Cricket Wireless is a well-known name in Prepaid. It is because of its service as well as the cell phone plans. After all, its 5G coverage is provided by the AT&T network. I know you might be thinking about which plans to go for. That is why I am helping with the detailed information on the Cricket Wireless cell phone plans. Cricket Wireless has limited cell phone plans but the additional benefits will definitely surprise you. Are you excited to know about the Cricket Cell phone plan review? Grab the exciting offers now.

Cricket Cell Phone Plan Review

Cricket Wireless provides the fastest 5G coverage along with the fastest internet speed. Now, the question arises whether Cricket Wireless is better than other networks? I know it is confusing to choose among the best Internet Providers. However, I will make your search survey easy to know everything about the Cricket Wireless along with the Cricket Cell phone plan review. Also, read Cheapest Internet Providers in 2022 | Choose the Best One

Cricket Unlimited Plans

Cricket unlimited data plan offers you unlimited data with no restrictions on calling or messaging. Moreover, the cricket unlimited plan offers you to set up the auto-pay option. This will help you to save your money as well as the process is super easy. The speed of the Cricket unlimited plan is the fastest. The download speed is 3 Mbps and the streaming speed is 1.5 Mbps. If you want moderate surfing, you can also get the affordable cricket unlimited plan. Cricket Wireless plans are simple to understand, and the plan is prepaid. You will get unlimited calling and messaging, as well as 2 GB, 10 GB, limitless, and unrestricted + 15 GB of cellular data access. Cricket’s 2 GB package costs you  $30/mo, the 10 GB costs $40/mo, and the free unlimited package costs $55/mo+ $5 for data roaming.  Also, read 13 Best Internet Service Providers in 2022 | Top Picks For You If AT&T’s 5G network is accessible, all types of plans with Data Caps have access to it. The data speed is 8 Mbps on the lower-cost unrestricted plan, and video quality is restricted to1.5 Mbps. Once your information cap is reached, your internet rates go down to 128 Kbps.

Cricket Unlimited Plan and Price

Cricket Score and Cricket More are two unlimited packages that cost you around $55 and $60 each month, accordingly. These subscriptions include a connection to the AT&T 5G network, which is accessible across different locations in the United States, particularly in the east. Cricket subscribers will link to the far more readily distributed LTE data connection if 5G is not accessible. For $100, you get so many benefits with the Cricket Core plan, which is less expensive than other cell phone plans. Nevertheless, you must accept slower data speeds of 8 Mbps or painfully slow if the network is not good. Also, read How to Speed Internet Connection Right Now | Apply Simply Methods

Cricket Cell Phone Plan Upgrade

If you want to make some changes to the Cricket cell phone plan, you can do it easily on the Cricket app or the website of a company. However, only one modification can be planned for the payment month. To upgrade the cell phone plan, you must pay the following amount-

$30/month. $25 upgrading cost and keep in mind you cannot upgrade the phone again for 180 days.

Cricket Cell Phone Prepaid Plan 

Cricket’s plans cost around- Cricket’s plans range from $30-150 per month for 2GB of data.

$40-130 for 10 GB.$55-125 for unlimited for Cricket Core$25 line cost for Cricket Core.$60-160 for limitless+15 GB of cellular data access for Cricket More.$32 for cricket More.

Cricket Wireless Installation Fees

There are no installation fees if you buy Cricket wireless via online mode. You must pay for the device as well as the first month’s membership at the time of purchase. Keep in mind that doing the advance payment for three months on the Cricket More $60 plan might save you money on purchasing your device. At the time of purchase, the taxes on the device will still be your concern. Also, read Starlink Review | How Good SpaceX Satellite Internet Works 

 Cricket Wireless Network Coverage

Cricket Wireless’ 5G network started in August 2022 with the countrywide 5G network. As we already know that Cricket Wireless is operated by AT&T which is why its international coverage varies in a few places.

Cricket Wireless Customer Service

Cricket Wireless’s customer service is not good. It is because the queries asked by the customers are not answered by the agents. They will provide the limited help which ends up in lesser customer satisfaction. Overall, Cricket Wireless receives bad reviews. So, we can hope the customer service will improve in future. Also, read How to Get Local Channels Without Cable

Cricket Cell Phone Plan Review

If you want to know about the Cricket Cell phone plan review, get all the information in the below video.

My Review on Cricket Cell Phone Plan

If I talk about the Cricket cell phone plan, I must tell you that Cricket Wireless offers you affordable cell phone plans along with inexpensive data options. However, one drawback of Cricket cell phone plans is that that coverage is relatively low in rural areas. In a nutshell, Cricket Wireless gives you an amazing service.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about Cricket Cell phone plan review. Choose any of the plans and get unlimited benefits on calling, texting, and many more requirements. I hope you find this article useful. Feel free to share the article with your friends and let them know about the Cricket cell phone plan review. Now, it is time for a wrap-up. Have a great day!


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