Oladeji Daniel “Deji” Olatunji, commonly known as Deji Olatunji, is a popular Gamer and a YouTuber. But recently, we heard his name constantly in the news with the boxing match held during TikTok and YouTube battle. YouTube and TikTok are two of the biggest platforms existing for influencers to flourish, and the animosity between their users is no secret. In their 2021 boxing event, “titans of social media” finally faced off in the ring, and after a dramatic evening of shocking wins, debatable ties, and brutal KOs, Team YouTube dominated the wins with only 1 YouTuber losing the fight- DEJI Olatunji. Deji losing to Vinnie Hacker was like a nightmare for him; everyone bashed him and his boxing skills. And when everyone thought Deji had given up on his boxing career, this YouTuber is back with all his weapons( Yes.. He literally bought a Tank ). In his new YouTube video, he announced his comeback boxing match with Alex Wassabi. Let’s dive into all the gory details-

Who Is Deji Olatunji and Alex Wassabi?

Deji Olatunji is a ComedyShortsGamer and a YouTube Vlogger born in London. Became famous as KSI’s younger brother, he had been a part of many controversies with Sidemen, Jake Paul, and even with his brother KSI. Deji created his first YouTube channel on 27th August 2011, named TheAngelzKid. Later changing it to ‘Deji 2nd’ where he uploads gaming videos and some random content. His main YouTube channel is Deji (also known as ComedyShortsGamer in the past) which was created on 1st December 2011, and he constantly uploads gaming and FIFA videos. Alex Wassabi or Alexander Burriss or Alexander “Alex” Burriss is an American actor and a famous YouTuber. He became popular for his appearance in the movie Bob 2! A Madea Halloween and web series Escape the Night and Light as a Feather. Alex is also known for his YouTube channel Wassabi where he mainly posts skits and parody music videos. When he uploaded the parody video of the popular song titled Call Me Maybe, he gained worldwide recognition. Also, read 10 Most Commented Video on YouTube In 2022 

Why Are Deji Olatunji And Alex Wassabi Fighting | Deji And Alex Rivalry

The rivalry between these two influencers started with the beef on Twiter. Initially, ‘Deji’ Olatunji posted a video criticizing popular YouTubers’ ‘breakup’ videos on his channel where he made fun of the celebrities who used their breakups to get sympathy views earning cash from them. He called out them for “using their relationships as cash-grabs.” In this video, one of the celebrities Deji poked fun at was Alex Wassabi, who had broken up with his ex-girlfriend Lauren. Well, it was enough to start a Twitter Battle between these three. Wassabi responded to Deji’s comments with an intimidating threat- “Make all the desperate for views videos you want about me,” “but if you ever speak Lauren’s name again, I’ll end you. It’s not a threat, bruv; it’s a promise.” He even announced that he’d knock Deji’s “pathetic, untalented ass out” on their next meeting and commented that Deji should stay in his brother’s shadow. From this time, fans have been waiting for them to come Face to Face and finally put to show who is the greatest reigning champion. Looks like your wait is finally over because these two megastars have finally decided to settle the beef with an official boxing match.

Boxing Match Between Deji Olatunji And Alex Wassabi | Deji Vs Alex Wassabi !

On 12th January 2022, Deji Olatunji posted a Youtube video announcing a boxing match between him and Alex Wassabi that will take place on 5th March 2022. Now YouTubers and fans are going crazy. While many YouTubers have released their reaction videos and their predicted results, fans are thrilled and couldn’t wait to see who is gonna steal the show.

Deji And Alex Boxing Match Details

Contenders of The Boxing Match- Deji Olatunji vs Alex Wassabi Date of Deji vs Alex Boxing Match – 5th March 2022 Day of Deji vs Alex Boxing Match- Saturday Location of The Deji vs Alex Boxing Match – The SSE Arena, Wembley

How To Buy Alex And Deji Boxing Match Tickets? | Deji Vs Alex Wassabi Tickets

Responding to their fans’ choice, Deji and Alex Wassabi have come forward for their Boxing match. Of course, you are excited, and if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see the historic moment Live, book your tickets on Friday – 14th January 2022 You can book your tickets for Deji and Alex Boxing Match on Ticketmaster.  C’mon, Book your slots before they run out !!

UK VS USA Boxing Match

Just when you thought things were settling between Deji Olatunji and Alex Wassabi, we heard they plan to have the most incredible fight of the year- the UK VS USA boxing match.  KSI and Deji had already created a hype when they have mentioned about the coming mysterious boxing match.  Ksi even reacted to the news of Deji returning to Boxing- Since Deji is a UK-based YouTuber while Alex is an American Youtuber- they both have named this upcoming boxing match between them as a UK Vs. USA boxing event. So, Who’s side you are on ??

Bryce Hall Challenges Deji To A Boxing Match After Steroid Claims!

Though it’s a dawn of a new year, but looks like our celebrities are still stuck in the previous year’s memories.  We all know Bryce Hall, a TikTok star influencer, is itching to get back into the ring after his boxing debut in 2021. Recently, Bryce Hall claims he’s getting back into the boxing ring in 2022, and one of the first opponents he wants to take on is none other than fellow influencer Deji. Well, we all can see what is coming up next?? Maybe a dramatic and engrossing Boxing Match is on the cards. Though no statement has been issued yet, we are all waiting for who’ll make up to the news this year? Let’s keep our fingers crossed. There’s also a rumor going around about Deji Vs Jake Paul- II. You never know!! Also, read about Top Female TikTok Influencers and Top Male TikTok Influencers In The UK

Wrapping Up

So, this is all the information available on Deji Olatunji and Alex Wassabi’s upcoming Boxing match. Whether you are hopping for a redeeming comeback for Deji or a rising new label for Alex, this is gonna be one hell of a ride. So, book your tickets and keep visiting Path OF Ex for any more updates on Deji and Alex boxing match. I hope you received the information you were looking for, and before leaving, do comment- Who do you think Will Win the Fight? Share your thoughts. Adiós..!!


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