Ads and sponsored items often pop up on the top of the page, which greatly affects our choice. How to search without being distracted by pervasive ads? How to use search engines to help us get the best results when searching for shopping? You might not have all the answers, but Gen Z does. When it comes to online shopping, you want trust, reliability, and quality most of all. If Google search isn’t cutting it, what is? Let’s read.

What’s Better Than Google?

Consumers in Generation Z answer by using other ways of searching. TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter – though always seen as other kinds of applications – have acted as roles for searching. Their better visibility and convenience make them better choices for Gen Z to search for when consuming. 

Reddit For Online Shopping? Why?

Recently, many consumers found a better way to get rid of useless ads and sponsors. BGR indicates, “The next time you want to search for specific information or items from Google, try adding a scope, such as ‘Reddit’ in the search term. It can help you get more realistic reviews of products and provide consumers with better guides when shopping online.” Let’s take computers as an example. If you directly search “best computers” on Google, there will probably be 3-5 items of ads on the top of the pages, then come many kinds of guides from the media like Consumer Reports. However, if you add “Reddit” to the search term, the No.1 result will be the rank of best laptops on Reddit. You can see the rank of computers of different kinds, laptop or desktop PC, for general, for work or games. Clearly, adding “Reddit” in the search terms makes results more reliable and efficient. As you can see, such results are more likely to provide users with higher-value information and items. Reviews written by real people are far more reliable and valuable than simple and crude advertising recommendations by multinational corporations. And at the same time, such recommendations provide a unique reference perspective beyond the big media reviews.

What’s More?

You can get similar results by adding the names of other reviewing sites after the products you want to purchase, such as “Quora,” “Hive” or “ProductHunt,” which will also lead you to real and reliable reviews and recommendations when consuming online. A loyal user from Reddit explains why this happens, “The reviews from Reddit, Quora, and other reviewing sites are evaluated by actual users on the website and probably actual consumers who have bought and used that product…We don’t need evaluations from a macro prospect.”

They continue to say, “Also, I think it costs more buying accounts for real users on reviewing sites like Reddit than just simply and directly making ads on the searching pages, which makes the results more convincing to normal consumers.” A user from another reviewing site, Quora, indicates similarly. However, she added that the reason why people tend to add searching terms instead of directly searching it inside the sights, “Their search functions are too inconvenient, (searching on Google) is much easier.” Searching like this will help consumers get a list of brand names; however, reviewing sites doesn’t provide a way of buying them. Be careful to double-check what it actually costs! 

Coupon Sites

Besides purchasing on the official sites, searching the brands on online coupon sites like RetailMeNot, Slickdeals and CouponBirds can also be a good choice. When searching for the names of brands on those sites and getting ideal coupons and promo codes, it will straightly jump to their official websites for discounted purchases. You don’t have to worry about being scammed using the coupon sites above. 

Wrapping up

Just by being smart and aware when searching for products online, you can get more rational and reliable evaluations. What’s more, is that you can get a more reasonable price with coupons. If you want to gain a better online shopping experience, please remember to search for these reliable options before searching for products!


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