Both DIRECTV and COX are two of the Nation’s Top TV Providers but sadly that knowledge cannot lead to making a choice between the two. COX is a type of cable TV and that is why you get a lot of bundling options and non-premium channels within a single package, whereas Directv provides a lot of popular channels too for a competitive upfront price.  Both DIRECTV and COX has some sort of hidden charges which I know, is annoying. The whole purpose of writing this article is to make the choice easy for you and give you a clear picture of their prices, channels, connectivity, contract term, and all other concerns. 

DIRECTV vs COX | Real-life review and Comparison

After understanding the basic plans and benefits of the duo, I have reviewed the two and a comparison is done on the basis of price, features, and availability. 

DIRECTV Overview 

Directv has the most comprehensive list of channels to let you watch whatever you love. It offers two different services including Directv stream (formerly known as AT&T TV), and Directv satellite.  Also, read DIRECTV vs Fubo TV | Read This Before You Buy

Directv Stream Review 

Directv stream is aimed at backpackers or anyone who would love to enjoy a mix of live and on-demand TV. It does not come with any contract which means that you do not have to worry about paying the high upfront price. Directv stream is targeted at providing the most live sports channels than its competitors. A single subscription to Directv stream can be used to stream your favorite content on all your favorite devices. You also get 3-month premium networks along with your subscription. The subscription ranges between $49.99/mo with 75+ channels to $129.99/mo with 150+ channels. You can pick any package suitable that suits your requirements.

Directv Satellite review 

Directv Satellite is claimed to be the #1 satellite TV service that comes with 99% reliability in terms of its channel connection. In the package, you get a professional dish installation, access to NFL SUNDAY,  a good quality DVR, and again, just like Directv stream, 3-month premium networks. The subscription ranges between $64.99/mo with 165+ channels to $139.99/mo with 340+ channels. You can pick any package suitable that suits your requirements.

COX Overview  

COX is a cable TV provider that provides cable TV services, decent on-demand services along with a decent DVR. The good part about COX is that you can enjoy internet services, TV, phones, and home security together. But this is also a drawback as you cannot buy an individual plan for either of the services. Also, read DIRECTV vs Sling TV | Honest Comparison Between Streaming Services

COX Starter Plan 

COX Starter Plan will offer you 75+ local channels at $53/mo. It is not cheaper but quite cheaper than buying the same package of channels from any live streaming service. 

COX Preferred Plan 

COX Preferred Plan will get you access to Cable TV channels like ESPN, USA, Nick, and a lot more. This plan by COX also gets premium channels included such as HBO, Max, STARZ, Showtime, and, Cinemax. A total of 140+ channels come at a price of $98/mo. You can definitely choose add-on channels to add more to the list if you wish to, in both the Starter and Preferred plans. 

COX Ultimate Plan 

COX Ultimate Plan is a combination of Preferred Plan and Sports Channel pack along with Epix. It is priced at $138/mo with 250+ channels on board. 

DIRECTV vs COX Pricing

In my comparison, I found Directv plans at $49.99/mo to be cheaper than COX’s at $53.00/mo. However, the list of channels is quite big in Directv as compared to COX in the cheapest plan. Also, Cox TV channels are slightly on the higher side if you look at the benefits offered. 

DIRECTV vs COX Streaming

Directv offers some good options for both satellite and streaming services with you will have to pay equipment costs over and above the subscription plan. COX, however, doesn’t come with a streaming-only option for live TV, but to make up for the loss, it includes a Peacock Premium subscription with all of its TV plans, at an additional cost of $4.99/mo. Unlike Directv, COX offers you a streaming device for free to all of its internet buyers. Also, read DIRECTV vs Hulu TV: What Should You Choose?

DIRECTV vs COX Installation fee

COX charges $8.50/mo for Wired HD Contour Box, $8.50/mo for Wireless 4K Contour Box, $6.00/mo for Basic Box, or $4.00/mo for CableCARD at the time of installation. On the other hand, Directv gives you a free set-top box installation however, additional equipment for receivers will attract a one-time fee of $99.00 each. 


The good part about COX is that you get a high-quality DVR with 1000+ hours of storage, but the bad part is that you have to pay $30/mo for the same. There are two more variants of the same DVR costing $20/mo and $10/mo. Directv on the flip side sends you their first Genie DVR which can be connected to your TV. However, each additional set-top box will attract a fee of $7.00/mo.

DIRECTV vs COX Streaming Broadcast Fee and Regional Sports Fee

As I mentioned earlier, all the satellite and cable TV operators will charge these fees but how much do they charge let us find out. COX takes $19/mo in the name of broadcast fee and Regional Sports fee of up to $12.50/mo depending upon your choice of channels, whereas DirecTV charges you up to $40/mo combined for the same. 

DIRECTV vs COX: Who’s the Best TV Service?

If you are looking for only TV service, I would say DIRECTV has the upper hand. And if you are looking for a bundle of TV and internet, telephone and streaming then COX can be a better choice.  Also, read DIRECTV vs YouTube TV: Who’s the Better Choice?

Wrapping Up

This completes my comparison between DIRECTV vs COX. A limited period offer is going on on Directv’s website where you can save between $40 and $120. For more buck-saving tips, keep scrolling Path of EX.


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