the purchase price of Dodge Charger and its insurance. But buying a car in the higher price range is not the only reason why your insurance will cost you more. Many other factors can spike the cost of insurance. The model and make are the top factors on which your insurance cost depends. Other than this, your credit score, mileage count on the vehicle, car age, annual mileage count, driver’s age, and your driving experience also impact the cost of insurance.  Other than this, features such as engine power, advanced safety, and performance make a big difference in the cost of your insurance.

What is the Average Cost of a Dodge Charger Insurance?

A Dodge Charger is a pretty sweet car to drive around. If you remember key factors such as getting the model and the trim that works for you, the age of the care, and the mileage that is driven around annually you can expect a lowered cost of insurance. As of now, a Dodge Charger will cost you about $2,116 a year for insurance. This estimate is given considering the average health of the model and the trim of the particular car.

How can you Save on Dodge Charger Insurance?

You can save on your Dodge Charger Insurance by combining your home and auto insurance. Having a good credit score will naturally save you money. Having a good driving record, a low mileage count as well as choosing electronic billing can also help you save. You can consider combining a couple of auto insurance policies as well. The insurance cost will also depend on the coverage you will get such as the liability, accidental coverage, or full coverage. Given the financially lucrative insurances many companies offer, it is best to know your options. You can always compare the auto insurances that different companies have to offer.

Which Dodge Charger is on The Higher End to Insure?

The variations offered with Dodge Charger allow you to have wide tires, super-powerful engines, a fantastic suspension along with advanced steering set-up. If these are a part of your dream dodge car, you might have to pay a higher insurance cost every year as well. As of now, the trim of the Dodge Charger that is the most expensive to insure is the SRT Jailbreak for $2,376 a year. Whereas the cheapest Dodge Charger trims to insure is The Charger SXT Trim. This trim of the car will cost you around $1,876. So, getting a trim of the Dodge Charger that you want makes a huge difference in the overall insurance cost. You may have dreamed of a fast car and even found it in one of the Dodge Charger models. It would be advisable to consider your requirements for the car. Whether or not you will need a powerful engine. But importantly, knowing whether or not you can afford good car insurance will be needed. Comparing the insurances offered by different companies is always a good idea. See what discounts you can avail if any. More the powerful engine, advanced suspension, and wide tires that look sweet while you drive on the road, the higher the insurance for the car.


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