Both DIRECTV and YouTube TV are two of the Nation’s Top TV providers except for YouTube TV which is recognized globally for its streaming services. But sadly, merely recognition cannot lead to making a choice between the two.  Both DIRECTV and YouTube TV may have some sort of hidden charges which I know is annoying. The whole purpose of writing this article is to make the choice easy for you and give you a clear picture of their prices, channels, connectivity, contract terms, and other related concerns.

DIRECTV vs YouTube TV | Real-life Review and Comparison

After understanding the plans and benefits of the duo, I reviewed both DIRECTV and YouTube TV and compared them on the basis of price, features, and availability. Buying a package only after looking at the price and not looking at the overall costs might cause a loss to you. Therefore, I recommend going through this article before making your purchase.

DIRECTV Overview

DIRECTV has the most comprehensive list of channels to let you watch whatever you love. It offers two different services, including DIRECTV stream (formerly known as AT&T TV), and DIRECTV satellite. Also, read How to Use Netflix Without a Smart TV? 6 Smart Ways in 2022

DIRECTV Stream Review

DIRECTV stream is aimed at backpackers or anyone who would love to enjoy a mix of live and on-demand TV. It does not come with any contract which means that you do not have to worry about paying the high upfront price. DIRECTV stream is targeted at providing the most live sports channels than its competitors. A single subscription to DIRECTV stream can be used to stream your favorite content on all your favorite devices. You also get 3-month premium networks along with your subscription. The subscription ranges between $49.99/mo with 75+ channels to $129.99/mo with 150+ channels. You can pick any suitable package that suits your requirements.

DIRECTV Satellite Review

DIRECTV Satellite is claimed to be the #1 satellite TV service that comes with 99% reliability in terms of its channel connection. In the package, you get a professional dish installation, access to NFL SUNDAY,  a good quality DVR, and again, just like DIRECTV stream, 3-month premium networks. The subscription ranges between $64.99/mo with 165+ channels to $139.99/mo with 340+ channels. You can pick any suitable package that suits your requirements. Also, read Starlink Review | How Good SpaceX Satellite Internet Works 

YouTube TV Overview

YouTube TV has one plan which comes at $65/mo offering a lot of free popular channels for Live Streaming. With unlimited DVR space, three simultaneous streams, up to 6 accounts for one price; and the best part: you can access your subscription from almost any device anywhere, anytime. 

YouTube TV Subscription Plan

YouTube TV’s $64.99/mo plan offers you 100+ broadcast, cable, and regional sports networks. You can access your plan using any device, on any platform in any region across the US. There are no hidden charges as such. The maths is simple here. In case you feel like purchasing more channels, you add them on with an additional price. 

DIRECTV vs YouTube TV Pricing

In my comparison, I found both plans to be the same but with different benefits. With DIRECTV, you get 75+ channels as compared to 100+ channels on YouTube TV. However, you also get a 3 months premium subscription as complimentary, which gives DIRECTV an advantage. However, the cost of buying add-ons with DIRECTV is cheaper than Youtube TV. Also, read How to Watch American Netflix in 2022? 5 Tips to Select the VPN Provider

DIRECTV vs YouTube TV Streaming

You can enjoy YOUTUBE TV’s live TV through their app. The good part is that the app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices as well, which makes this service portable yet enjoyable. Just like YouTube TV, you can enjoy the streaming service of DIRECTV on your iOS, Android, and TV. The channel list of YouTube TV (100+) is higher than DIRECTV (100+) though.

DIRECTV vs YouTube TV Installation Fee

YouTube TV DVR is free with an active YouTube TV subscription. DIRECTV’s overall cost after the installation will be $73.96/mo (only if you decide to use live streaming). DIRECTV gives you a free set-top box installation but additional equipment like the TV receiver and the remote will attract a one-time fee of $99.00 each. Ultimately DIRECTV charges you more than YOUTUBE TV.             

DIRECTV vs YouTube TV Streaming Broadcast Fee and Regional Sports Fee

As I mentioned earlier, all the satellite and cable TV operators will charge these fees, but how much do they charge let us find out. YouTube TV is an exception here which does not charge you broadcast fees and sports fees but you have to pay for additional premium channels, whereas DIRECTV can charge you up to $40/mo for the same. 

DIRECTV vs YouTube TV: Who’s the Better TV service

If you are planning to invest in a home-based TV subscription service to fuel your daily entertainment, I think investing $64.99/mo in DIRECTV will make more sense. On the other hand, if you travel places but want to give your family members access to your subscription, then picking up a YouTube TV subscription will make a lot of sense. Also, read Pluto TV Not Working? 5 Possible Reasons & Fixes

Wrapping Up

This completes my comparison between DIRECTV VS YouTube TV. A limited period offer is going on on DIRECTV’s website where you can save between $40 and $120. For more buck-saving tips, keep scrolling Path of EX.


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