Dnd Double-Bladed Scimitar 5e is said to be the ‘Coolest Weapon’ by the characters. There are many amazing weapons available in DnD, but as tagged by the players, this one is epic. Apart from slicing and smashing, you can also cast a spell using a Double-Bladed Scimitar…Isn’t this amazing?  As we go further, you will learn some interesting facts about DnD 5e Double-Bladed Scimitar. Continue to read and scale up your attack… I know you are wishing to do that!

Double-Bladed Scimitar 5e DnD: How Does It Work?

Being introduced in the Eberron campaign, the Double-Bladed Scimitar has managed to be a powerful weapon to wield since then. Easy to handle, convenient to play with, and with profound weapons; it is the best weapon of all.  Also, read Revivify DnD 5e Spell: Bring Back The Dead | Revive Your Creatures DnD Double-Bladed Scimitar is a signature weapon of the Valenar Elves. It is a lightweight long wooden haft that weighs 6 pounds approx. It is wielded with both hands and has curved scimitar blades on either side ends.  Double-Bladed Scimitar 5e is known for the following features:

It has strong, sharp, yet light-weighted blades.   It costs 100 GP, which is comparatively expensive.A Valenar Blade in the hands of non-elf is perceived to be stolen or looted from a fallen foe, which increases the possibility of the blade being demanded back or the bearer has to undergo some challenges, in order to justify its usage. If a double-bladed scimitar 5e is used as a part of the attack action, you are allowed to make a bonus action immediately following to make a melee attack with it. The strike deals 1d4 slashing damage on a hit, except 2d4. 

How To Use DnD Double-Bladed Scimitar Feat 5e?

As per Player’s Handbook, “In Dungeons and Dragons lore, the double-bladed scimitar is almost exclusively used by the aforementioned Valenar elves and quite rare to see wielded by a non-elf. Some overzealous elves might even assume the weapon was stolen or otherwise obtained through nefarious methods, going as far as to challenge or attack any non-elves who possess one. That being said, the double-bladed scimitar’s light profile and reliable damage make it a strong choice regardless of race.”  Also, read DnD – Thunderous Smite 5e Paladin Spellcasting Tools | Best Paladin It turns out the double-bladed scimitar is a wise selection for just about any class as well. Though the weapon requires two hands to use, it doesn’t count as a heavy weapon. Players of any size can use it without fearing a nasty penalty. Double-bladed scimitars use 2D4 for damage, putting it right around the potential damage of a longsword or battleax, but with a minimum of 2 rather than 1. That’s pretty good, but part of what makes this weapon so great is that you can do another 1D4 damage with a bonus action. It’s like duel-wielding without any of the annoying rules.” To sum up this rule, it is said that a light-weighted double-bladed scimitar 5e weapon makes a huge difference in the game. It is a good option for every class and any size player. Plus, the point is that apart from a 2d4 damage, a bonus action of 1df is also accessible to the player. 

What Is The Relationship Between Ability Modifier and DnD Double-Bladed 5e Special Attack?

According to the Player’s Handbook, “When attacking with a weapon, you put in your ability modifier-precisely the same modifier used for the attack roll-to the harm.” As this rule doesn’t really state about not using an ability modifier, it means you can.  Also, read DnD: Tabaxi 5e Race Fascinating Facts For Selecting The Right Class Nevertheless, an ability modifier can not be added to the bonus attack’s damage unless and until the modifier is negative. When an ability modifier is added to the damage roll, as done with the regular melee weapon attack, the damage roll will be 2d5+ with this bonus action. 

Revenant Blade 5e DnD

The other blade available for elf players or anyone using a lenient DM is Revenant Blade 5e. According to this feat: 

A character is allowed to include 1 to 2 strength or dexterity.A character earns +1 AC

When a double-bladed weapon is wielded. However, a wielded double-bladed scimitar is considered to have the trait finesse.  Source: Player’s Handbook “The first two benefits are pretty straightforward; an increase to a favorite stat and a boost in defense is always welcome. The third trait that grants finesse, however, is a hidden gem. Finesse allows the user to choose between using either their Strength or Dexterity modifier for attack and damage rolls. This Feat introduces a tremendous amount of flexibility for different types of characters. Coupled with the other bonuses, any character with a decent Strength or Dexterity can make the most out of their double-bladed scimitar. Also, read How Does Dissonant Whispers 5e DnD Works For Creature? Though Dungeons and Dragons offer players almost any weapon they can imagine, few can offer a character as much flexibility and raw power as the double-bladed scimitar. If you’re playing an Elf and your campaign includes Eberron’s content, enjoy your new favorite weapon. For everyone else, make an excellent case to your DM.”

Wrapping Up

For a rough, tough, energetic, and thrilling game; Double-Bladed scimitar 5e DnD has to be your handy option. It can charge up your attacks. And, no enemy can ever stand by you. I still remember how much strong and more powerful I felt when I used this one.  Give it a score, and you will have a new range of motion. Do drop down your experiences. You know we love to hear your stories.  Anyhow, Have a good gaming session. Adieus!!


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