The duration of the spell goes on to 1 hour, which is long enough to cast your action. However, this can end early if a caster used all of its light motes before time. A caster can cast a spell with its actions to earn a bonus action of a ranged spell attack.  The effect of Crown of Stars Spells 5e DnD increases with the slot levels. To know further about the spell, dig in. 

Description Of Crown Of Stars 5e Spell In DnD

Crown of Stars 5e is nonetheless a light appearance of Seven Star-like motes. This is a spell that orbits your head with a flash of light and continues to do so till the spell ends.  The orbit of the head is an action to your reaction of forming a ranged attack. It lets you make a strike of 4d12 damage within the range of 120 feet. The target has no other option than to deal with the damage.  Crown of Stars 5e Spell DnD Attributes  Source- Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Page 152 Also, read DnD: Sickening Radiance 5e Spell | A Must-Have Spell!

What Happens If The Crown Of Stars 5e Spell DnD Is Missed?

Even if you either miss a target or hit a target, the mote is wasted when you make a ranged attack. However, there are the following results, likely to happen when a certain number of motes are left out:

If the motes left with you are four or more than that, a bright vivid light is scattered within a 30-foot radius.If the motes left with you are from one to three, a dull light is scattered within a 30-foot radius. 

The spell ends right away when the caster expends the last mote.  Also, read Best Monk Weapons 5e Dnd | Low-Tier, Mid-Tier, High-Tier Monk Weapons

Crown Of Stars 5e Spell DnD At Higher Levels

As the Spell Crown of Stars 5e commences its role at the 7th Level, the number of motes shoots up by two at every spell slot when a caster reaches up to the 8th level. 

How The Wizards Benefit From The Crown Of Stars 5e Spell DnD?

Wizards do not have much variety on their plate when it comes to bonus actions. They are always limited in their practices. However, Crown Of Stars 5e Spell DnD is a savior for them. This spell helps the Wizards to overcharge their actions by making the required preparations beforehand. They have a chance to target with damage on every turn, for all of the seven turns.  The range of 120 feet is also an intriguing aspect in this spell that looks pretty amazing to the Wizards.  Read about All The Interesting Facts About Thorn Whip 5e Spell DnD

Wrapping Up

As the stars usually are, brighter on the outside and shining on the inside, Crown of Stars 5e resonates perfectly with this fact. Every mote counts in the spell. This means that a loss in any mote is a drawback in itself. This sheds the dim light in the range area, signifying the ranger that his spell is losing its power.  If this is put to use systematically, no power can pull the ranger from making a gleam attack.  “This spell always strives for millions of goosebumps inside my veins. Stars have always been my sparkling aspect in this life. And this spell helped me in spreading my own shining bolt.”  As we end this, I am requesting each one of you to please use it once in your DnD life, especially the Wizards. And do make a part of your experiences. I would love to be a good reader/listener :p.  See You Soon, My Shining Stars Ta-Da!


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