Tabaxi 5e introduced themselves in Volo’s Guide to Monsters. They share several characteristics with ordinary cats. Also, they have shown up in various imaginative games, novels, and movies eventually over the years. Their sense of balance and smell make them powerful. With the high competitive spirit in swimming, climbing, and running, they have always been a famous choice among the characters.    Tabaxi race 5e dnd is being quite voguish with the time. You really cannot miss this one, so take these cats out of the bag and dive in to learn about the basic facts about Tabaxi 5e DnD.

5e Tabaxi Race DnD Facts | Your Next Best Character

In order to be more clear about this character, it is extremely crucial to have a certain amount of knowledge. Dropped down are some of the vital attributes of fat tabaxi. Read along and choose your next best character accordingly:  Also, read How Does Dissonant Whispers 5e DnD Works For Creature?

1. DnD Tabaxi 5e Race Skills and Abilities:

From attacking with the weapon to defending the hit, fat Tabaxi is naturally equipped with the ultimate power. They have razor-like sharp claws on the tip of their fingers that are used effectively for self-defense. The claws of Tabaxi have the strength to deal with 1d4 slashing damage. With a climbing speed of 20 feet per turn, Tabaxi claws can beat any athlete around them.  Tabaxi 5e also has the skill of Feline Agility. They can speed up to the double, approx. 60 feet in a single turn,  with their nimbleness and cat-like reflexes. They don’t need to stop for a while to perform their actions or attack in between. Feline Agility is used multiple times until there comes the point of time when they need to stand still for a moment to recharge their movement. 

2. DnD Tabaxi RaceKnowledge, Expertise, and Experience

Fat Tabaxi values knowledge and their experiences to the extent. For them, their spicy stories on food, drink, and coins are extremely essential. Their ears perk up, and even if they leave the range empty-handed, they never forget to take in those infinite stories, gossip, and scenarios they lived there.  Not taking into account the power of wealth but still owning the curiosity to look for them is what makes them Fat Tabaxi. 

3. DnD Tabaxi Names 

Taking inspiration from around the globe, Fat Tabaxi 5e Race considers all of the credentials for their names. Tabaxi child names can be decided from the animals, sounds, astrology, or even Tabaxi clans from history.  However, initially, they were known by different names like ‘leopard men’ for Tabaxi with solid spots and ‘jaguar men’ for Tabaxi with rosette spots. Also, read 5e Scimitar of Speed Vs Rapier | Difference Between Scimitar and Rapier in DnD Tabaxi DnD generally has a single gender-neutral name. It is in the form of a short phrase that describes a Tabaxi 5eperfectly. Although, they are also tagged with a shorter nickname, picked up from that phrase. 

For Example: Some of the Tabaxi Race names are Crescent Moon (Moon), Fire in the Distance (Fire), Game of Chance (Game), Gift of a Guest(Gift), Single Drop (Single), Wave of the shore(Wave). Lost Guide(Lost) etc. 

Tabaxi Clans are Angelic Ridge, Anchored Glade, Echoing Mountain, Tranquil Bayou, Weeping Cave, Twisting Fjords, etc. 

4. DnD Tabaxi Mobile Race

As per Tabaxi DnD’s first edition, they are the high mobility race in the game. A skill of Feline Agility is something that doubles their speed highly till the end of their turn, making them extremely mobile among other characters.  The add-on did on the Tabaxi 5e Race with Boots of speed, mobile feat, and classes like Moink, Barbarian increases the characters’ speed ultimately, covering the big amount of range in no time.  Also, read How Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD Interacts With Hunter Ranger’s Volley Feature?

5. DnD Tabaxi Mark Their Scent With Herbs

Fat Tabaxi 5e are the ultimate loners by nature who love to remain unnoticed while sneaking out from the gang. They have an abundance of knowledge regarding jungle flora and how it is used to make food, poisons, or slaves. Using wood to make their own weapons like bolas and slings by using multiple resources are the specialties of the Tabaxi Race.  However, they were dangerously misread in this context. Mistaking their preference to use claws and teeth in a fight, with their inability to make weapons is scary on their part. 

6. DnD Tabaxi For Villains?

DnD characters are thoroughly inclined to be the coolest villain of the game or even, they are much keen to rescue the prince. However, Fat Tabaxi, being a cat-like replica, doesn’t really bother much about these things. They are very much strongly attracted to their sudden desire or whim, and that is what makes them quirky. Their wishes change either with a click, or they may stick around for years. It doesn’t really make sure that they have to be a destructive monster or seek out a god; being mundane is also great.  If a player desires to experience numerous experiences, Tabaxi 5e is their character. Tabaxi’s impulsive, quirky, and sudden reactions allow the player to change its roles timely. Whether it is about wearing the same outfit, throwing a party, or performing numerous antics to leave the party with a big laugh, Tabaxi characters connect the crowd amusingly. Also, read Mobile Feat 5e or Sentinel Feat DnD: Which One Is Better?

7. DnD Tabaxi Prefer Claws Or Teeth Over Their Own-Made Weapons

Fat Tabaxi is always observed to choose their own claws or teeth, then their own hand-made weapon for any attack. They have strong hard claws that can easily peel the enemy’s skin.  Anyhow, if you are mistaking the ability of Tabaxi to create the weapon, this can be a problem for you. From bolas, slings, javelin to macas, Tabaxi 5e are generally seen making their own weapons. Doubting their strengths and assuming them to be mentally weak can never help you. Tabaxis are always up for every challenge, tactic, or game in their very own dense jungle. 

8. DnD Tabaxi And Trade Demeaning

As per Player’s Handbook: “Tabaxi creates clans to live in and move around the jungles nomadically. It is believed to be part of their feline instincts. They do not trade with other races and engage in other forms of interaction with other clans than is necessary.” This clearly defines that trade is considered as demeaning by Tabaxi 5e DnD. They are, somehow, restricted to trade with other races or make any kind of interaction unless it is extremely important. For situations like this, Tabaxi sends a third party to the other races and makes communication on their own behalf.  Also, read Benefits of Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD | Combination of Sharpshooter & Crossbow Expert!

9. DnD Tabaxi Rogues With Crime History

Fat Tabaxi Rogues, with a criminal background, can begin with eight significant skills in DnD 5e. However, there will not be any impact of Rogue’s background since all have two skills.  A different skill can opt if the identical skill is from two sources. For instance: Stealth from both Tabaxi or criminal, or thieve’s tools from rogue or criminal). 

10. DnD Tabaxi Language 

Tabaxi originated from the nation north of the jungles ‘Payit’. This derives from the unique language of Tabaxi ‘Payit Language’. It is said that the people of Payit can understand half of the words of the Tabaxi people and their native language.  The Tabaxi Language used by Tabaxi is completely different from the Tabaxi language used by the tribe from the island of Chult. 

11. DnD Tabaxi Rogue With Stealth Experience at Level 1

A Tabaxi DnD rogue has the ability to earn double proficiency in stealth at the first level. An enemy is more prone to kill you at Level 1, which makes stealth the important one.  Although, it is easy to escape during other higher levels where you have more of the abilities. It lets you gain a better Tabaxi Rogue experience with Stealth. This doesn’t only make the game amusing but also interesting.  (On personal recommendation: I too had a great stealthy time with Tabaxi Rogue, so you should not leave this, trust me) Also, read Absorb Elements 5e DnD: The Ultimate Spell To Give You Resistance

12. DnD Tabaxi Creation: Cat Lord 

Fat Tabaxi has a strong belief in the fact that they were created by the Cat Lord. With a sole aim to be truly Neutral, Cat Lord created all the feline creatures. He didn’t care about being right or wrong but put all of his actions in regard to the cat-things. A cat can be a black cat, panther/human, or a pale human.   It is believed that All feline creatures, including Cat Lord, roam the globe. Cat Lord, however, can also walk on every plan, sometimes on a material plane.  

13. Clans Often Owe Allegiance To A Jaguar Lord

As per Player’s Handbook: “Jaguar Lords weren’t exactly Tabaxi, but don’t really have their race – they appear only in the second edition of Dungeons and Dragons. They live in solitude in the jungles, as it is detailed.” Jaguar Lords were always male, and when they mated to a Tabaxi woman, the child was always another Jaguar Lord. Although they lived in peace, some of them took over Tabaxi clans. Sometimes, the Jaguar Lords were priests to their gods or used hishna magic.”  In simpler language, Jaguar Lord didn’t owe any particular race. In order to own a particular one, some took over the Tabaxi Clans, some became priests to their gods, and some used hishna magic.  Also, read Everything to Know about Crossbow Expert 5e Feat in DnD | Use Crossbow Expert with Sharpshooter

14. DnD Tabaxi Seldom Attack

If we are talking about the preference of Fat Tabaxi, they prefer quiet places more often than any other. They are mostly on the neutral/balanced scale of alignment that is not keen to indulge in war unless provoked. They live for peace and tranquillity in quiet ancient ruins.  Meanwhile, they uncover the hidden secrets that were long forgotten during the careful examination. They have amazing tactical skills and are extremely focused. This quality of them makes the war as short as possible if they somehow get indulged. 

15. DnD Tabaxi Classes That Exhibit Excellence

Excellent Fat Tabaxi 5e DnD Classes are as follows:

Tabaxi Bard: Bards can acquire some extra skills and Feline Agility, if their ability scores are perfectly structured in a line.

Tabaxi Fighter: A fighter, being a ranged character, can hold on to multiple skills, extreme mobility, and a chance to fight with claws in case of a lost weapon. 

Tabaxi Monk: Being a best friend of Monk, Tabaxi allows him to climb and make slashing damages with unarmed strikes. 

Tabaxi Paladin: For Dex paladin, you can get yourself into combat with Feline Agility. You can climb and learn new experiences.

Tabaxi Ranger: Rangers might have to drop their sense of wisdom, but to balance that, they get extra skills and high speed for repositioning. 

Tabaxi Rogue: A Charismatic Rogue is best for Tabaxi. It adds on multiple skills, increases the speed, and escapes the danger range. 

Tabaxi Warlock: Stealth is an excellent option for Warlock. It gives you amazing charisma (used for magic) and can be used for melee attacks. A bonus action can be used by Warlock to help Hexblade avoid dangerous enemies. 

Additionally, Tabaxi classes like Sorcerer, Artificer, Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, and Wizard are not suitable for Tabaxi.   Also, read Can Detect Magic See Invisibility 5e in DnD? Benefits of Being Invisible in DnD 2022

Wrapping Up

Tabaxi 5e DnD is a perfect character for a player who is sneaky enough to win the crowd, likes to be at peace, gather multiple experiences, and only puts himself to war when needed. He is a calm and composed character with a fit of fierce anger. He is the kind of player who stays away from war to the max but then peels the enemy’s skin with his claws and teeth. However, he has his own handmade weapons but is extremely fond of using his own strength: Claws and Teeth. So if you think you are him, I would say, ‘Try It’. Live your Tabaxi 5e DnD journey and let me know about your game. Bonne chance camarades..!!


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