In the US four companies are known to be working on the Covid-19 vaccine and are on their final stage: Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. Two companies out of these four – AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson have stopped their trial after the human testing phase 3 because many volunteers fell sick. The rest two vaccines also showed a few side effects. Even though the vaccines showed a few side effects, there was no adverse effect on the volunteers. The side effects lasted just a few days and were very mild, depending on the participant. It is can be said that these vaccines might also make it past the FDA as long as their side effects are not harsh or permanent.

Covid Vaccines and its Side Effects

With the making of the Covid Vaccine, many side effects are also reported. Covid Vaccine side effects can be seen in the trials run by different companies. Some of the Covid Vaccine side effects are:

Side Effects in the Moderna Vaccine

Moderna is an American biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Moderna claimed that the vaccine was quite successful and the side effects were mild and moderate. Also, read How Solicitors Have Adapted During Covid-19?

Side effects:

Fatigue was witnessed in 9.7% of the participantsMuscle ache in 8.9% of the participantsJoint aches in 5.2% of the participantsHeadache in 4.5% of the participantsPain at the injection site in 4.1% of the participantsRedness around the injection site in 2% of the participants

The side effects of Moderna are mostly short-lived. Luke Hutchison, a 44-year-old volunteer of the Moderna phase 3 trial said on his Twitter account, “Received my booster shot for the #Moderna #vaccine stage 3 clinicsl trial. An experienced mild fever after the 1st shot, but full-on #Covid like symptoms for 12 hours after the 2nd shot. Fever, chills, muscle and joint aches, really hot hands and feet, headache, general malaise, cough.”

Side Effects in the Pfizer Vaccine

Pfizer Inc. is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation. For the Covid- 19 vaccine, they have held a phase 3 clinical trial and reported some side effects. Some volunteers in the last stage of the trials experienced mild effects after the first shot and some of the Volunteers reported side effects after the second shot. The side effects of Pfizer included fatigue, headaches, chills muscle pain, and joint pains. The company claims to have no severe side effects of the vaccine. Two participants from the trial reported experiencing flu-like symptoms after the second shot in August. Some other volunteers also reported redness and swelling at the injection site.

AstraZeneca: Side Effects

AstraZeneca is a British Multination Pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The company paused its trial during phase 3 clinical human trials because the volunteers were experiencing many unexplained side effects. Two participants from the phase 3 trial of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine experienced transverse myelitis. Transverse Myelitis is an inflammatory syndrome that affects the spinal cord. The British company reported the first case of transverse myelitis on September 11, 2020. After reporting the first case of the side effect, the British company claimed that there was insufficient evidence to say for certain that the illnesses were or were not related to the vaccine. The company has now recommenced the trials in the U.K., Brazil, South Africa, and India. The company is yet to restart its phase 3 trial in the US. Also, read Countries That are COVID-19 Free

Johnson & Johnson: Side Effects

Johnson & Johnson gave vaccines to 60,000 volunteers. Among those 60,000 volunteers, one reported an explained illness during the trials. This illness became the reason for the pause of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine trial. The illness was not disclosed by the company or the participant due to their privacy agreements. Side effects from the vaccine trials don’t mean that they can not be successful in the future. With the uprising of the number of Covid-19 patients across the world, a successful vaccine is anxiously awaited. A vaccine with few side effects that are mild and temporary might get past the FDA approvals.


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