Fans of Dead By Daylight always look forward to the eerie month of October. Other crossovers are taking place, such as a PUBG and DBD partnership on October 19th, aside from the forthcoming yearly Halloween in-game festival. The content for this new event will be distributed in four separate phases throughout the course of October. No new characters will be added; rather, it will introduce several aesthetic items to breathe new life into the game. Let’s find out when the DBD Halloween Event 2022 will start and what skins you may expect to receive.

When Is The DBD Halloween Event 2022?

The Dead by Daylight or DBD Halloween Event 2022 will officially debut on October 13 at an unspecified hour. We’ll be sure to add the data as soon as we obtain it. Technically, the Halloween update and the Halloween content publication in the store took place on October 11.  The release of Tome 13: Malevolence follows on the 12th. The event won’t actually take place until after that, between October 13 and November 3. There will be a ton of cosmetics to unlock in DBD Halloween Event 2022, so buckle up. These range from funny candy weaponry for murderers to different skins for both murderers and survivors. Let’s get into the skins a little bit as I know that’s what you all are most curious about. Also, read Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay / Cross-Progression | Play Dead By Daylight On PS, Xbox & PC

Skins Launching In DBD Halloween Event 2022

The following list includes all of the different DBD Halloween Event 2022 skins. You can obtain some of them by taking part in the Halloween event (the Hag, Kate Denson, etc.). The Mastermind, the Oni, Dwight Fairfield, and Jane Romero are among the others that you’ll need to purchase through the in-game shop. The pricing has not yet been made public. There are some skins that can be obtained as rewards from Tome 13: Malevolence, such as the ones created by fans for the Artist and Yui Kimura. Visit the official post for additional information. Also, read Get Now! 120+ Free Fortnite Accounts With Skins & Battle Pass | 1000+ V-Bucks

1. Survivor Skins

Dwight Fairfield – Toilet Paper MummyJane Romero – Hollywood GlamorKate Denson – Cornfield ScarecrowYui Kimura – Midnight Techwear (designed by AIPHELIX)Mikaela Reid – Witching Hour

2. Killer Skins

The Oni – Bursting With FuryThe Mastermind – Blighted Albert WeskerThe Hag – Swamp CreatureThe Artist – Fallen Angel (designed by AspriinDbd)The Doctor – The Transplant

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DBD Halloween Event 2022 Schedule

The Dead By Daylight itinerary for October 2022, which includes the DBD Halloween event 2022, Haunted By Daylight, is provided below:

Update release – Oct 11th Store Content release (Trick and Treats, Midnight Grove collections) – Oct 11thTome 13 Malevolence – Oct 12th Haunted By Daylight Halloween event release – Oct 13th Daily Rewards and Bloodpoints – Oct 13th – Nov 3rdTwitch Stream – Oct 19th Free weekend – Oct 27th – Nov 1stMerch TBA – end of Oct

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully, your query on DBD Halloween Event 2022 has been satisfied. Other details on DBD Halloween Event 2022 will be updated very soon. Until then, keep sharing the article with your friends and family looking for information for the DBD Halloween Event 2022.


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