Like the Adopt Me 2022 Christmas update, Discord will have special elements snowing this Christmas, just for you. I’ve mentioned all these items and events in the article, so don’t miss out on the good stuff! Excited about Snowsgiving? Read on to discover what Discord Snowsgiving is and what you can expect this year. Share with your pals to give more people the gift of Discord rewards this Christmas!

What is Discord Snowsgiving?

Every year, Discord launches its Discord Snowsgiving extravaganza. The Discord universe comes together to honor community, creativity, and charity during this event. And there are free rewards! What’s amazing about Snowsgiving is that Discord selects a charity partner to support important causes each year, giving back to the community. This year in 2022, Discord has joined hands with Crisis Text Line, and Snowsgiving Merch profits will go to them.  C-T-L is a non-profit organization providing 24/7 text-based mental health support. Also, read How To Check If Someone Muted You On Discord | 3 Easy Ways 

Discord Snowsgiving 2022 Dates & Features 

The Discord Snowsgiving event will run from December 5 to December 12, 2022.  During the event, Discord users will be able to experience everyday community events in Discord’s Town Hall server, which you can access here. It has been updated with a Christmassy theme! Remember: You can get special perks by adding the Snowsgiving bot to your server. Also, read How To Get Verified In Discord 2022 | Requirements & Steps

What Events Does Discord Snowsgiving 2022 Include?

Discord Snowsgiving brings around exciting activities this year. Here’s a list of all the events to come: Lucky for you, you can participate in the Snowsgiving Quests on the Desktop or Mobile to earn rewards!

Discord Snowsgiving Bot 2022

To participate in the Discird Snowsgiving event, all you will need to do is add the Discord-built Snowsgiving Bot to your server (or ask your server admin to do it) Also, read Top 5 Ways to Get Discord Nitro For Free in 2022 | Claim Before It Ends

What are the Discord Snowsgiving 2022 Rewards? 

Other than freebies for all, there are exclusive rewards for members. Discord users who finish the scavenger hunt successfully will be invited to experience an “exclusive performance by a popular artist.” More specifics about this special performance will be announced on December 9, 2022.  Also, during the Snowsgiving event, qualified Discord users will be able to get a free-of-cost trial of Discord’s Nitro paid subscription! These Nitro users will have access to snow-themed activities and custom emojis as well! Also, read Best Plan to Buy Among Discord Nitro Basic vs. Classic | Which is Better?

Wrapping Up

It seems like Christmas will be extra special now that we finally know the inside goop of Discord Snowsgiving 2022! Comment and let us at Path of EX know how your Scavenger Hunt is going and if you’d like to win the free Discord Nitro Subscription!


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