DIRECTV vs Fubo TV are two of the Nation’s Top TV Providers, but sadly, that knowledge cannot lead to choosing between the two. Fubo TV is a type of cable TV, and that is why you get a lot of bundling options and non-premium channels within a single package. In contrast, DIRECTV provides a lot of popular channels too for a competitive upfront price.  On the other hand, Fubo TV is popular among sports enthusiasts because of its wide range of sports-oriented streaming channels. After reading this article, you will be able to make a better choice between these TV providers. 

DIRECTV vs Fubo TV: An Honest Review

DIRECTV is one of the most popular US-based Cable and Satellite TV providers. It offers three different plans. DIRECTV has the most comprehensive list of channels to let you watch whatever you love. It offers two different services, including DIRECTV stream (formerly known as AT&T TV) and DIRECTV satellite.  On the other hand, Fubo TV has a partnership with Ryan Reynolds, him being a shareholder. The TV and Ryan have also announced a joint venture for the release of Reynold’s original content. In my opinion, Fubo TV wins this part simply because of its wide list of constantly upgrading Sports streaming channels.  Also, read DIRECTV vs Sling TV | Honest Comparison Between Streaming Services

Plans Comparison of DIRECTV and Fubo TV 

DIRECTV stream is aimed at backpackers or anyone who would love to enjoy a mix of live and on-demand TV. It does not come with any contract, so you do not have to worry about paying the high upfront price. DIRECTV stream is targeted at providing the most live sports channels than its competitors. A single subscription to DIRECTV stream can be used to stream your favorite content on all your favorite devices. You also get 3-months premium networks along with your subscription. The subscription ranges between $49.99/mo with 75+ channels to $129.99/mo with 150+ channels.  DIRECTV Satellite is claimed to be the #1 satellite TV service that comes with 99% reliability in terms of its channel connection. In the package, you get a professional dish installation, access to NFL SUNDAY,  a good quality DVR, and, again, like DIRECTV stream, 3-month premium networks. The subscription ranges between $64.99/mo with 165+ channels to $139.99/mo with 340+ channels. You can pick any suitable package that suits your requirements.  The first and the cheapest plan of Fubo TV is Latino which comes for $33/mo with 40 live channels. Fubo TV’s Pro plan comes at $69.99/mo with 116 live channels. You can share your subscription with up to 10 screens at home. The other plan from Fubo TV is their Elite Plan which comes at a price of $80/mo with 170 live channels and the same screen sharing policy.  Also, read DIRECTV vs Hulu TV: What Should You Choose?

Price Comparison of DIRECTV and Fubo TV

In my comparison, I found DIRECTV plans to be cheaper than Fubo TV. However, the list of channels is quite big in DIRECTV as compared to Fubo TV, even on the cheapest plan. DIRECTV shines when it comes to packages, and currently, it offers a The Entertainment TV plan starts at $64.99.00/mo for 165+ channels with a contract as compared to Fubo TV’s $69.99/mo for 120+ without the contract. DIRECTV plans range from $64.99/mo to $139/mo. Whereas Fubo TV range from $69.99/mo to $99.99/mo.  This point goes to DIRECTV because of their cheaper plans as compared to Fubo TV. Unless you love watching Sports, DIRECTV can be a better choice. 

Channel Comparison of DIRECTV and Fubo TV

You may ask how many channels DIRECTV and Fubo TV have. Well, DIRECTV has four different plans in which the Entertainment plan offers 165 + channels, the Choice plan offers 200+ channels, Ultimate Plan offers 70+ channels and the Premier plan offers 340+ channels. The list of channels is as follows:  Also, read DIRECTV vs YouTube TV: Who’s the Better Choice?

Sports Channels on DIRECTV

Fubo TV Channel list in 2022

Sports Channels of FUBO TV

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Availability Comparison of DIRECTV and Fubo TV

You might ask where DIRECTV is available in your area. Well, let me tell you that DIRECTV is available only in the United States. Here is the list of states it is available in  On the other hand, Fubo TV is available in the United States, Canada, and Spain.  Also, read Get Apple TV Plus Free with T-Mobile Magenta Max

Device Compatibility of DIRECTV and Fubo TV

Both Fubo TV and DIRECTV are available on Android TV, iPhones, and iPads. The DIRECTV app can be downloaded on Android and iOS. In this category, both DIRECTV and Fubo TV is available on the same list of platforms. Therefore, both get a point. However, the User Interface of Fubo TV is better than DIRECTV as I have mentioned in the User Interface Comparison. 

User Interface Comparison of DIRECTV and Fubo TV

Fubo TV’s iPhone UI is simple and light. You get different categories of Sports, Entertainment, Live TV, Recorded, Scheduled, and Continued watching. You can also monitor total DVR space on the iPhone and iPad app. On Android TV also, the User Interface is clean where you get different tabs for Home, Sports, Shows, Movies, Guide, Recordings, and Account. Just like iOS platforms. DIRECTV’s user interface is in blue color and has a vintage look to its interface. You can see the time, the playlist, and the top movies. It has round corners with a gradient finish and the DIRECTV logo at the top.  In my opinion, Fubo TV does a better job in terms of user interface than DIRECTV. All thanks to its simple UI with DVR space monitoring right on the home screen. Also, read How to Watch American Netflix in 2022? 5 Tips to Select the VPN Provider

Cloud DVR Comparison Between DIRECTV and Fubo TV

With Fubo TV, you have to pay $5.00/mo for using a DVR with 200 hours of storage. DIRECTV on the flip side sends you their first Genie DVR which can be connected to your TV and stores for up to 200 hours. Basically, both the providers offer the same storage, however, each additional set-top box from DIRECTV will attract a fee of $7.00/mo. In the DVR comparison, I feel Fubo TV does a better job simply because it is $2/mo cheaper than DIRECTV. Therefore, Fubo TV gets one point here.

Who wins, DIRECTV or Fubo TV?

In my opinion, Fubo TV does a better job in terms of availability, the user interface, as well as the overall User experience. Plus, it has better coverage of Sports Channels than DIRECTV to suit your taste. The DVR of Fubo TV is also cheaper than DIRECTV. 

Wrapping Up

This completes my comparison between DIRECTV vs Fubo TV. A limited period offer is going on on DIRECTV’s website, where you can save between $40 and $120. For more buck-saving tips, keep scrolling Path of EX.


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